NAME REVEAL of HACKER PZ9? CWC & Regina Create a YouTubers Game to Learn the Hacker’s Identity
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NAME REVEAL of HACKER PZ9? CWC & Regina Create a YouTubers Game to Learn the Hacker’s Identity

– PZ9’s gonna expose our
address to Project Zorgo. Hey, PZ9, we know your real name! You’d better stop, or I’m
gonna expose your real name. – You know my real name? – Yeah, yeah, I know your name. For sure. – Yeah, PZ9, we know
your name ends with an N. – Well, same with Justin’s. – But, you know what comes before the N? An I! – Uh, same with Justin! You guys are just wasting my time. Now, unless you all can prove that you actually know my name, I’m still gonna deliver
this to Project Zorgo. (laughs maniacally) – Give me that address! Oh! Ah! (woman screams) Ugh! (all moan in pain) He’s getting away! He’s way down there! – Gosh, he’s way too far right now! PZ9 is heading towards the Project Zorgo Headquarters right now! – There’s no way we can
catch up to him on foot. – How far is it? – It’s 10 miles away! – Shoot, he didn’t believe
that we knew his real name! We need to figure out his
real name to stop him. – I’ll come with you, Chad,
to figure out his name. – Vy, we have to go slow him down somehow. – [Chad] Let’s go back to the safe house! – Let’s go! – How are we going to figure out PZ9’s true identity, Regina? – I was reading through a lot
of your Spy Ninjas comments and you guys had a lot
of really good ideas. So, I printed off your guys’s suggestions on who PZ9 could be. – So here is a picture of
PZ9 that you printed off. Put him at the top. – [Regina] Dax. – Some people think it’s Dax, huh? – [Regina] I could see it. – Interesting, they
look a little the same. Some of you Spy Ninjas also said Marlin. – [Regina] Oh! – Guava Juice, a lot
of you have commented. And then a ton of you
Spy Ninjas have commented that it could be Stove,
because he wears a headband! And he wears a headband. Look! – Oh my gosh, they’re
practically the same person! – Really, you think so? – Yeah! Ryan Higa! Put his head on there. (Regina gasps) Look at that, it fits on there so well! – [Regina] It must be him, actually. – [Chad] It probably is him. – [Regina] I’m convinced. – I’m noticing something, Regina. Do you notice something about all of these characters right here? None of them have a– – [Regina] They’re Asian. – That, I guess, too. Asian, sure. But I was gonna say, no beard! – [Regina] Ooooooh! – Wait a second, PZ9, ever
since he changed his look, he’s been wearing this scarf. Maybe he wore that because
he shaved his beard off, and he doesn’t want us to know. But, wait a second, I’ve also seen people say that they think it might be Billy Bob, the plumber! – [Regina] Billy Bob? – Billy Bob? We do have a picture of Billy Bob. Here’s the one that Daniel drew. It’s not the best, but he does have a beard. – [Regina] Oh, the first
suspect with a beard! – Yes! I think there’s still one more suspect a lot of you have said: Policeman! But, I don’t have any
pictures of Policeman, so let’s just draw a quick one, okay? There. And, Policeman had a hat, right? – [Regina] He was actually very angry. Let me fix this. Okay, great. You know who else is also very angry? – PZ9. Not the best drawing, but the point is you guys know who I’m talking about. That’s all that matters. We should contact each
one of these people, and interrogate them. One of these people is either PZ9, or they gotta know PZ9’s name. – I think we should contact Dax. He used to work at project
Zorgo with me and PZ9. I’ll send Dax a text right now. – Okay, cool, let’s come
over here to the kitchen. – Come over, right now, Dax. Important Spy Ninja stuff. – Okay, Dax is going
to be here really soon. How do we make sure he’s
telling us the truth? – Lie detector test? – Yeah! Wait, I don’t know how to operate
a lie detector test. Do you? – No. Why don’t we pretend that
we’re using a real lie detector and that we’re lie detector experts– – And then he’ll tell the truth! – Yeah! – So, where’s the lie detector test? – I don’t know. – Oh shoot, I betcha
Daniel has it somewhere. – We have to improvise. – Yeah, let’s improvise. What do we got? There’s a scooter here. The cables! – This looks like, exactly
like Daniel’s lie detector. – So do we have to wear a
white shirt while we use this? – Daniel always wears a white shirt. – Yeah, why does he do that. I just heard knocking on the door! – We gotta make sure it’s Dax. – [Chad] Say your name. – Daxton. – [Chad] Daxton? – Or Dax, from FedEx. – [Chad] Come on in, Dax! – Oh, hey Dax! – [Chad] You’re just the
