New Jurassic Park Electronic Command Compound VS Spinosaurus T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing
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New Jurassic Park Electronic Command Compound VS Spinosaurus T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing

Wow guys New Jurassic Park Electronic Command Compound VS Spinosaurus T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing introduce awesome dinosaur Wow
they are really cool he’s a pretty much of the biggest Jurassic Park dinosaurs
you are going to climb keep watching them all Wow guys great to see you again
today I have the Jurassic Park compound all set up here we’re going to go ahead
check out the options and then I’m going to go ahead and set them all of the
awesome huge dinosaur park dinos that I have I have I believe every single one
of the large Dinosaur toys ones so that is going to be a lot of fun and I’m going to go ahead
and use Rexy here to demonstrate some of them for you this is the pressure to run
okay guys and one of my subscribers asked to see some of my Jurassic Park
characters I really don’t know where the rest are guys I mean I have tons of
boxes of toys which I have not reviewed these so I’m just going to show the few
of them I have I think this one’s dr. grant and I do apologize guys because I
don’t remember the characters names this is I know this is the guy that our
velociraptors you go on that tells the Velociraptor like
girls smart girl when the other velociraptor eats him so I know that’s
him I just don’t remember his name and then we’ve got this one here I did this
is uh Billy maybe that could be Billy the thing is you could use these guys to
uh check out the options of this one so the first thing you got is this big
thing here okay so you got this thing here which if you push in the tip the
command center actually cause and make make make different size okay then this
command center actually has like hundreds of different phrases I’ll do
just a few of them there you have a flash of light then you have this
sequencer here you have this hatchery here so these would be like the eggs
that you go ahead and so you would use this to infuse different Dino DNA into
the eggs and then let’s go ahead and check out the compound but the compound
has several really cool features first of all back here actually so that
command center keeps talking the thing is this has a really cool breakaway
section here you could have like a dino attack here and ah
break the whole wall right off of there so that’s a cool action feature that’s
one thing I loved about toys in the 80s they had all the breakaway action
features and everything which was really cool and then up here you have another
breakaway action feature this railing here Dino grabs to pull it right off
this door here with the Dino comes behind you can walk right through the
door there and grab one of the guys call that’s uh cool and then over here on
this side too you’ve got another way wall so I know to just slam right
through here ah grab the guy on the other side yeah good
night my friend I do have a lot of WD Toys has over a 1,000 dinosaur toy video’s them stuff it’s a lot of fun and then
you get like warning features here the defensive shape shaking the computer
will say different messages and send off alert injury so that’s cool and then of
course you’ve got the gate which each section of the gate says warning 50,000
volts you got the front gate that opens and closes so that is a lot of fun I did
do a full unboxing of this one so if you want to check out my odd
playlist or you could watch a full unboxing of it there I got the original
box and everything but all let’s go ahead and check out the big
dinos first like I said you have the Thrasher t-rex if you shake its hit
its tail here its head moves back and forth that’s why it’s called a Thrasher
if you go ahead and open its mouth it will move into lock position and you
push his tongue and it small close this so this is a really cool Dino and also
the whole body is rubber this is JP 29 so we’re going to go ahead and set this
guy up right over there fighting big and then the next big one we have is to
I like this guy because he has a very flexible neck I mean you could
put this guy looks here like his necks gonna break or something very flexible
very fun this guy is all robber this is JP ho9 the arms loom broad the
mouth you can open it close so this guy is really cool too
and we’re going to set this guy up here like it’s coming into the gate fighting
and then we’re going to take a look at a bunch of the bull t-rex’s
because they are awesome first of all this is one that never came out this is
the gulper t-rex and as you can see the colors here this was professionally
painted by an artist I bought this one off of ebay so it never came out but it
is the bull t-rex the cool thing about the bull t-rex is they’ve got the glass
eye but the coolest thing is they will swallow full-sized action figures and
then you just go ahead and open this lock in his stomach here and pull out
your action figure how cool is that and they do also make roaring noises but
there we go it’s not very loud so this this is one of the biggest t-rex
we’re going to go ahead set this guy up all plays
and then the next one we’ve got is the chaos effect bull t-rex the best thing
about these ones is their legs when you put them in a box their legs tend to
push together and then they can’t stand up so if you want to get rid of that if
you’ve got other big ones or something to put store it with something between
its legs and then its legs will stay open to the point where it could stand
off it doesn’t have a problem was standing up by itself it looks like
looks like this one the batteries died on it well anyways this is very similar
to the last wall except it’s painted in chaos colors so I really like
the fact that they have like war paint colors black eye a sharp teeth same with
this guy you could swallow full-sized action figures and then you just go
ahead and take it out of stomach so we’re going to go ahead and set this guy
up on the side here with the red rex because with these big ones we’re going
to run out of room really quick and then here is the original bull t-rex this one
is really cool this one’s the most that computers going to keep talking this
one’s the most detailed realistic looking one it has a lot more realistic
looking colors arms through Greenglass this one also this swallow
size action figures and you pull them out of the stomach there any of these
