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Molly Yeh, Percussionist/Food Blogger | Life After Juilliard

I write a food and travel blog and I’ve also
just written a cookbook. They’re both focused on cuisine inspired by my Jewish
and Chinese heritage as well as my new Midwestern surroundings. I’ve always kept
Diaries and I’ve always been into food. I’ve always enjoyed eating it, but when I
moved to New York to study at Juilliard that’s when I really got excited about the
restaurant scene in New York, and it was partly because of my percussion
teacher, Gordon Gottlieb, who is also really really into food, and he would come to
my lessons with stories of all these crazy things that he had just eaten. At
Juilliard, and in the music world in general, there’s this mentality that’s
kind of centered on trapping yourself in a room for hours and hours and hours on
end and just working like the devil until you get better at a skill. Taking
that work ethic and then moving to the middle of nowhere and treating it as if
it were just one big practice room was something that was really natural to me.
If you would have told a twelve-year-old me that you can keep a diary, and make
and eat food, and travel for a living, like, that would have been crazy. I’m just
really like grateful every day that I’m able to do the thing that I love for a


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