New Disney Cars Toys Precision Series Fillmore’s Taste In Cafe Play set McQueen Unboxing
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New Disney Cars Toys Precision Series Fillmore’s Taste In Cafe Play set McQueen Unboxing

carries it’s great to see you again are
so glad you came back we’re going to have another opening today let’s go
ahead and take a look at this one easily cars precision series is this film worst
taste in with real working lights and also block huts in precision series cars
ships look awesome and gas if you enjoy this video New Disney Cars Toys Precision Series Fillmore’s Taste In Cafe Play set McQueen Unboxing make sure you click Like and later we’ll
have today secret word and it also meant card was a
lot more fun videos Wow go ahead and open Disgaea ok here it
is on the outside so you press the rock one time it lights up and different
stages you see the lights are flickering there you push the lock and the rock
again the life to move around so right now it’s like just flashing and stuff so
that is also okay guys these cars precision series it totally awesome this
is Phil Morris taste in and look at the detail on then everything this light
soft flashing lights be and is so many different days let’s open this film or
stay steady and remove it from the packaging ok all opened up like a show
you I I mean these cars are nice heavy and they are a little bit on
the expensive side but for the detail that in a mean you are getting what you
pay for and then here is fillmore here’s the front of him he is a Volkswagen here
is the other side advertisements first we got this film or sign here if
you look closely the sign is made all these are made out of old modelers so
these are the old modelers that filmore used to make the sign and then he used
one of his old tires to make this peace symbol says case did you so that’s
really cool and then taking a look at to get a big taste ensign there and the
coolest part is this life top I will show you that in a minute but let’s go
ahead and look around first first things first you got this rock here this is
well actually life’s a place it’s like you got a nice little like a miniature
with male here you’ve got a regular sized windmill here they’re really turns
and he rotates among their I’m not really sure what it is then you have a
test comes out here that which the you would use this to attach it two
different sets I have also been here you’ve got like this it’s almost like a
car get these two pieces that are attached here this is a part of the land
this would be like half of the road so that is a really nice feature to and
then going ahead and taking a look at the 10th time this tent is also features
real beads here in the fraud you’ve got peace symbol all kinds of life want to see graffiti but I sure would be
graffiti because two or more probably did all of the himself and then take a
look at this without the lights on we’ll take a closer look at the lights
on the inside all souls because that is really cool to hear it gets like dimmer
and dimmer brighter that also you could push the rock one more time it’ll fade
in turn off so there we go ok here we’re gonna look inside
one-sided the 10th so you can see it like the lights light up and stages and
then it should again like flash they did a great job with the lights on this
thing and then work time that’s our skin fade out then we’re gonna go this is the
other side of the tent sites good-looking there it’s really hard to
get in there guys because it’s it’s not that big of an opening and then this
should be the one where the lights blink here is a look different types and the
other side of his fuel cans and there you have it set so like I said I mean
these sets really are also super detailed comes with that little fuel key
and which fillmore uses to services customers so he met goin down the road
you have like fillmore here trying to get him to come in and buy some ok this
comes at a really nice plastic case to a mere dogs almost looked like class got a
little little license plate there this is carburetor company could open it up
and take a closer look at his car and his car is metal and it’s super detailed
the hood opens and closes take a closer look at him first so I mean the paint
job on these guys could see the same license plate you got over there and
then here is a look at the front and here’s a look at the engine I mean like
I said the precision on the car is totally in gas if you enjoyed this video make sure you click below the video and
you enjoyed it the word cars spelled C A R S go ahead and put that the comments
section below the video I know you enjoy the video my club video and there’s a card with
lot more fun deals drastic world millions in Star Wars and Peppa Pig wow
will have so much fun together hope to see you soon


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