guy we were expecting. – Whoa, the safe house! Oh wow, it’s so much cooler in person. – Nice fanny pack! – [Chad] Hey, a spy essentials kit! – Yeah, my spy essentials kit! Can you sign it, Chad? And you too, Regin ah? – (laughs) Regin ah? – Regin ah. – Yeah, yeah, I’ll sign it. How about, after we play a little game with the lie detector! Go ahead and put your finger
through this loop, here. – Kind of looks like my
scooter charger. (laughs) – [Chad] Yeah, you know– – Yeah, it’s real though. – They’re similar items. – Where’s Danielle? I thought he’s the one that does these? – Oh, Daniel, you mean? He’s the lie detector expert, but you know, he told us a few things. – Cool. – So, Dax, PZ9 has our safe house address. I mean, I don’t want to make you feel bad, but PZ9 followed you to our safe house when you were delivering
those Lego packages. – I mean, you can’t fire me. (laughs) – That’s true, you’re not a Spy Ninja, but you want to be a Spy Ninja, don’t you? – I didn’t mean to! Oh man! – [Regina] That’s okay,
you can help us out now. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. As long as you tell us the truth now, that’ll make up for it. So, my first question is: Dax,
do you personally know PZ9? – Yeah, like he totally came up to me when I was delivering boxes. He told me to subscribe to his channel. So, I guess I do know
him personally. (laughs) – Did you subscribe to him? – Yeah, I did. – Will you pull out your
phone real quick here, Dax? Oh you keep it in your
spy ninja essentials kit. I’m gonna go to PZ9’s channel here, And, hm, yeah you are subscribed to him. You were telling the truth. – I subscribe to most
cool dudes, like you guys. Even you too, Regin ah. – Oh good, look at that, you are subscribed. – [Regina] Oh, a true fan! – [Chad] A true Spy Ninja. – Yeah, oh, high fives! – Here you can have this back. – But why are you subscribed to PZ9? – Yeah, he’s not a cool dude! He’s a bad guy! – Yeah, have you seen his videos? They’re all roasts on us! – It’s pretty funny, and it’s
unique and one of a kind. – Uh, Chad can you come help me over here, with the oven thingy? – I’ll get some pizza cooking here. – I can’t wait for pizza! – Wait, can we trust Dax, Chad? – I don’t know, he’s subscribed to PZ9. I don’t know, that makes
me question his loyalty. – Yeah, because PZ9, he’s
our biggest enemy right now! – I know, why would he subscribe to him? Let’s go ask him about it. Oh, yeah and the pizza, it’s almost ready. – Maybe, like 10 more minutes. – Since you are subscribed to PZ9, how do we know that you
won’t betray us, Dax? – I’m only subscribed to
PZ9, so I could, you know, do my Spy Ninja lookout skills. (laughs) – That makes sense. So you’re subscribed to PZ9 because you’re trying to help us! Yeah, yeah, oh the lie detector says, “true”, yes. – [Regina] Oh yes! – You’re telling the truth. – [Regina] Good job, Dax. – Well, of course. Scout’s honor. – Okay, Dax, really important here. Do you know PZ9’s real name? – You mean like “PZ9 The Best Fighter”? – I mean, that’s his, like, screen name. But, like, what’s his real name? – Because I was PZ4, my name’s Regina. – You were PZ420. Daxton. Regina though, not Regin ah. – Very sorry about it, Regin ah. (laughs) – [Regina] Dax! (Dax laughs harder) – Okay, Dax, back to the mission here. His real name, do you know his real name? – As an experienced package
deliverer from FedEx, I’m under obligations to not disclose any kind of information. But, it doesn’t say anything about, six letters in his name. – [Regina] (gasps) What? – Oh, oh man! – So, six letters in his name, Regina! Look Dax, Regina and I gotta get going. But it’s been a real pleasure. You passed this test, we’ll now sign your spy
ninja essentials kit. – [Regina] Oh yes! – Aw yeah, yeah! How do you spell Regin ah? – Regina! – Oh, yeah, sure. – Here you go! – Thank you so much Dax. I’m so glad you came over
on such short notice. You really helped us out here. We’ll see you soon, buddy. – I also want to get a
signature from Vy and Danielle. – By Daxton. – Am I a Spy Ninja yet? – [Chad] Of course! – Yeaaaaah! – He’s really happy. – But now we know that there’s
six letters in PZ9’s name! – Yeah, he totally just gave it away! – Yes! Definitely not Dax, because
he only has three letters. He’s only got three letters, Regina. – Did you not here him at the door? Dax’s real name is Daxton. – Oh. – [Regina] Six letters. – You’re right, it’s six letters. – He might be tricking us. – He might be. Well, how about the Policeman? I don’t think his name is “Police”. But still, don’t know his name. We can’t rule him out. Marlin. One, two, three, four, five, six. – [Regina] Is he PZ9? – [Chad] Put a little headband on him, it could be him! Guava juice, definitely more than six letters in his name, so. – [Regina] Good bye. – It’s not Guava Juice. Stove. He only has five letters in his name. – Wait! Oh my gosh! – What’d you do? Oh, well, Guava Juice, he can– – Stove is not his real name either! – What’s his real name. – Stoven, maybe? – Steven! One, two, three, four, five, six! – He’s our number one suspect. All of you Spy Ninjas kept
