New Dinotrux Revits Ravine Revenge Dinosaur Trucks W Jurassic  World  Dreamworks  Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Dinotrux Revits Ravine Revenge Dinosaur Trucks W Jurassic World Dreamworks Unboxing – WD Toys

yeah guys it’s great to see you again and so
glad you came back hi I’m WT and welcome to my channel let’s see what we have today wow this is
Ribbit’s remain revenge by dinotrux bobwhite this is also play set and we’re
going to have an awesome dying no battle later and guys later we’ll have today
secret word and an awesome and card lot more fun videos wow New Dinotrux Revits Ravine Revenge Dinosaur Trucks W Jurassic World Dreamworks Unboxing – WD Toys go ahead and open this guy up Rep kids
marriage shit rocky yeah yeah because what you out watch out some new
truck some new diagonals are seen in the area
and they are me yeah touch-tones not scared notes and dermis racks is attacking
Tyrann going after country time roxas back up and everything goes dark first my hand somebody give me where I
guess series around here we go oh thanks I can’t see anything around here what’s going on so strong where’s my
head was my eyes you might want to try this something’s still not right here what
happened why why do I see the back of my legs oh sorry try this on here what do I get tell both are lots of deer
actually wants his tail back oh sorry wrong again another battling
each other this looks like Star Wars tear oh now they’re back to normal ball and
they are angry for being tricks is this the end of time rocks in his
friends oh love time rocks needs well they’re
going to eat them I got my new invention it’s a growth
rate I should have my head all right I feel a lot better now you guys are hiding out that’s the way I
like you trucks you look like or well for t-rex
time Rex thinks he’s our but the thomas is not backing down I must have a tiny little brain or you can’t win trucks building it’s time for you yeah I can trigger you saved the giant I rocks thanks to
reverence invention yeah I like being a huge rack where we
are Wow guys this rabbit’s ravine revenge
looks awesome also it’s kind of hard to say here it is
off it comes with the Revit and to scrap it
and let’s see what it does ok let’s see what was in here cool ok and this was what was in the package
you’ve got like a volcano here a trapdoor bunch of little parts here
you’ve got a rabbit you’ve got a scrap it and the set of
instructions in some or all so let’s go ahead and put this together and have
some fun get to the characters you get a little
rabbit and you get us scrap it and scrap it is one of the bad guys he’s together
it’s are always trying to steal or why he’s mostly trying to steal off like
scrap metal so the parts they used to fix themselves
and then you get or so basic ok and then like I said I mean the best
part of this set is you can connect it to the bigger sets and let’s go ahead
and do that right now so here easily connects to this is the
escape park so this one’s this one’s a bigger set
and it is a cool set so there you have the skatepark
connected to the rabbit set and then I you can keep connecting sets here and
here we go off into different angles if you want you could connect this set
so it goes outward then you can connect another set that goes off of here which
when i’m done reviewing the other ones i will connect all of them so you could
see what a nice big set oh oh oh here comes scrap he’s going to
try to steal so that I roxas part i’ll stop him all he’s doing is taking the part or
rupture Wow guys they’re rabbits ravine revenge
was totally all guides if you enjoy the show make sure you click thumbs up which is the like button below the video
and today secret word is the word ravine spelled are a bee I and II go ahead and put that in the
comments section down below the video I know you enjoyed the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s an awesome and card lot more fun
videos drastic world and minions start world and Peppa Pig and y will have so
much fun together i hope to see you soon


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