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welcome to TWD toys to see you again I’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another drastic world toy opening today New VELOCIRAPTOR ECHO GROWLER JURASSIC WORLD Review Vs Indominus Rex By WD Toys. today we have velociraptor go this is
the growler got a growling action and these Las rafters i’ve been waiting for
a long time because these ones actually have the third claw which they call the
ripping cloth and it does have some cool growling action to take a look at the
rack Wow echo calling action growling action Philosoraptor echo of ferocious
fight for survival wow this guy up and take a look at the
only thing you need to open to open this case to cut these two strains here and
he just pulled out of the box the box is really cool is like a half open box so
it’s good for displaying also take a closer look at this guy he looks awesome
see how we get him to stand cool because he’s got longer arms you
can get in to stand in a position like this because he’s balancing off his
front arm here so looks almost like he’s running as otherwise if you don’t use
the arm I mean you just will fall over or you could have a stand in the upright
position late that he’s attacking something but you can’t he doesn’t just
stand by himself with the balance for me there his tail or his arm but let’s take
a closer look at this guy he looks really awesome gonna start his head they
did a great job covering this guy’s you could see i mean he even has like a
snake it’s like a yellow with green stripe down it is teach them that
they’re happy with to do is teach one piece to do is teach one piece and his
tongue not the greatest either the paint job is very good on this guy though they
did do a great job with this pain and then you could see his claws there i
mean they did a great job covering the call and here is where you got the open
wound where he’s gotta growling action if he’s attacked and it also lights up but you can see
there’s like Bolton blood inside there than here he’s got the Jurassic world
logo or a tattoo on his leg so you don’t confuse him with the other jurrasic
World Toys then here you’ve got the third clause they finally put the third
cloth on all of these velociraptors before they only had the third call on
blue so that that was a very cool and here we got his tail which he uses to
balance let’s take a look at his back and then we’ll take a look at the other
side so he is like light mix of like a light green brown color with like very
tan stripes there you could see his girl X and stripes down his body look at the
other side this is the side where they have all the scruples and everything so
if you’re posing him you’d want to oppose him from the front side here
again we’re gonna stay with the head and as you can see I mean did did a really
good job with the coloring I don’t see any color overruns his cloth here’s
where the screw holes are i mean you to screw holes and then behind his leg
you’ve got the opening for the speaker there’s his leg and the rest of his tail
ok let’s take a look at his growling action let’s take a look at his arms
first range of movement and this year it clicks because this one actually has the
slashing action if you push down is still the other one did not have the
slashing action so sneaky here as I’m turning it you hear collects its kinda
hard to hear but they do click into different positions you could move his arm different
positions have a like slashing stuff then let’s take a closer listen to his
brawling reaction is growling action and if you push down as tale you’ve got to
slashing he’s got another ground to you push down his still yeah yeah they are a
little different years that’s if you push down his tail and this is a few
pushes where they’re pretty similar but their little different and then the
movement on his leg he’s got really good almost 360 degree movement on his legs
so that’s nice and this was a little step because of the speaker they have to
live with it a little and then it loosens up also I like and what do you
guys think the only thing I don’t like about him he does have to slashing
action but if you look at the growler Delta the growler delta has the model
fact he pushes kill your child is jaws this one moves his arms instead I mean I
would rather happened child was jobs because that looks a lot cooler when
he’s chomping his jaws ok well let’s have some fun with this guy was just
going through the forest minding his own business when all of a sudden he hears quick he’s got a car has friends here he
comes blue perceived ominous Rex who’s gonna
win this battle I’ll stop doing his aerobic action all the end ominous Traxxas and Marie
he’s going for a co now she’s gonna bite him back off quite some on the neck he’s
a great now shake you up and he goes from Charlie Charlie is no longer there
anymore jobs on its head and a seat NOx NOx into
the ground loop by some on the neck oh boy he’s wounded he’s really angry now
what’s he gonna do the other side of blood they call their body Delta to come join
them in the feasts wow that’s the end of the dominance Rex boy that was a
surprise how in the world did take him down wow they talked in dahmer’s Rex rate on
a typical price Raptors could enjoy this channel make sure to my channel sorry if
you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to my channel
there click like comments to this video ends also meant card lot more fun videos jurrasic world Peppa Pig Star Wars Force
awakens wow so much fun together hope to see you soon


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