dinosaurs guys i have full reviews and awesome battles of check that out in my
Jurassic Park or play list at the end of this video and then this one is the Toys
R Us exclusive t-rex the super nice thing about this one is
it’s like its feet turn so you could put it in two different positions where the
original one that like running position is the only position you could put it in
this one we could put into a much more upright position and it will stand there
by itself or you could move it into super low position like it’s going to
one of the guys like an action figure here I do like the colors of this too
it’s like an orange gray Brown almost like a tannish color so this one has
like the war paint base too but this one has a lot more cool sound effect
you have a button on the back edge a much nicer louder sound and this one
the does open but you can’t swallow the action figures because there’s a
speaker down there so this one it’s sort of like a bull t-rex but a little
different and on the bottom you have a speaker and a place for the batteries
here too so that here’s stopping you make stomping noises different roars chewing noises so this guy is really
cool to all like I said v my favorite part of this site is the fact that you
could move his feet put them into different positions then of course
you’ve got this guy this guy’s actually the coolest one but also the most
expensive one you’re going to find it’s a huge Spinosaurus this is the biggest
one you’re going to find it’s all covered in rubber and it has different
action features because this is actually the animatronic Spinosaurus so if you
push down here by a tail he raises his head roars and also he has like a really bad
here if you push it you make almost like a squealing noise and bent his head
forward or up it’s totally random and also he has a wound here on his neck if
you push it he makes different sounds Nancy moves his head up or down so like
I said I do got a full review on this one and lots of awesome battles with
this one you can check out either that Jurassic Park playlist at the end of
this video or the Jurassic world guys I got over a thousand videos the majority
of them are awesome dinosaur unboxing and battle videos so this guy off arms
move open and close all rubber so as you can see as it head moves it
moves very realistically because it’s all rubber so that is really cool
get down like I said it is like Rambo clearly see how the rubber moves as he
moves his head so it looks really cool and that is actually the coolest dress
of carpools you are going to find and then another really cool one is the
demon carnotaur head so this guy is cool but ah he is super hard to find and very
expensive I’m in this one for a smaller dinosaur you expect to pay 150 for this
guy on his mouth does opening clothes he’s got the horns this is actually one
and it’s of JP 19 this is actually one of the biggest Carnotaurus dinosaurs
were going to find and also he’s got the same problem with his legs that’s why I
have to lean him against one of these dinos because his legs tend to move
together and then it doesn’t want to stand I also have this remote control
t-rex this one is jeepers we usually find this one for about $30 so it it’s
actually quite affordable if you push the remote control button he opens and
closes his mouth and he roars this guy is all rubber – and at one
point he used to walk now he just does a quick shuffle if you push the button the
thing is this guy tends to be annoying because in the box that button gets
stucked and he just moves his head up and down so once again this guy is all
rubber to thaw he’s not as high quality as the other then I got this
Pachycephalosaurus if you push the button there his head pops up so you can
have him like attack like one of the dinosaur Park guys are like sent him
flying let’s check that out again I was kind of cool haha okay so this guy does
have the capture gear and everything they have the really hard head they are
herbivores and this one is so they use that hard head to protect themselves so
they were not fly carnivore and also uh they could attack other ones sort of
like goats at each other and then you have a cool little like rock-and-roll
Velociraptor if you push his legs he pops back forth so I got a
couple of those and then I also have the calf effect one with the same action
feature block really clean bright color I also have the baby t-rex with the
broken leg so that goes with the mobile command compound which I just did a
review on I’ve you’ve been watching my channel that’s another one I was just
able to find and we also have a i think the site that
guy who moved his leg he moves his head back he is cool
funny-looking dinosaur and then I have a cool little Triceratops if you move this
back leg moves his head set them over there and then I have this nice huge
colorful guy this is JP 58 – this guy well sure what exactly sure is but he is
vertically looking and then I have a bunch of the smaller Jurassic Park
dinosaurs I have all the world dinosaurs you can check those out
Jurassic world playlist I actually have five playlists going through quads so I
have I think about 250 videos there so you can check all those out which is a
lot of fun so here is all the big ones except guys I could not find my bone
crusher Carnotaurus I do have a full review on it if you want to check out my
Jurassic Park playlist but they must have got mixed in among my toys silver I
have a lot of toys guys i have pretty much every toy i’ve reviewed so far
which is over twenty thousand dollars of toy
they’re so quite a bit of searching and try to keep my dinosaur separate but
sometimes they do get mixed up in there and all guys let me know what other
dinosaur videos you want to see reviewed or what battles you want to see I have a
lot of arena battles on the Jurassic Park in the Youtube Kids world thanks guys
I love making these videos for you guys they are awesome this is my job making
the videos for you so if you do enjoy them please go ahead click like drop me
a comment I do read my comments and like to see
with one of my viewers who just common is not long ago I tried to implement
their six suggestions which this one was to add the Jurassic Park characters I
have a lot more like I said I’m not really sure where they are so guys this
was super fun you guys are an awesome audience I really do appreciate you
viewing and guys if you do subscribe there is a bell next to the subscription
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