My Vlogmas Bullet Journal Spread ft. December Flip Through || Vlogmas Day 3 [CC]
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My Vlogmas Bullet Journal Spread ft. December Flip Through || Vlogmas Day 3 [CC]

Hello and welcome back to Vlogmas. [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] What I thought I would do is show you my bullet journal for the first
time and show you my Vlogmas spread. Here is my bullet journal spread and let’s walk
through December’s spreads, shall we? So this month Amanda Rach Lee has decided to do The
Northern Lights, which is very intimidating for somebody who does not draw or anything.
So we practised. I’ve got my gold washi tape around the border, this is watercolour, I
basically followed what she did and painted on like some paper and then stuck it in. Let
us move on to my month. I use this to just track what I’m doing. I don’t tend to do weekly
spreads, but I think for 2020 I’m going to start. Um, but so far I’ve just been doing
a monthly spreads and I use it to track all the cats that I’m going to see, I use it to
track my drugs, I do need to put another one in, and when I’m gonna see my partner, and
anything else that I might be doing. Normally I kind of put in videos that I’m doing, but
because it’s Vlogmas, I’m not gonna do that because it’s gonna be full. Let us move on
to my habit trackers. It’s not really much to explain, I have some habits that I want
to track and I track them. There’s not- I don’t know what else to say about that, but
I use- I do my hearing aid batteries, that’s a very useful tracker to have, um BSL as well
because I’m trying to learn, but I don’t have the money for formal classes so I’m just teaching
myself, so I like to see when I’ve done a little bit. I track my pain, I track when
I cycle, I’m trying to read more, I’m trying to knit more, I’m trying to make my bed so
that I actually feel like a functioning adult and no spend because I have a problem. Moving
on to my mood tracker, normally it has a title on it but I did not manage to do that. I got
inspiration for this off of Pinterest, which came off of somebody’s Instagram. I cannot
remember who’s it is but I will put it in the description if I can find it again. And
basically I’m gonna colour in a stripe of the northern lights for my mood, I suppose.
Hands down the artiest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Quite proud of it. And
it’s got a shiny on it! So moving on to my- I’m doing a very terrible job of covering
the other page but focus on this one for now, we’ll get to it. Sleigh miles is ‘festive’
for bike miles. So I’m gonna colour in the squares for my- how ever many miles I’m doing,
and I have to put where I’ve gone because I do a virtual cycling challenge every month
and I’m trying to keep my fitness up but also have something to show for it, and you can
get a shirt with it too which I think is pretty cool, um so I think my goal for December is
going to be 25 miles because it is very cold, the weather isn’t brilliant, but I still want
to get out there and do stuff. And this helps me track and submit my evidence when I go
to be like “Yes, I have completed the challenge” and then Max Clause. This is gonna be people
I’m buying gifts for. I am low income so it’s a small box because I cannot afford to get
everybody I love a gift. So they’re going to get a card instead. So this is going to
be my Christmas card list. I haven’t written it yet, but I do have a video planned for
a little bit later in the month where I’m going to be writing my Christmas cards and
showing off how to hold a pen if you have chronic hand pain with various options so
stay tuned for that. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss
that video and other videos in Vlogmas, and more videos about chronic pain, hearing loss,
all sorts really. And then I also have my Christmas to-do list which is gonna be mostly
buy my presents, send my presents, send my cards, make certain videos, pack for going
away because I’m not spending Christmas in my house. In retrospect, I think I would have
liked to have used a whole page for this, but then I have nothing to put with this so
maybe I will have another to-do list because I have a lot of those hanging around. And
now we get onto my Vlogmas spread. This video now is obviously not being filmed when it
is going out because I have all of these nice little boxes for my Vlogmas videos so I’m
going to write the title, and these boxes- I have like my own little colour code, I’m
just going to put the colours in there so I kind of give a nice variety of things, and
so I’m not just doing the same sort of thing. I can see what days I’ve got what sort of
video on. Hyper organised, I know. So I’ve got the 5 days here, oh and also, these little
boxes here, so this is filmed, edited, uploaded, and captioned, because captions are what?
Very important. All of my videos on my channel will be captioned beyond automatic captions.
I don’t know why I did this, because in the next week I went back to number and I messed
up a bit there. And that is the end of my spread. I might end up doing weeklys here,
I might not, we shall see, or I could do another to-do list. That is the beauty of making your
own bullet journals, is you can still add stuff in if you need to. That is my December
bullet journal. Don’t forget to like this video if you have enjoyed it, drop a comment
in with bullet journal spreads that you might make, or am I missing something? Am I doing
something wrong, hard to do something wrong, but let me know! Subscribe to my channel if
you haven’t already, and ring that notification bell so you get notified every single time
I post a new video. Videos go up every Saturday at 6pm UK time with at least one bonus video
every single month, apart from Vlogmas, that’s one every day until Christmas. See ya!


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