New 5 Terra Battat Dinosaur Toys T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus ,Tyrannosaurus Collection Unboxing
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New 5 Terra Battat Dinosaur Toys T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus ,Tyrannosaurus Collection Unboxing

yeah guys it’s great to see you again
i’m so glad you came back hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what new also do is we have
today we have five new Terra violet at dinosaurs when these guys totally
awesome and later we’ll have today secret work and also garnered a lot more
foot that you wow sounds good these guys yeah New 5 TERRA BATTAT DINOSAUR TOYS COLLECTION T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus ,Tyrannosaurus Unboxing – WD Toys hey guys today we have five odd terre by
Pratap dinosaurs and this line its job by battat is the company that made made
it and tara is the dinosaur wine they sent me these dinos to review for you
guys so they are also some if you missed my last video I did six of them there
today we have the Stegosaurus the crop cryo love la souris the Tyrannosaurus
Rex the Carnotaurus and a pair of selecting their us are a lot of this
parasol office also get this started okay we’re gonna get started with the
biggest and the best first the Tyrannosaurus Rex the guys
these boxes for this series it totally also each one has like individual pop
background so really good for Posey once you take the dyno I’ll we got like
really cool they got like colds here it’s like you’re transporting the
dinosaur and then they got really cool facts on the back let me zoom in on that
you could pause and read the facts about the t-rex there and here’s a look at the
other side so guys the boxes are as cool as the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs are
super all some let’s go ahead and take this t-rex out of there as you can see
really cool background so it will be cool to keep the boxes and there is the
t-rex himself a so here is the t-rex this is a really good sized up a lot of
there’s a kind of small this one is are like longer than my actual hand and I
mean they did a great job with this guy i mean i reviewed a lot of these dinos
and a lot from schleich and papo and I mean these are
right up there guys super awesome great detail let’s go ahead and take a look at this
guy I mean here is starting from his head and he did a great job with
individual teeth coloring the arms the color the fingernails they colored the
toenails great coloring all around green and yellow spot and then got the Paris or office and
these are the Dan lorusso collection if you go online to try to find them i also
have a link in my description so let’s go ahead and take this guy out once
again really cool background guys I can’t say enough of these boxes i mean
they are so cool they had the coolest background if you buy these dinos take
the wires out oppose them in the box they will look so much cooler of all the
Dinos I’ve opened these boxes are by far the coolest boxes I’ve ever seen these
are the r-1 boxes you want to keep and here are you want to go ahead and pause
it and read information on the Dinosaur but i’m going to go ahead and show you
guys something ok so he is a decently a pretty
good-sized I know he is longer than my actual hand I mean great job with the
coloring the 10 in the browns and I mean did they did a superb job with these
dinos I mean I really like it’s not just something I me they even went ahead and
painted the toenails which you don’t get on a lot of these dinosaurs and then we have the Cryolophosaurus is
all this guy’s really cool too he looks more almost like a little
raptor and then once again really cool background in the box and here’s some
cool facts Superman if you want to go ahead and pause the video and that but
let’s go ahead and take a look at the diner arms once again really get great
coloring they used like a dark blue green and brown color scheme ok his mouth is not open so you don’t
really see individual teeth haha de colored his toenails all kinds of
stripes spots and everything in it looks awesome yeah yeah I and then here is another old favor to
Carnotaurus so this guy’s really cool too i like his background this is one of their coolest backgrounds
exceed it’s almost like a jungle looks almost like a jungle temple background
and here is facts on the guy so go ahead and hauls it in your bottom and then
let’s go ahead and check them out ok so here is the Carnotaurus like I
said great job he is a smaller one here is smaller than my hand but are really
great job with the coloring little yellow I they use like a gray orange and
like a light brown color scheme to this guy that painted his toenails he’s got
like bumps and textures all over his skin so he looks totally awesome yeah yeah ok yeah and then finally we’ve got the
Stegosaurus let’s go ahead and take this guy out first of all let’s go ahead and look at
his background again beautiful background mountains trees on desert
texture for looking side and here is some facts on him if you go ahead and
pause that and then guys this really is one of the coolest nigga sauruses I’ve
ever seen I love the color scheme on this guy and
the coloring I mean I love Hamid paint his eyes that tiny little . even his
time they painted it’s like so small i mean they do a great job color guide
dark green yellow and orange color scheme he’s got the spikes with his tail
they’re really also sighs Tara attend dinosaurs were totally
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secret word is the word Carol spell tier-1 exactly comment section below the
video i know you enjoy the video remember my clock which the video ends
there’s an awesome Carter without your foot when you traffic was so much fun together i hope
to see you


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