New Godzilla Movie Musical Monster  Piggy Bank TOMY Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Unboxing
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New Godzilla Movie Musical Monster Piggy Bank TOMY Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Unboxing

what guys great to see you again super New Godzilla Movie Musical Monster Piggy Bank TOMY Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Unboxing Godzilla coin bank on amazon and it looks hilarious it’s like an ocean view with like a ship on top you put your money here it’ll play like the theme song from Godzilla you pops up he grabs your point coin and pulls it into the box ah the entire box here is Japanese writing so I believe well I mean it does come from Japan but when you order it you’re actually ordering it from amazon so it shifts pretty quickly usually within a few days you should give it and if you if you are interested i’ll put a link below this video where you can purchase it ok let’s see exactly what was in here looks like you got a set of instructions here and discuss the bank three looks awesome ok my money will be safe right there this is the coolest boy check them out and it plays like a theme song is bright blue Oh coming something big my back guys this is the coolest toy and I’ll teach your kids to save money awful I actually bought this one on amazon I wonder if you grab two at a time let’s see oh right seems to have run out of money but this is thinking if you want to get it back you just go ahead and turn this bottom piece here and shake your money right it has a little container here that will hold you money it’s supposed to hold the dog in point yourself so that’s pretty cool so I mean it’s not a huge bank but you know I it’s a really fun present that’s gonna make people laugh I tricked them so it’s like a motion view you got like a little ship here you’ve got Godzilla on this side you got a picture of Godzilla on this side here is where you have the speaker the back is just a plain box and the other side underneath all you have on off button and here is where you take your coins out of the box so this is a really fun novelty toy I mean I love how this they work it just cracked me up and check that out and yeah it does light up to okay I want many I’ll show you some of the other Godzilla toys that will be reviewing but how about deuce battles how about we have the godzilla from from the 1998 Godzilla movie fighting and ominous rex so you go ahead you could go ahead and crank this size arm up and then you can go ahead and discuss that different actions here his tail boobs here he lifts his leg off panting stomps I believe yeah here we could swing his arms in and out and here he swings his other arm and he tries to bite so boy these guys could have a really good battle that will be a cool battles you guys want to see that battle or when I review this guy let me know which battle you want to see which one of my dinosaurs you want to see him fight and I will try to do it but that isn’t really cool Godzilla tour and then here is some of the other ones i will be reviewing this big kinga Dora figure i will be reviewing this robotic godzilla which is really kind of you i’ll be reviewing god this mutants godzilla fromage straight from japan i believe this is ben died yeah bandai makes a lot of godzilla toys this is like the mute one of the mutant versions from the 2016 Godzilla movie oh I’ve got the smash strike Godzilla which i just bought from amazon this guy off you push him he was ash and he will a lot its tail swings and pit stop so this guy is really cool too and then i have this guy oh boy this chi Dora or this monster here is really cool looking and then I also have another awesome mechanical Godzilla which is a lot more aggressive looking than this one this one is a little more comical looking this one is very aggressive looking and then all guys if you haven’t seen my other videos I got a lot of awesome ah Godzilla transforming eggs they actually transfer I you stop motion video of you using dragon frame software so I have them transform in real time real cool and if there is some Godzilla toys you want to see reviewed especially from the 1998 movie I like where this this guy came from that was a really aggressive Godzilla and I really liked some of the toys ah there’s any of those toys you want to see review I will be glad to do it guys thanks for viewing and being also all and if you did enjoy my video please go ahead click like that’s the thumbs up button under the video drop me a comment I do read all your comments I will answer as soon as possible and I will see you soon let me turn my lights down so then let’s check this thing out see that red light in there it’s a little hard to see I still have my back light on let me try turning that off and see if that will change anything yeah it’s far sweetie because the motorbike camera but anyways you do have a little red light that pops up there yeah if that’s what difference it to use it if you’ve been listening on I like to sound the gods or may not try opening this thing up what’s all at grabbing a coin okay so there see it’s got like Godzilla in the box they’re here is the hand the mechanically reaches out grabs your coin and pulls it in so like I said guys super fun for like i’ll be reviewing a lot board dr. Okoye doctor and making fun of junior of the different Godzilla toys and battles i’ll be using to stop motion animation I’ve already gone a lot of that also I have to I have some food Godzilla battles battles with t-rex it’s a lot of fun sometimes it doesn’t do the first thing oh great novelty gift you guys Godzilla a super huge strong thief just reaching out of the box and grabbing your money okay here i got Dom from various toys and Videl I’ve done a review on almost all how horrible oh no it almost got him let’s see what happens if he lays down keep him thinking is all she did all right almost got ever hear something buddies from movie oh fuck to wall wow that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word good put that in the comments section below the video on those you remember my club look to the video ends there’s the halls of it curve clockwork luck with you and I click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button


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