writing in the comments, “Stove, it’s Stove, it’s Stove!” – Yes, yes, we gotta get him on the phone, and see if it’s him. – Calling Stove right now. – Come on. – Hello? – Hey! Stove, how you been man? – Good! Just chilling, I just got done gaming. What’s up? – We’re just trying to get to know our friends a little bit better, so we thought we’d ask you some questions. – I’m down. – I think, Regina, you had a question. – Yeah, I see you have a very interesting bandana on right now. I’m getting really into bandanas. Can you show me a little? – Yeah, yeah, let’s see that bandana. – I mean, it’s just a normal bandana. I’ve been wearing this for a while. I don’t miss a day without it. It feels without wearing one, actually. – Oh, okay. – Oh, we’ve been playing this game do an evil laugh! – Oh yeah, show yours Chad. (maniacal laugh) (laughing) – You like that? – That’s pretty good! – Thanks, man, now let’s hear yours! – Oh, I don’t know if I
can compete with that, but yeah, if you ask, here it goes. (maniacal laugh) – Yeah. – Okay, that was kind
of a Santa Claus laugh. – Well, you gotta be a little, you know, cheerful with it, you know? Can’t be too mean. – Cheerful, okay, hm. Oh, you know, I’ve just been doing a lot of my Ninja training lately. You look like the type of guy who would be really good
at throwing some kicks and stuff like that. – Wow, I appreciate that. I’ve actually been
practicing a little bit. – Oh, well why don’t you
show us a little something? – Yeah! – All right, I mean, it’s
nothing too special, you know? Just a little bit of, you know, punching, a little– – Oh, oh, oh! – I’ve been working on this special move, just a little bit ago. – Oh, okay! – It’s not perfected yet. – Yeah, yeah, it looks like
you’re still learning that one. – I’ve also been taking
some drawing classes. It’s a new hobby of mine. Do you draw? – Yeah, I like drawing, I
like drawing and painting. You know, a little bit of both. – Can you draw something real quick? – Yeah, yeah! – What do you guys want me to draw? I’ve got everything ready. – Your favorite dog. – You guys are putting
me on the spot, but, hold on, are you guys ready? – We’re ready, let’s check this out. – All right, three, two one! (gasps) – Wow, that’s… That’s really good. That’s really something. – It’s got a little horn. – I was worried you wouldn’t
like it, but you know. – I love it. You know, after seeing that picture, I think I like you twice as much now as I did before seeing that picture. That was really good. I was kind of wondering, I know you’ve got a real name. How many letters is in
your real first name. – Six letters. – Six! That’s great. – That’s interesting news. – This has been a great call. I’m very glad, we’ve
learned a lot about you. – It’s always nice to
catch up with you guys. – See you later, Stove! – Bye, Stove! – Peace! – Regina, he has six letters in his name. – Yeah, that’s how many letters Dax said was in PZ9’s name! – But, did you see his dog drawing? (laughs) – Yes! – I feel like that’s not PZ9,
because he draws really good. Unless, he’s trying to trick us. – I think he’s tricking us! Because also, his Ninja moves
needed a little bit of help. – Maybe he was pretending
that he’s still learning. Hey look, let’s go over
to the wall here, huh? So, I kinda want to cross him out, and say he’s not PZ9, but I think I’m gonna leave him up here, just in case. We need a little more evidence
to prove that he’s not PZ9. Billy Bob. He’s got a lot of letters in his name. Way more than six. So, it’s not Billy Bob. But, he also used to
work with Project Zorgo, like you did Regina! – That’s true! I was on a mission with Dax and Billy Bob. – Okay, I know Billy
Bob’s plumbing service, I called him before when we
were at Daniel’s safe house. So, I’m gonna call him right here. He knows you, right? – Yeah, we used to be really
great buddies, back in the day. Hey, Billy Bob, remember me? It’s PZ4 here. – Oh, you’re the traitor. You’re the one that left Project Zorgo. – Yeah, I guess you’re right. But hey, we’re still friends, right? Like, no hard feelings. Maybe we could catch up and
eat some pizza together, like the good old days? – Some pizza? Ow! I reckon that anybody
who betrays Project Zorgo is no friend of mine. – Billy Bob, I thought we had
