Minions Movie  Series 3 Surprise Blind Bags  Mega Blok Movie Exclusive Unboxing, Review By WD Toys
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Minions Movie Series 3 Surprise Blind Bags Mega Blok Movie Exclusive Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

Minions Movie

Series 3 Surprise Blind Bags Mega Blok Movie Exclusive Unboxing, Review By WD Toys while god is great to see you again New 10 Minions Movie – Series 3 Surprise Blind Bags By Mega Blok Movie Exclusive wreaking havoc awesome showed today
today the dinosaurs went shopping for minions surprise bags by mega blocks this is from the new minions movie and
easy this series for mega block surprise backs while they went and bought tended them look at
their then dominance racks duty racks in the
Raptr all went shopping together and they
bought these less open them up see what’s inside wall and he’s a really
cool packages that we take a look at it says millions movie exclusive actually this series 3 apologized but these are from the new millions
movie I mean here you get to our minions dinosaur in here you got there are missus like their spaceship or attack shippers Thompson while is
that cool let’s go ahead and open it up well I guess we’ll have to cut them open let’s see which one we got are you gotta
put these guys together that’s cool okay so here we go a on our we will see hard mom okay look like this summer’s doer with his guitar says China on the mental block Anna that’s cool hey guys I went ahead and put these
together they are in low they do they are little time consuming
so let’s go ahead in Seal Beach got we did get some doubles other sundry
have Bob and his teddy bear I think this one
was the cutest one I really like this one it bob is teddy bear Tim okay so that’s to %uh them there see than the third one words this is the this one we actually get triple
sub-cabinet holding his Orlando sign so that was a lot all unfortunate he holds a little sign that
says Orlando he’s trying to get to Florida then we gonna a vampire one holding a coffee cup a son school they all come with %ah make a block to
stand on so that that’s cool their help sell and
here we have wanted to %ah I think these are the one one other ones there alaska I believe
seized just for warm weather he’s got a coffee cup which is upside
down Anna looks funny Kenya manly and another Kevin letters Orlando sign like a said we got three adults so
that’s a little disappointing and here’s another cabin letters Orlando sign then maybe and another one of these called minion
ones Mary’s ca his coffee cup this line now this laws upon this is a crow minions where he’s got the club 0 and the bone his hair yeah the Sun looks cool and his cat tail did you see that they must ahead tales
back then and then the last one was skillet China lazaro it was the
all-natural minyan with the banana okay so let’s see how many different ones we
have Missy we have one cue 3 for five six seven different ones
are not bad I know if I believe there’s 10 the sleep as 123 456 789 10 up well as eleven and one surprise
one so we did not get the surprise one but
we got seven at the cell that’s cool okay these
guys really fun I liked them they they are a little hard to put together
but they’re fun mega block minions okay let’s take one more closer look at
these guys he got the all natural on with a banana get the chrome in yen he got the Alaska
minion you get to Orlando minion another I alaska minion you get dracula man named now the Orlando one you have bob with
his teddy bear and you’ve guessed do it with his guitar
while these guys really are a lot of fun lisa
price these little surprise bags are awesome
because you never know what you gonna get inside it is a little disappointing when you
get doubles or triples pot I mean now the fun of surprise bags is you
don’t know what’s inside Wow ice to little minions for awesome he looks so cool I really
like minions look it up they look like little peace the I should eat them I’d like to eat cookies but like minions are not gonna eat them a her her I i’m happy yeah I’m gonna eat image Paul I nomnomnomnom I like minions they taste very good or guys if you
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leave me comments which minion is your paper if your
YouTube video and spots are men car lot more porn videos Mar will have so much more fun together I’ll
help desi you soon


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