New Jurassic Park Allosaurus Assault The Lost World Action Figure King Kong Vs T-Rex Unboxing
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New Jurassic Park Allosaurus Assault The Lost World Action Figure King Kong Vs T-Rex Unboxing

New Jurassic Park Allosaurus Assault The Lost World Action Figure King Kong Vs T-Rex Unboxing guys it’s great to see you again I’ve
been looking for this set for a long time on eBay guys I finally found their
brand new this is actually one of the expensive assets you’re gonna find on
eBay this is from Jurassic Park this is Dino showdown Allosaurus assault
with Dino damage awesome so it says try me not really sure how it is supposed to
work right now but I’m gonna go ahead and free at first beds you can see food
is brand new this is right it’s back by Hasbro let’s check out the back because
like I said this is really plastic it’s check that out says head thrashing
damage H head thrashing action Dino damage poseable arms and legs ash
skull striker whoa wow that looks so cool says the dinosaurs are back savage
beasts battle for supremacy in the wildest place on earth
so far traffic at the side of the package and a
traffic at the other side Wow let’s go ahead and free these guys from the
package for the first time ever okay there is ash fall striker these are his
weapons so he comes with the bow he comes with this scabbard for the two
swords pistol and the damaged piece for the dinosaur so this damaged piece will
fit right in there cool okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at ash skull
striker first so here yes he could hold the ball so it makes it look like he’s
actually firing it a full movement on both arms his head he’s got like a
goatee really mean-looking he’s got tattoos on his arms he’s got a double
scabbard on the back with swords that actually pull out so that’s really cool
he’s got a holster here where he put his pistol in the holster and he is ready to
go he is ready to fight the Allosaurus cool okay so let’s take a closer look at this
guy like I said she is totally awesome his action features are not that great
ah basically if you pull his arm here he moves his head back and forth
you could put his arm in two different positions and still flip but this guy
basically just moves his head back and forth so that’s kind of disappointing
what the rest of him is awesome we’re gonna start here on his head so he’s got
really good movement here at the ah like right behind his head really good
movement there and good movement on his neck so even though it’s an action
feature you could still move his head neck a really good Imam ah the detail on
this guy is awesome I mean they did a great job
there’s no screw holes or anything like the newer Hasbro dinosaur toys so
anyways let’s go ahead and take a look so his mouth will open and close all the
way really nice job they did on his teeth
the tongue is a little bland there’s not all that much there a really good job
detailing the eyes I love the coloring guys you’ve got blue orange Japan brown
I’m really cool all coloring here here you can see he’s got some type of almost
like gills under his neck the orange spikes on the back of his
cool pretty much the same on this side his arms are cool because they move up
and down and they turn most of these the arms just turn so
these they move up and down really great job detailing the claws we see each of
these were like individually handed the texture job on this guy is awesome and
then he does have the wood piece here that pops off so you can see a grievous
wound in his side here this is a piece that is easy to lose so if you do buy
this guy you gotta be careful because if you’re not you will lose that super easy
it’s a really small piece very easy to lose you can see it says JP here this
one’s not actually numbered some kind of surprised I guess because it’s so
distinct if you see this dino you know what it is
great movement on the legs and the right on top of this foot here
if we rotate to and it’ll move backward and forward so you can put his leg up
like that so it almost looks like it got broken
great texturing job here really great coloring job I don’t see any overflows
of the color so you can pose this guy in different positions continuing down his
back you got spikes here the same really like striped color schemes spikes down
his tail his tail does nothing though and here is a good look at the other
side salt like I said guys I’ve been waiting to do this guy for a long he was
expensive but I really wanted to show you guys this set because this diamond
also okay man today we are hunting a very
dangerous Dino this Allosaurus could make himself invisible and Hank why in
the world are you pointing a gun red in my head
duh I’m not gonna point it at my head I’d rather shoot you than meet dot
man has a point it’s not the hasta la vista baby la vista baby
hey get off the screen man this is not your show what not my show anyways as I was saying before this is a
very dangerous dinosaur it’s invisible it could appear at any time and the guy
next to you could disappear you wouldn’t even notice
so are you following me curable pop what he’s gone I told you do
any of us at any time run for yeah I want to see that Dino did to fear in his
egg nobody kids Hank unaware okay let me see behind me something funny’s going on here what I
feel something there it’s the diner he’s got the mighty Hank okay come on you big lizard you’re not
gonna take me down stick you with this play does thank you what behind me
nothing there I wonder but
to ears bleeding ah okay guy who’s not gonna take me down
easily like the other guys Wow guys what a battle that was that was
a lot of fun guys if you guys enjoyed this episode make sure you guys click
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what other battles you want to see ahh thanks for viewing you guys are totally
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