New Finding Dory Disney,Pixar 4 Hatch N Heroes Nemo,Hank,Dory,Bailey  Dinosaurs Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Finding Dory Disney,Pixar 4 Hatch N Heroes Nemo,Hank,Dory,Bailey Dinosaurs Unboxing – WD Toys

wow guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another all sometimes I opening today hi I’m WD and welcome to my toy channel let’s see what we got today wow we got
for hatching heroes from the new disney pixar movie find the story we’ve got Hank barely Tory ear Nemo boy this is gonna be totally awesome
guys and later we’ll have today secret work and awesome and card with a lot
more fun videos wow go ahead and check these guys out Hank
and his friends are out for a swim in the ocean no Hank see something oh no it’s a terrible Moses horas Rebecca well no he’s chasing Hank he’s
trying to eat Hank what thank gonna do quickly inc transforms into an egg and he looks like a rock
hurt k call Oh what he cut away could have to
go kitchen just looking for my family my family oh where is my family what what what Oh family family where is my family where is my family and my family I’m gonna eat your little fish although
he’s got big teeth quick I get a transform who she turned
into an egg just in time her for her I thought it was a fish or a
mistake rock find somebody else daddy daddy where are you daddy daddy I’m you do get e oh no it’s terrible Moses horas what am
I gonna do quick have to transform yeah yeah I’m good what another rock oh boy I gotta go get some new glasses I keep taking these things are fish and
the real rocks I’m getting scared here time to go to
the aquarium start my shift was g the peas haha little tasty octopus oh no quick
have to transform young get another rock oh boy oh boy what am I gonna do what am
I gonna do the rock no I’m getting out here I’m going crazy i’m going nuts hero
other what’s wrong with me I keep seeing fish in the river walk ha oh boy these guys save themselves by
turning into rocks how cool is there a song like I said
guys these guys are all some they’re like little tiny transformers they are so cool i like them a lot of
guys we got for the hatch and he rose from the new Disney picture finding Dory movie we’ve got Bailey
we’ve got Nemo Dory and Hank take a look at the back of one of these so basically are they going to like an
egg shape and then the half job is awesome cool let’s open these guys up Wow guys these egg toys really cool they’re like transformers 4 kids I
really like him let’s go ahead and take a look at one at
a time ok so first of all here we got dory right now she’s like a complete leg so
to transform her you pop / pins out you’re gonna pop off the back end of her
here you pop out her tail and then this thing
flips around to reveal her face also and there you have a story haha it’s so
cool and then we have an emo sony mall right now is an egg you could stand them up as an egg and
everything and then you flip up these back pieces you attach them together in
the back here let you make his tail you flip out his thin pieces here he’s got the little flipper remember the
movie one of his clippers is smaller than the other one in the finding nemo
movie and then you flip out his face these are awesome guys and that’s what he looks like all
transformed and then we’ve got Hank so Hank right now is an egg this ends up by himself to to transform
Hank you flip up these two sides you flipped down his tentacles in the
front you flipped on his tentacles in the back
and then you flip these two sides down again and you’ve got Hank ankle it’s more like
a hermit crab that just popped off and then we’ve got Bailey to do Bailey she’s a little a little tough at first okay first of all she is an egg and I
this one you got to be careful with because I tried pulling from the top and
the bottom and it didn’t work so I’m like what is going on this one you have
to get in the middle here so this middle part of her which is not they don’t make
it very easy either pops open here and then you’ve got Bailey’s head inside so Bailey’s head pops out her tail pops
out these back pieces popped back together and you have bailey I think she’s the coolest one I mean I
the way the way the egg transforms on her that is awesome and there we have it guys we’ve got off
for them make sure you guys let me know which one
of these is your favor because i like i like all of them I like the way I think
Bailey transforms the most guys those hatching hero characters for the new
disney pixar movie finding Dory were totally also on in guys if you enjoyed
the video make sure you click thumbs up the like button below the video and
today secret word is the word heroes spelled eight sheets are all e s go
ahead and put that in the comments section down below the video I know you enjoyed the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s a also incurred a lot more fun
videos drastic world millions star wars peppa pig and why guys I’m so excited I’m so glad you’re
here we’re gonna have so much fun yeah I hope
to see you guys soon


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