New Jurassic Park Bone Breaker Carnotaurus Vs Tyrannosaurus Rex TRex  Unboxing W Spinosaurus
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New Jurassic Park Bone Breaker Carnotaurus Vs Tyrannosaurus Rex TRex Unboxing W Spinosaurus

Wow guys welcome to the Jurassic Park Zoo check out all these awesome Jurassic Park dinos am here okay so this one is New Jurassic Park Bone Breaker Carnotaurus Vs Tyrannosaurus Rex TRex Unboxing W Spinosaurus today this is called the ball breaker carnotaurus we will take a closer look at it in one minute and anyways this here is the drastic park command center i did a full review on this and every one of these dinos back there you have the exclusive towards the rocks off whole t-rex you have the red Rex there from dressing park we have the Jurassic Park animatronics by thesaurus got the Thrasher t-rex over there got all the barong velociraptor Triceratops over here you have the chaos bull t-rex back there you have a custom-made golfer full t-rex because that one was never actually came out that you got this whole off play center which oversees the air with with working electronics which is very hard to find in figure so let’s listen to some of this take after her Omicron senior at least I’ve ever done graphics particular encounter now then I has about 200 different phrases and as flashing lights and everything so it’s really cool that’s a lot of fun and here would be the intrude okay I’ll walk anyway let’s go ahead and take a look at this bone breaker okay so this is one of the more expensive Jurassic Park dinos you’re going to fly if you want to get this guy regularly you’re going to pay over a hundred dollars for this gun so he is a really cool one but as you can see I mean this guy opens his mouth of freakish amount check that out I mean it looks like he’s a snake about to swallow something and I you do if you do control it by moving his foot back and forth so you can have him like almost like yelling yet another done on here kind of comical actually so if you roof is fullback and form it’s almost like he’s talking or yelling at somebody but ah let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this guy we’re going to start here on his head oh they did a great job with the detail on this site you can see even the eye I mean that I looks realistic he’s got all individual teeth let’s take a better look at the inside of the club he does have like a hinge system here which is a little weird but he’s got a very realistic-looking tongue there and then going on down he is like part rubber part plastic ah cool coloring he is red black in like dark green on his stomach so this part on his back is rubber his legs are plastic his tail is rubber his arms of plastic and his head is plastic because of the hinging effect but anyway is going on down 360 degree movement on his arms he doesn’t have a really nice three claws like farm system there which is nice really good for playability a super good detail on it can with the rubber I mean it gives it a much more realistic feel to the hold I known as you can see there I mean all this muscle striations and everything that’s really cool and then I with this leg in the back you do have 360 degree movement but once you get out here it gets a little loose so it sort of scares me to keep going around 360 I’m afraid I’m going to break him like I said this guy is cheek what ensues awesome so this is actually the second biggest Carnotaurus you will find the biggest one that was produced is the Carnotaurus demon which I’ve been looking for for a while but he that one a really expensive hopeful ambien could pick them up soon because see this one’s got three nails nicely painted black and the thing on this one it has died no damage so here on its stomach it’s like exposed you can see like the blood and the bones there the thing is with this one I did not get that cover with it ah with the cover is significantly more expensive which is kind of a disappointment but hopefully one day I got there playing water one day I could pick it off you could see the compound is still talking it continues to talk by itself and here’s a good look at the back of this guy you could see he’s got like Claude three rows of spikes all the way down his back really nice coloring I mean I’m I’m really pleased with this guy and then here on the other side you could see this is where he’s got his leg oh so this guy is JP 26 like I said I mean I am super pleased with this guy his fault but the only way he really stands is there with his mouth open because once you well actually let me show you the action feature to activate the action feature you just move his leg back here and that makes his mouth hinge open and close let’s take a look at that closer look so you can see exactly how its hinging back there so I like I said I mean you could close his mouth and have him like this but he’s way too top-heavy so he will not be in like that least I could not get him to you could put him like that but that’s about it so uh you get this guy’s to stand he’s got to be up with his mouth open and then he balances himself on his tail so all let me know what you guys think because I really like this guy you let’s take a quick look at some of these other guys like i said i do have cool reviews on all of them so you can check that out by going through the jurassic world platelet at the end of this video and this one is the coolest one this is also the most expenses this is an animatronic spinosaurus so it does have a animatronic action if you push near tail it moves its head and it has a realistic roar and moving and you could also push it here on the neck and moved his head and does a different noise or you could also push you here and has like a wound on this other side and then you have the red Rex here which he’s very flexible I mean his neck o move all the way around so you could have some awesome battles with some shaking this guy is total robber everywhere so that is really nice you can open his mouth way up like I said if you do want to see full reviews on these go to the playlist at the end of the video and then you have the bull t-rex this is the toys r us version if you push it here on its back it has realistic sound so they did a great job with this guy like all over and this one is mostly plastic but the original one is mostly rubber and then you have this one this one is probably the most realistic looking one this is the Thrasher t-rex he’s called Thrasher because if you move to tail back there he whips his head back and forth and he has a cage that like you put on him and when he’s whipping his head back and forth he breaks out of the cage and you could have him open his mouth there or if you push his tongue he will close his mouth once again you could pull it open and have it locked open so this guy is all rubber and he is very realistic-looking I like this guy long and then you have the chaos effect bull t-rex this guy also is really awesome he has a real hot glass side so it makes him look very authentic his body is mostly rubber across the whole body and he is like bright orange blue and black and these guys are the ones that are their mouths open fully often they could swallow like a full-size action figure no problem and then you take the off bigger or whatever you’re playing without of the slit on his stomach here so that is really cool and this one here is a custom painted one this is actually the original bull t-rex painted to look like the golfer bull t-rex which never came out I actually found this one on ebay some artists like did a really great job anything I’d really like how this one block and I mean it would have been really cool this one had actually come out because the coloring on it I think this one’s my favor of the bull t-rex’s there’s actually uh three bull t-rexes that came out and this would have been the fourth one so this guy also has like that you can open his mouth way up and swallow what full-size action figures and then you have the original bull t-rex I really like the coloring of this one too it’s like a almost like an olive green a darker greenish blue with like black stripes and like a whitish color on his stomach so this one also does have the glass I this one will open his mouth all the way up and swallow and action figures also he’s got to slit in the stomach to take them out so uh that is pretty much all of the big jurassic world i knows except for the diamond Carnotaurus so that’s a really good look at a lot of them let me know which one of them is your favorite and which one you would like to see reviewed more often or and shows more often and here would be a good size comparison to the Carnotaurus so you can see that the bull t-rex is bigger but the bull t-rex is actually like the biggest one that they made for all Jurassic Park so uh if you got something under this guy you could get him to stand like that or if you hide something wait on his back because if he was more balanced he would stand oh just like the bull t-rex there but like I said this guy is designed to stand up like that wow like i said earlier i really like his mouth defect I think you could make them really hilarious piece of really hilarious looking stuff with that almost like he’s like some type of all whooping like yelling or something thank you get off my land what you want my land go back here I’m gonna eat you why come on just go okay well anyways let me know which one of those Jurassic Park dinos was your favorite thanks for viewing if you did enjoy it please click like wait till the end of the business video to see our full reviews of these Jurassic world I nose and a lot of fun battles thanks for viewing and being all saw wow guys that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word go ahead put that in the comments section below the video on those you remember my club go to the video ends there’s a all the curves off more fun with you and I click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button