Natasha Lyonne – “Russian Doll” and Stories That Ask the Big Questions | The Daily Show
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Natasha Lyonne – “Russian Doll” and Stories That Ask the Big Questions | The Daily Show

-Welcome to The Daily Show.
-Thank you, sir. Let me start
with the most important thing. Congratulations, not just on
the 13 nominations for the show but the three that you have
received personally. -Thank you.
-13 Emmy nominations. (cheers and applause) That is a…
That’s a pretty big deal. Yeah, it’s good also ’cause
it’s-it’s a number I like. -It’s a… -You know,
if you’re not gonna get 666, that’s 6-6-6, you want 13. -You want the 13?
-Yeah. It feels like, I mean, like,
it’s a show about bad luck -that is, like, turning into
good luck for you. -Yeah. I mean, the show Russian Doll,
you know, swept everybody. I remember everyone saying
to me, they’re like, “Have you watched Russian Doll?
You got to watch Russian Doll. And then everyone would spoil it
for me by telling me to watch it but they’re not gonna spoil it.
They’d be like, “It’s about this person
and she dies every day. “But I’m not gonna tell you,
but she dies every day. And she comes back every day.” Like, the show really connects
with people, even though it’s dark,
and then sometimes it’s funny, and then sometimes
it’s really dramatic and sad. Why do you think people love
the show this much? (sighs) Well,
first of all, I mean, it’s overwhelming, ’cause,
you know, you work so hard. And, uh, just the idea
that you’re, like, so meticulously constructing
and writing it, and trying to Easter egg it
everywhere– the idea that people
are seeing that is huge. It’s, uh, revolutionary. And as a creator, you know,
it feels, uh, -it’s a very warm, nice thing.
-Right. Um… And, uh, yeah, I mean, I think that, just,
we’re in a crazy time, you know, in this country,
and, uh, I think that, you know, we really tried to tell the
truth the best way we could. And, um,
to talk about big ideas, and sort of, uh,
the heart of the matter. And so I think, um, you know, maybe that that sort
of accounts for some of the response to it
is that we’re hungry for that kind of storytelling
in this moment. It is interesting how, like,
your character travels through this journey, where, you know,
in the first episode, I remember watching
and she’s very just like, -yeah, whatever’s happening
is happening. -Yeah. -I call that my Pesci,
my Pesci move. -Yeah. -Is that your Pesci move?
-Yeah. Yeah, it’s very, like,
you know? And then it becomes,
like, you know, at first it’s frustration,
and then it becomes, like, -a deeper search for meaning,
you know. -Yeah. -It seems like what we all have
as human beings. -Yeah. I feel like that’s
what I’ve watched you do -as a fan of yours in life.
-Aw, thanks, Trevor. No, genuinely,
because I-I remember, like, I fell in love with your acting
in American Pie. -That’s when I first fell
in love with you. -Yeah. That was my big deep dive. -Right. No, really.
-(cheers and applause) Your humor, your acting, just, like, the way
you come across on camera. And what’s changed in your roles
is you still have that humor. You still have that charisma,
but, like, everything that you touch seems
to have a deeper meaning. You know, you have that
with Russian Doll and Orange is the New Black
talks about such big ideas: Addiction, you know, belonging,
you know, like, the way we treat people who are
in prison, being a woman. You know, do you feel your life
translating into your work or do you think your work
is affecting your life? Uh, first of all,
I’m very flattered and humbled by that question,
thank you. Um, I do think that there’s–
I’ve always had a sort of philosophical leaning. It’s a reason I deeply admire
Jenji’s work and the opportunity to do
Orange is the New Black, and getting
to direct there as well. I mean, it’s been a really, uh,
sort of all the things that, uh, I care about,
but they sort of, I guess I’m just getting older. Like, the morning of, uh,
those Emmy nominations came in and I was reading a book to try
to distract myself. And as soon as, like, a text message came through
with the good news, I felt my eyes
go a little fuzzy, like my body relaxed, and said, “Get some bifocals,
take it easy, kid.” You know?
The war is over. Just, uh, lean in to aging. And, you know,
go with brains, good luck. Uh, so I don’t know. -I mean…
-I don’t know, you dismiss it. I think everybody gets older, but not everybody gets wiser
and that’s what you’ve done. The show is a amazing.
Your acting is amazing. I’m excited to see what else
you’re gonna create. Thank you so much
for being on the show. -Thank you so much, Trevor.
-Wonderful having you. -Thank you.
-Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll are available
on Netflix right now. Natasha Lyonne, everybody,


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