New Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1  [4 – Power Rangers Dino SuperCharge] Ep. 2 Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1 [4 – Power Rangers Dino SuperCharge] Ep. 2 Unboxing – WD Toys

yeah New Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1 [4 – Power Rangers Dino Charge] Episode 2 Unboxing – WD Toys our guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another all sometimes I opening today hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what we have today wow we got
for Power Rangers Dino charger power packs wow this is totally awesome these are from the new Dino super charge
and they are series 1 wow let’s go ahead and open these guys
up ok guys we have 4 series.12 I don’t
charger power packs and they are totally awesome i really like these power packs
we’re going to go ahead and open these off and then we’re going to scan so
there’s actually eight cartridges to a neat package we’re going to go ahead and
scan them into the app and I mean that app is also know you see went off and
started off for if you watch any of my other episodes okay without further ado let’s rip these
guys okay and here’s what they actually look like the packaging take the whole
package you could slice in the back you could
draw pull the whole packaging out of there and preserve the packaging so they
are really cool and we’ll take a closer look at them after I open the other one ok guys here is the for cartridge
shoulders with the Dino charger power paths first of all here we have the
inkless soros the Diplodocus after each era and the article let’s take a look at for these separate so here is the nucleus horas he looks really good then they are like Carter told others
also know that here is the Diplodocus it’s and the tablet era I like this after shara guys I also do
our jurassic world the game by lutea the app game i’ve got
i believe 40 episodes already on youtube so if you want to check those out I do most of these dinosaurs i have I
mean I’ve done battles on there i do a lot of battles i know i got the tap is
your I got the article on actually I got all of these guys on
there so if you want to see some really cool battles check those up and then
here is the article cool ok let’s go ahead and scan these
cartridges into the app and our guys in the back there you see a limited edition
megadroid there on the right the green one and you see the spinal
Zordon the left I got full reviews of those also if you want to wait to the
end of this video and check out my playlist ok so here I got the app up this is the
dyno supercharger app and i’m going to go ahead and scan the cartridges and
wanted ok so here we have really are awesome I i really like this
out you have the ankylosaurus here this is a
I think it’s a limited edition because it’s it’s like a gold one ok so let’s go ahead and scan in another
one looks like i just got a goal ok so let’s go ahead is in in the next
one so the next one here which one is it this is the
Tyrannosaurus Rex so the t-rex I’ve got a lot of those because i’ve got
almost to the t-rex ones ok then let’s go ahead and scan next and these are really fun to scan in and
then you are you have the whole collection there ok so the next one is the overwrap wow
ok that’s one I haven’t heard of / raptor that looks cool sorry guys I got talk over the music get
things by you – so Dino gasps charger haha odds does it have gas ok then the next one is the Diplodocus let me also know which one of these is
your favorite guys because like I said they are totally awesome ok Diplodocus ok haha that’s hilarious dinos direct charger that’s so cool oh I just to see achieve the super
collector so I just leveled up to level fly awesome dino charge new Dino charge dad ok so let’s go back and keep scanning
these guys in next I’m going to have the kappas era that one should be pretty cool I fought a lot of battles jurassic world
game by lutea online with the Tappan Zee era so are at the beginning of the game he’s
really powerful haha Dino squash charger this is cool ok and then next we have a surprise not the velociraptor I’ve got I’ve got one of these and ready
but the right want to go ahead and put in all my
charger ok yeah yeah Rack door charger up I got a new goal achieved roar of the
Raptor for yourself that’s okay and then it’s not the art along the next ones
they are the Miranda I liked it trended on I do a lot of a
lot of battles with the trend is down to on jurassic world the game through the check out my playlist – charger then we have one more and this one is the article on I like dark they actually have I i believe it’s an
article on that i have on jurassic world it is a turtle creatures so I mean I
believe it’s the are not under person cool let’s do it this way okay Dino gravity charger so I wonder
how many of these I have no look at that 28 of them so i let me turn off the
lights i’ll show you the ones I got ok here’s some of the ones that got and
what’s cool is it actually shows the cartridges here and let’s see you could scan the different images on
the cartridges on the sharp duplicate they list at
separate ones are for just list them as the same yeah let me go all 28 of my cartridges that I
skin I’ve got more for here too so let’s go
ahead and listen to what each one of these cartridges says so that one is
ankle Oh charger engage and this one is here act super charged
in game then a firing sound and then it says it’s morphin time most of the time
i’ll say creature extinct I love that name Dino stretch charger oh that’s the one about to get wild and
then the Raptor I die no gasps charger I love that one Dino gasps charger Dino squash very good day and then wrap
your charger I see most most of them most of the
cartridges I’ve got says monster extinct and then we’ve got one more let’s take a look at the cartridges
themselves because each of these has four pictures on it and that was the
blog that was the thankfully asaurus and this is the / raptor then next we have the two wrecks that next is a lot of guests shiny ones little heart next we have the Archelon yeah next is the tap azera that I ran it on and finally have the velociraptor let me know which one of these eight is
your favorite wow you guys are super chargers were totally also some and if
you guys enjoyed the video make sure you click on top which is the like button
below the video and take secret word is the word Ranger spelled are a and g e–
are go ahead and put that in the comments
section down below the video i know you enjoy the video and you remember my club you wait to this video ends there’s an
awesome man card with a lot more fun videos drastic world and minions star
wars and Peppa Pig why we’ll have so much fun together i
hope to see you soon


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