New 180 Lego Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Surprise Dinosaur Toys Giant Box Dino’s Unboxing WD Toys
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New 180 Lego Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Surprise Dinosaur Toys Giant Box Dino’s Unboxing WD Toys

it’s great to see you today I have a
hundred and eighty Lego dinosaur toys some of these are original but most of
them are knockoff some really cool unique colors let’s go ahead okay so I’m
gonna actually start with the originals here we have Legos original indominus
rex from the breakout set and then we have Legos original Carnotaurus from
dressing world fallen Kingdom we have an original t-rex from Jurassic and then we
have a couple original t-rex is one is from fallen Kingdom the other one is
from the first dress in the world movie and then of course we have the original
in the Raptor from mold and we have this New 180 Lego Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Surprise Dinosaur Toys Giant Box Dino’s Unboxing WD Toys from the Lego Dino set and then we have
three original velociraptor blues one is from the first drastic world
the other two are from ggressive world and then we have velociraptor charlie
that original one and velociraptor and velociraptor delta and then we have the
original stigma lock from fallen Kingdom we got a regular Velociraptor from
fallen Kingdom we’ve got a green vintage Velociraptor with fallen Kingdom we’ve
got a green original Dilophosaurus – Trina Don’s one progress and grow one
and the other a legacy Velociraptor progress and we
got this blue glossary after from that the lego movie – and then we have some
vintage t-rexes this is a big light up vintage
t-rex its eyes light up and this is a big vintage red t-rex where its eyes
also and then we have vintage okay that all
the rest of these are knock-offs let’s go ahead and check some of them
out some of them are good quality some of them are pretty poor quality here is
a knockoff Carnotaurus a big huge knockoff tricera-cops and then we have a
big green knockoff t-rex a big black we have a big brown back here we have
knockoff alien indominus rex and then another over here we have knock off in
the Raptor and then over here I have a knockoff female congrats and I have a
bunch of the knockoff Jurassic world one t-rex is that came in different sets in
some of these I just bought multiples for different battles and various
reasons so there you have three knock-offs and then we have tan and brown knock off
indominus rex and we’ve got some more knock off indominus rex is here
ah same thing with the indominus rex is some of them came in different sets and
some of them I just wanted but mostly different sets I bought I think one
because it was a knockoff and the other two came in says okay the rest of these
are all knockoff miniatures so I’ll read t-rex here a purple
don’t off thesaurus purple sarah tops Brachiosaurus blue – Brax right
don’t lock the Souris knock off sneaky a little knock off Carnotaurus Oh actually
this one is a original Lego Velociraptor there and then knock off Stegosaurus Triceratops
the green Velociraptor got a yellow and green Velociraptor and and then we have velociraptor Delta here
we have generic green velociraptor a generic Velociraptor here we have red
and tan indominus rex we have a purple Triceratops I’ll knock off its ranted on
we have a velociraptor look knock off Delta Velociraptor they’ll often Saurus
this is one of this of the miniatures this is probably the coolest of blue
Spinosaurus miniature t-rex they lock the Soros pteranodon there’s a
lot of Dinos knockoff indominus rex a brown stripe and up miss rex a white
brown tricera-cops another one looks like this one lost his head white and
brown indominus rex and then we have walk Saurus of green that office Saurus
a white Triceratops a generic another indominus rex with green eyes
and then a Velociraptor blue generic t-rex Velociraptor
Delta t-rex
Green t-rex all red t-rex
orange blossom after blue green Pteranodon knock off the green ghoul
wasa rounder green and brown velociraptor one reason I like the
knockoff Chinese ones they have so many different colors orange they’ll office
Soros green brown t-rex well purple the long Saurus green blue
and orange Dilophosaurus the same Stegosaurus dinky belong Dilophosaurus Saurus t-rex Pteranodon this is an original lego
philosopher they lost Soros right okay then here we got a bunch of little
miniature indominus rex is there here’s one stripe like an original and this one looks like and then brown Triceratops another of
the same a little baby triceratop red t-rex green Dilophosaurus orange Dilophosaurus yellow and green
Velociraptor gray and red TriNet on a red and yellow Tran it on another red
and yellow Tran it on a blue and an orange
Tran it on standard color Pteranodon another standard Tran it on an original
Lego black Velociraptor original Lego brown Velociraptor baby t-rex baby green
tea wreck and then we have Velociraptor Delta green Dilophosaurus green
Velociraptor another green Dilophosaurus blue and purple Velociraptor
we have a green indominus rex a green and brown velociraptor yellow and green
velociraptor and then we have a blue t-rex a green Norris Triceratops Velociraptor blue
green and brown Velociraptor here we have a lost mother
go we have a Paris or a Loftus and then we have two more of the original okay we
are getting near the end of brown and blue lost wrap through with no arms
here is the second same a green green and brown velociraptor tan and red
indominus rex red and black velociraptor red and yellow read that walk Soros female we have a little tiny Velociraptor
tricera tops a green t-rex a green Tran it on a brown and red Tran Adhan okay
and we are almost done we got a green granite on we have a velociraptor echo a
velociraptor charlie we have a little tiny velociraptor another tiny little
velociraptor a brown in t and velociraptor we have generic
Velociraptor and our final one is a yellow and green Velociraptor Wow guys
that was awesome I do have over a thousand videos check
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