New Jurassic Park Chaos Effect Mobile Command Center Vehicle Playset Dinosaur Toys T-Rex Vs Unboxing
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New Jurassic Park Chaos Effect Mobile Command Center Vehicle Playset Dinosaur Toys T-Rex Vs Unboxing

okay it’s great to see you again today
we are going to check out this drastic I included a bunch of the kiosk effect
dinos if you walk up to this gotta eat clean Lauren it on there on your rub you
have a kiosk effect Velociraptor there and of Marvel’s finest right over there
all Velociraptor –ax over here Aparri on over there Allosaurus assault
coming for Malcolm and ready to eat Allosaurus is soft you got to cast
affect pull t-rex is awesome guys it’s super excited to show you guys all these
awesome dinosaur toy okay super excited to see you today
here is a playset I’ve been looking for for a long time this is a Jurassic Park
chaos effect mobile command center I did a full review of the original one and
showed you guys but this is the chaos effect once super nice bright colors it
took me a long time to find this because I wanted to find one in the box
I mean the box here is real broth but you could see what it looked like when
it was new so that’s something I really wanted to show you
because these are super hard to find so here is some of the chaos so here is
some of the chaos effect dinos they had over there this is one I really want to
find the Thrasher the chaos effect Thrasher I’ve got that one there and
this is another one I do not have yet so here’s a good look at the back so okay
same pictures on the back with much New Jurassic Park Chaos Effect Mobile Command Center Vehicle Playset Dinosaur Toys T-Rex Vs Unboxing Thrasher because that guy is awesome so
here is good info on the set and here is the Jurassic Park line of chaos of that
dinos so we’ve got that one I’ve got that one I’ve got that one
I get that one I do not have any of those guys there I don’t got the
pachycephalosaurus I’ve got the Velociraptor X which I will show you and
then here’s two other so I do got a good amount of the chaos effect dinos so
anyways guys this is a super hard set to find let’s go ahead open it up and check
it out that is for awesome I’m gonna go ahead
and set it up and then we will check out all the features ok guys so here is the
sack all set up we’ll go ahead and take a closer look at it I mean there is some
pieces missing with this set so that’s a little disappointing some fence pieces
originally the fence went all the way around through the back of the trailer
so now if you run the fence you would stop about there so it seems to be about
2 pieces of fence missing but other than that the rest of it seems to be pretty
decent condition so let’s go ahead and check it out one at a time ok so what
are the first cool options of this is the fence if a dinosaur attacks here and
shakes the fence you get an alarm that sound is here then I’m going to go ahead and remove
the fence the lights also flash here but we’ll take a closer look at that in a
moment I’m gonna go ahead and remove the fence
so we could go ahead and take a look at the rest of the truck okay so we’re
simply gonna go ahead and disconnect the truck from the trailer right there
and take a look at the truck first okay so first of all with this truck you have
a cool breakaway front feature here with Samba Dino attacked here and ripped off
the front of the truck you’d have shattering glass noise
and then uh that would be this here so there’s like a pressure switch there and
then you have room to fit two action figures into the driver’s seat so here
we have I an Malcolm driving the machine and this whole thing does also pop off
if you want to route that and have a bigger play area so then just simply go
ahead put this back in and you’ve got high and Malcolm there driving it really you got lights up here antenna and
everything over there and then here you’ve got like the brains of the system
so with this sound thing here’s where you get the sound so did something
shakes the fence there get the alarm you push this button here you get a
diesel sound and all the time that light to flashing to see there you get a
diesel running sound and then like I showed you earlier if
you rip the front off you get the breaking noise sound and deep lights
they’re flash so let’s go ahead and take a look at this before we go ahead and
turn it around and check out the other side of the playset so here you’ve got a
door that opens and closes over here that leads into a nice big play area
there where you could pull up smaller dinosaurs form so you could fit like
chaos effect Velociraptor in there which is really cool then if you go ahead
close it up we’re gonna go ahead and move to the back of the vehicle the back
of the vehicle here is a nice big open play area you could fit I believe even a
big diner dino like this Velociraptor eggs in here and that is a good sized
dinosaur but it’s more for dinosaurs but the Velociraptor
and then moving on to this site here you’ve got aa the door here says
Jurassic Park EOS effect it is a nice swinging horse so you could have your
