New Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research Playset Vs Mosasaurus Jurassic World Unboxing Youtube Kids
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New Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research Playset Vs Mosasaurus Jurassic World Unboxing Youtube Kids

giant Mosasaurus from jurassic world
vs Hammerhead shark New Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research Playset Vs Mosasaurus Jurassic World Unboxing Youtube Kids again we have awesome huge set today
this is animal planet’s deep-sea shark research place head of all stay huge
comes a two figures a huge ship a shark cage bunch of accessories a boat a bunch
of sharks Wow check this I has a working crane in a power launcher and here’s a
good look at the back of it so there you got the working cream we’ve got the cage
on the deck the shark cage there the shark cage would go inside the ship
lower it into the water firing net lights and sounds power
launcher Wow haha this is a huge set let’s open
it up so here is what’s in the package before I go ahead and remove anything
Wow this is one huge set guys okay guys the
set is so huge I really don’t know where to start
so I think I’m gonna check out the accessories and sharks and all that
stuff and then we will go to the ship last so let’s first of all check out
this awesome tiger shark and he does have an action feature so if you push it
on the button he does open and closes well this is some really weird-looking
guy I mean the tiger shark does have his eyes here at the ends and you can see
put a big huge mouth on this so this is a really good-sized shark so I like that
one and then they gave us some smaller sharks oops and they gave some smaller
sharks here and an even smaller shark here so cool they gave you three sharks
and then it comes with this little I don’t know if this would be like a like
life boat or a dinghy or something like that you could put the guys fit right
inside they could drive it has some type of a weapon system here on the front so
that’s pretty cool and then let’s check out then they have an awesome shark Kate
Saul your divers will fit right into the shark cage to protect them from sharks
and they will bulk fit in there so that’s really cool
go ahead close the door got a little hook here the crane there on the ship
could raise and lower this and then let’s check out some accessories so this
one comes with like a big rescue kit it doesn’t open up or anything but you can
attach this to the ship it comes with two ah like life rings it comes with a
bunch of smaller animals here that judging by their color I believe they
glow if you put it in light so big fish here octopus another evil looking fish
an eel turtle and then it comes with a lot of
accessories which is very normal for these Animal Planet’s set you have the
flippers oxygen tank you have this to wear over your vest this to like its
grab stuff with flashlight camera and then you have to fingers I mean they
are a little generic looking but this is actually the first time that Animal
Planet has included a female in its sets that I’ve seen I mean earlier sets had
females I’ll let me know so there is a look at two people and now let’s take a
look at ship okay one of the things I really like about this ship is if you
roll it it has like uneven wheels so when you roll it it looks like it’s
bobbing up and down on the ocean which is really cool so it does have three big
wheels on the bottom okay so we’re gonna start with this top part here this has
lights and sounds so the four blue here light up and flash different sequences that is the alarm clock and the radar dish peralta crop and this
is also removable so if you want to remove it simply unclip it take it off
right there then you have the big antenna array up here and this also does
open up here so you have a nice open cockpit there where you could put your divers inside so that is really cool
this would be like I guess that would be like the where the captain drives the
ship and then it does have a firing net launcher which is really cool nice big
one boots up and down and to fire it you simply put it right there and off your
net goes nice big open area up here for your divers to stand it okay and then
moving on to the operating crane you could have one diver here operating it
and the other one if you put the cage you could have one of the divers in the
cage well let’s first of all go ahead and take a look at this so this is a big
like wall system here so you could use this to pick up let’s say a shark from
the water so you can even pick up this big Oh
but flip it in there right big shark yes see you could pick up the
big shark off move it around in there the crane does rotate all the way to the
different ends of the ship well that’s really cool then you simply go ahead and
release it ah the other cool thing is it is an actual
working crane so if you push the button up here the crane will lower and then
what it winds up it winds up inside it doesn’t wind up on the exterior so
that’s nice because it makes it less easier to break and get all tangled up
so like I said real working and then also you can go ahead and
remove this it’s simply sitting here on a hawk and if you want go ahead and put
in the divers cage here so now you can lower the divers cage just to push the
release button lower it and then when it’s time to lift it up go ahead turn it
bring it back up awesome and then the cage does go ahead and sit
right here and then looking around the ship you have four lights here we’ve got
this next system here that goes up and down big bolt here at the end for
pulling difference and let’s check the other stuff so they
do a nice job decorating it on both sides some of these toys they only
decorate one side and then on the bottom this says Toys R Us okay cool
let’s go ahead and have an awesome adventure with this ship ha-ha boy– we’re gonna capture all
these sharks slaughter them and sell them and make lots of money cool
whoa there’s one here guys get him quick lower the cage
dropping the call now ah get him quick hoist them up oh boy that’s gonna bring us a lot of
money there yeah we’re gonna be rich after this fall hey Tom how about you go
down on in the cage see if you could find anything down there
we need more sharks to make more money sounds great here I go ready to go me up Wow there’s a sunken pirate ship down
here should be lots of sharks here we could take down cool huh what was there what dota scene something honey you sure
there’s no nothing bigger than sharks down here yeah I’m sure there’s nothing
bigger than sharks down there you’re perfectly safe okay
sure gonna keep reach capturing all these sharks read Wow after we slaughter
all of them we’ll make tons of money flowers maybe treasure
no one in giant sharks down there giant sharks
you’re such a kidder what honey there’s something big down here oh
don’t be such a chicken there’s nothing there what tell you there’s something down here what nothing there honey I’m getting out
of here something is giving me the
heebie-jeebies oh you’re such a chicken all there’s
treasure in this ship I could feel it in my bones
Wow we are gonna get rich we’re gonna make lots of money I’m coming up the air
we’re gonna take these sharks down we’re gonna honey what’s going on down there
what was that what did I hear I’m coming down you better not be playing another
one of your tricks on me do this all the time honey you down here somewhere seen anything maybe he found the
Treasury took off oh well I guess more for me wow I’m gonna be rich I’m gonna
be Wow okay that was a lot of fun and this
ship is really cool-looking if this is something you’re interested in I’ll put
a link below the video where you could buy it you could also check out this
custom-made Mosasaurus by going to my Jurassic world playlist I have a full
review on there I actually had two of these made by an artist in Thailand so
they are custom made and they’re really cool-looking and this is a really cool
animal planet set I believe it’s about $40 Wow guys thanks reviewing thanks for
me awesome video make sure you click subscribe and thumbs up button down
below the video in today’s secret word is the word go ahead put that in the comment section
down below the video I know you remember my club hook to the video ends there’s a
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