New Dinotrux Tail Twistin Revvit Dinosaur Trucks Dreamworks Netflix  Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Dinotrux Tail Twistin Revvit Dinosaur Trucks Dreamworks Netflix Unboxing – WD Toys

guys it’s great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back hi I’m WD and welcome to my toy channel let’s see what we got today wow this is
the dinotrux tale twisted and revenue with creator dough New Dinotrux Tail Twistin Revvit Dinosaur Trucks Dreamworks Netflix Unboxing – WD Toys oh boy this looks totally also some guys
and later watch a secret murder and an awesome and
carved a lot more fun videos wow go ahead and open this guy up ok guys
this tale twisted revenue looks totally also says twisted tale for molding fun
it’s got interchangeable bits it features crater doh let’s check out the back says he makes
our check it out it says rabbit rolls out a plan
multifunctional tongue cuts up no got such bit to make different shapes
and make your own bit also let’s open this up have some fun ok
let’s see what was in here i’m super excited guys okay we’ve got a set of instructions and
you got a nice big rabbit and a bunch of little mold and parts here i’m going to
go ahead and put these together oh also we have a greater dough we’ve got yellow cratered oh here and
here you’ve got it’s like it’s it looks red okay are you guys ready for some fun this really is also set first of all the
first thing I did was attached this piece to his back and then you have four
removable bits here which you’re going to use our later when the when you’re
going to have liked the play doh come out of his nose piece but the
really cool rabbit I mean I i like the Revit that they used
he is a good size he is very detailed blocking and I mean
I did I think it’s awesome toy and then are you have the different bits here we
will look at the different pieces one at a time so on the different bits here you
would take off you would place in here locked then you could pull this off once you pull his tail out you open the
bottom of him here and you load in the dough right into this cylinder right
there so i’m going to go ahead and put bread
dough in there ok now i got a packed full of dough i’m
going to go ahead and close it when you close it locks here but you want to lock
this top position to and then you’re going to twist his tail and that’s going
to push out the dough in the shape of his bit here and there ok now looks like we’re getting like a
cylinder shape dough here squeeze that all out and then we will
check out the other shapes so here you’ve got like a long cylinder
dog I mean you could do different stuff like this you could make i guess like a
bracelet out of this lots of different stuff like that and
also are his tongue his tongue is a knife he has a knife
here that you could fit in as his tongue so you can close his mouth and then you
can pull it out and you can use this to cut your know ok so here goes ok so this one’s like flat on the two
ends okay here i went ahead and changed a bit
and reloaded him so this sounds like a fatter circle type
shape okay then here I’ve got the last shape
let’s go ahead and see what we got to see there this is the shape of like a Phillips bit
that would be like a four-sided screwdriver bit and the next i flattened
some gold here we’re going to go ahead and roll some of his plans got this
little dial truck roller here when you roll it out it’s almost going
to almost look like some of this plan that he rolls up ok so that gives it a really nice
texture look at me you can make like God
textured off look here I mean you could use it then
you have off space here for two different molds yeah and also bit bug ok so they give you
enough dough to make for a bit box out of the caller made to these and make
with different and you could play with your inbox on so I that is all the
features of the set and like I said it’s a really cool set and even when you’re
done playing it you got a really cool rabbit to play
with okay and here’s some of the other Dino
truck toys I’ve done our reviews on I’ve got four of these little rabbits the air I’ve got this big-talking grab it in the
back here which is really cool you pull his tail is bit on the front moves make
machine noises you could open his mouth and pull out his a tape measure time to
make noise in there so that’s a really cool rabbit all these boys i’m going to
show you I’ve got a review on if you go to the end of this video ah and to click on my dinotrux playlist then I got this awesome sky here if you
push your tail shul talk and stretch Wow right yeah i got this big sky a toy here she like makes a ramp she could like
rescue her friends she got her on there you could move it up and down pick stuff
up she’s really I’ve got Garvey here you put it like balls in his mouth here and he’ll fired out his back good size and when you pull up is the LG
long time this is where when you have the bond
wires and handling and of course the best of these is this big huge talking fibra I mob war yeah burner head turns you could not open
different parts of him put in is a rabbit in his friends he’s got a big
ball of the guy from the win you don’t want you right now ready to be
a long time I can be I am ready to tie racks for you go
because I got bad all the other thing is really cool Dino battle and I hi Rach Rach day that is really cool so guys that is all
for coming true and i think that I did reviews of all of it so if you want to
check out the playlist Wow guys and tell twist and revenue set
was totally also and if you enjoy the show make sure you click thumbs up which is the like button below the video
and today secret word is the word tail spelled t8i i’ll go ahead and put that
in the comments section down below the video although you enjoyed the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s an awesome car with a lot more
fun videos drastic world millions star wars peppa pig have so much fun together
i hope to see you showed


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