action figures coming right out the door so I created a really cool action video
of the original one which if you stick around to the end of the video I’ll have
it in there so you can go ahead and check that out
anyways really nice effect that that door does actually open up be nice the
head bees open up but it’s got a yellow hubcaps to that moving on to the top you
have this nice big bucket here you’d have one of your characters in here
controlling the bucket lifting it up different heights you got this claw here
that locks into different positions you could have it extend yeah I got it you
could have it extend and pick up a dino from the ground so on the box is shows
this exact Velociraptor being picked up so go ahead put it on him
lock it around him and then you go ahead pick him up off the ground and pull him
wherever you want but doesn’t click lock into different
positions let’s see maybe I lower you stronger yes ok so if I lower it is that dinosaur up in the air like that so
that’s a really cool effect over there ok then we’re going to go ahead and move
on to the trailer so for now I’m gonna go ahead and move this of the way and
we’ll check out the trailer itself right off the bat you can see the
trailer is missing a hubcap there so that is also disappointing but you know
it’s super hard to find this set with a box I mean usually when you get the box
you’re missing pieces here and there so I know I’ve been looking for this set
for probably a year now complete with the box and it is super hard to find so
anyways the whole front of this here simply pops open and it folds down here
these legs pop off over there and then you have a nice big table over here
where you could work on diagnosing the dinosaurs so if you watch like Jurassic
Park where they bring like the dinosaur back to heal it they’d have like the
dinosaur here on the table and you’d have one of the
characters here working on the dinosaur so here we have Nick van Owen and also
we’re gonna go ahead and bring in I and Malcolm to help in here
work on the bass and then back behind them there you can see they have a nice
computerized area to figure everything out one of the old huge box computers
see and here’s a big like computer back here a bunch of filing cabinets you’ve
got the mouse here on the table you’ve got like a diagnostic computer they
could use figure out what is wrong with this basa Raptor then when you’re done
you just simply go ahead pop in the legs fold this back up and it goes into a
locking position up top here and then let’s go ahead and check out the back so
the back here does also pop open right here go ahead and pull down this tab
pops open you could drive different stuff up there or if you want you can
have the dinosaur come up here to go in the trailer for diagnosing or carrying
him you got Snickers back here caution red
lights there and then you’ve got these on two antennas on the side here which
move up and down so when you’re not storing it go ahead put up the antennas
and you are ready to go Blamey good tea folks check it out
I follow the dinosaur nest with real dinosaur Wow check out that baby I’m
going to steal that oh great Oh Just My Luck good girl good girl good
I’m just gonna keep out of your way here nice and slowly nice of all the stinking rotten dr. grant
dr. grant check it out before the t-rex nest with an egg baby now belly belly
do not touch anything dinosaurs could follow the set of their eggs or babies
anywhere like dr. ayan Grant says life finds away axial t-rex hey check it out dr. grant
no I’m touching the egg ha ha Billie do not do that do not do that do not pull
rock celebrating Oh dr. grant we’ve got a problem dr. grant I broke this guy’s leg are you
nuts mommy
t-rex returns but we got a help ticket oh no Billy we are leaving right now
go Oh a great morning boy I slept good last night
I’m gonna hit the lab and catch up on some work dr. grant I would not do that why it’s
death I would not do that not a good idea
okay now I’m going to see what you’ve done
Billy Billy are you crazy you brought the
t-rex in our lab we are dead we are so dead with dr. Kran check it out I’ve
fixed his leg everything’s gonna be all right Billy you have no idea what you’re
talking about we are dead men walking quick let’s go
hide in the camper okay dr. great what are you so freaked out about you will
see very soon Billy what was that dr. gray quite maybe still here check it out there’s another
one parents the mom dad t-rex oh they are not happy check it out they’re smelling her I’m up
there taking her away oh look they’re taking her away everything will be alright uh to call
doc we did it they’re gone Billy you have no idea the pain we’re gonna feel
now really you are not gonna like that
answer doctor pushing us No hang on Billy whatever you do do not let
go they’re pushing us over the edge dark this is the end what are we gonna do
okay Billy we got to get out of here this thing’s going over quick quick I’m in the main part of the RV doc I’m
not gonna make it I can’t reach that window good here Ian and that Billy is why do not rescue okay
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