New Giant Box Ninja Turtle Toys Out Of The Shadows, Megabloks, Technodrome Unboxing Surprise Top 10
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New Giant Box Ninja Turtle Toys Out Of The Shadows, Megabloks, Technodrome Unboxing Surprise Top 10

Wow guys today we have a huge box of New Giant Box Ninja Turtle Surprise Toys Out Of The Shadows, Megabloks, Technodrome Unboxing Top 10 most of these are from the other the shadows movie I got pretty much every toy accept their headquarters that was a little bit too big for me I mean I i wanted something a little smaller than that really hard to score something but we’re going to go through this box and if you like any east boys i go to the end of the video there’s a playlist there are Ninja Turtles out of the shadows I are opened every one of these toys review them have some also battles okay we’re gonna start right off the bat with the coolest one new turtle technol drill all some rolls is a huge playset with a bunch of features that does pop open here it’s got a little leg here to stand on so you could pop opened place that and I got a really cool video on and then the next coolest they got the tactical side the front opens up to you can fit two fingers inside here to get a couple more figures inside there has a firing cannon back opens up and put more figures to the back of the truck here and this side also has the giant truck so I check out the reviews with that would also then I got a giant Leonardo action figure with got like a holster to hold the plate back actually sheet so dual blades cool got a crane figure with his exoskeleton you gotta action feature Michelangelo she’s done then you got action feature on talking Leonardo protected and action feature Donatello ok then action I feature rock the app right now our I and then we got on cool shredder also looking for also Rocksteady figure with news chopper just firing missiles Rocksteady’s and you’ve got three pop and his work called strike good boss and his wife is super cool three wheels to firing it is also got an action our feature bebop with sounds that Rhino then action feature rocks off oh I got Rafael with his bike and then you’ve got Leonardo with his but sweet and then we’ve got Master Splinter with this staff and his sword and Casey Jones with his hockey stick the one figure i wasn’t able to find when i bought these was April deal so whether they brought one out I don’t know and then I put together a lot of their mega block sets also this is there pizza joint with the monsters and you’ve got a giant crane soup which also comes metal Leonardo his arms actually bag like i said if you go to the end of the video you can see a full box got the ninja turtle party being with shredder these are both mega Blok guys these mega bloks set really are also then here I got a bunch of miscellaneous mega bloks sets that i put together like the ninja turtles skateboards just cool stuff that they have and then I Michelangelo party vehicle sorry some of these are in bags I like i said if you do want to check out the full reviews and the video they are in the turtles playlist then there’s a big piece of Rio with rain and Michelangelo then there’s a Leonardo and like his party vehicle this one is actually Leonardo and helicopters have fallen apart and also ready shredder that’s also in and then major turtle sewer lair and then I got a lot of the little metal ninja turtles and the bad guys here we show you some of them got one for the tiger claw being ok Casey Jones so there is a lot of the mega Blok ones and i reviewed pretty much all of them i think that review over 20 of the mega bloks set including their big super layer which is a lot of there’s a big pizzeria one some turtles you’ve got Casey Jones like okay so like i said if you want to see more reviews and openings and also battles a lot of other stuff with the sets just wait for this video to end go to the ninja turtles playlist and they will all be in there they are all lot of fun guys and I do have a lot of the ninja turtles long boys there i am box also let me know which one of them is your favorite and i will see ya guys that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click subscribe and thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word going to put that in the comments section below the video I know you remember my club look to the video in there is it also then curve is off more fun with you and I see click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button


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