some great times together! – Back before you done
gone sold the true selves. – Chad, I don’t know what to do anymore, he doesn’t trust me. – Just ask him if he knows PZ9’s name. – Hey, Billy, do you know
PZ9’s name, by any chance? – I don’t think I’m obliged to give you that kind of information. You’re no friend of mine, PZ4. – You’re breaking my heart, Billy Bob! – I’m busy working on these pipes now. In case you got yourselves
a plumbing emergency, I reckon you don’t ever
call this line no more. – Oh man, he’s really mad at you Regina. Okay, bye. We didn’t get anything
valuable out of him at all. We need to figure out a way to, like, get some information out of him. I got an idea, Regina. Why don’t we dress up as PZ members, and then we’ll meet with him. A plumbing emergency or something, and then he’ll be obliged to tell us! All right, Regina, are
you ready to hacker up? – I’m ready! – Regina, why do you always
have to look up at the ceiling? You’re always looking
up when you wear a mask. – Back to my PZ4 days! It’s because the eye
holes aren’t big enough! – Oh, it doesn’t fit your face, huh? – Yeah. (laughs) – Okay, well hopefully
Billy Bob doesn’t notice. I’ll call and I’ll have him meet us, like a block away, and say, like, the fire hydrant is out or
something and he can come fix it. He’s good at that, let’s go! All right, Regina,
there’s the fire hydrant. Better hacker up, better put our masks on! – [Regina] He’s over there. – [Chad] He’s, he’s coming. – [Regina] Don’t forget to
do the salute when he comes. – [Chad] Oh yeah. He sure does walk weird, doesn’t he. – [Regina] Yeah, kind of like he has to use the bathroom all the time. – [Chad] Yeah! Billy Bob, see it’s broken. Couldn’t get any water out of this. – All right, I reckon I can. You know, you look gosh darn familiar. The way that mask just fits your face. – [Chad] Anyway, so you know, while you’re working
on that hydrant there, I got a question for ya. – Sure, well I got myself an answer. – We really dislike when
people betray Project Zorgo. – I share that sentiment. – PZ9 betrayed us, we need
to figure out his real name, and we thought that you might know something about his real name. – Have you ever gone on some missions with him or got to know him? Because we know your name, Billy Bob. – That’s my name! Don’t drum it out! – So, anyhow, PZ9’s name. What’s his real name? – After we were deployed on a mission, we went to go get some lunch, at what he said was one
of his favorite places, due to the fact that, that letter is in his namesake. – Wait, we know that PZ9’s favorite place to eat is McDonald’s. – So, you’re saying one of the letters in McDonald’s is in his real name? – Yes, those gosh darn golden arches! – So, his name has an
M in it, you’re saying? – Most likely. – Uh Re- I mean PZ24 and a half, let’s get back to our mission here. – Oh, yeah, yeah. – See you later, Billy Bob. – If you guys need any more
help with the plumbing, I reckon just call PZ88, the best plumber. – Okay, his name has an M in it, Regina! – Six letters and an M! – Let’s get out of these hacker
clothes and figure this out. Oh, so glad to be out
of those hacker clothes. – So hot! – [Chad] Policeman? – We still don’t know. – [Chad] Don’t know his name. – Oh! – [Chad] So, it’s definitely not Dax. – Dax is in the clear. – Marlin? – Definitely an M, and definitely
six letters in his name. – I’m suspicious of you, boy! – What do you guys think? Do you think it’s Marlin? If so, leave a comment down below. Let’s keep moving on here. What do we got next? – There’s no M. – Gosh, I thought for sure it was Stove, because he’s got that headband. He looks similar to PZ9, but there’s no M in his name, so it can’t be him,
according to Billy Bob. – I’m still suspicious of Stove, but, half an X. – So, that narrows it down to The Policeman or Marlin, who could be PZ9. – I think it’s Marlin, for sure. – The last two letters
of PZ9’s name end in I-N. Marlin’s ends in I-N. – It all leads back to Marlin. – Okay, we got to tell
Vy and Daniel right away that it’s Marlin! – PZ9 is still on his way to
the Project Zorgo Headquarters. We don’t know how close he is! – Vy, Daniel, we figured out his name! It’s Marlin! – Marlin? Like, Mar, Mar, Marlin? – Go tell PZ9 right now. Stop him! – Tell him you know his name is Marlin, and then he won’t tell Project Zorgo our safe house address. – Oh, I can’t believe it! – Oh, let’s go confront him! – Yeah! – Good luck! – He’s right there. – This should be good. – Let’s call his name out now. – One, two, three! – Marlin! (suspenseful music) (gasps)


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