New Jurassic Park Mobile Command Center Lego Jurassic World 11 Hybrid Surprise Eggs Mutant Freaks
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New Jurassic Park Mobile Command Center Lego Jurassic World 11 Hybrid Surprise Eggs Mutant Freaks

New Jurassic Park Mobile Command Center Lego Jurassic World 11 Hybrid Surprise Eggs Mutant Freaks dinosaurs whoa some of these guys are
really creepy looking keep watch New Jurassic Park Mobile Command Center Lego Jurassic World 11 Hybrid Surprise Eggs Mutant Freaks with giant Lego surprise eggs Wow let’s
see what we got up there is one of them and what’s this we have more in another
one wow this thing is really packed check
that out we have for them already hmm that’s is there’s anything else
Oh another one okay Wow there really can’t be anything else what another one
okay that’s really good what oh boy we’ve already have seven I
see okay this is getting ridiculous but hahaha there’s another one and another one what is this the magic
mobile command Wow how did all these eggs fit into there I don’t know what
let’s go ahead and open these eggs up and create some awesome Lego you guys
okay guys let’s start building our freaks from the giant dinosaur toys
surprise eggs Wow our first one is going to be wow we got
a lot of carts here what is this guy gonna be okay
so t-rex body the Rex head indominus rex leg t-rex leg t-rex tail
but for its arms is going to have two Velociraptor bodies ha ha ha check this
guy out awesome talk about a freaky looking
dinosaur wall those hybrids really went wrong there
Oh guys once we’re all done we’ll go ahead and set them up here on this
awesome mobile Jurassic Park command ok and then here is our next three hybrid
dinosaur what will it be wow those parts make no sense that is the point ok so looks like we’ve
got Triceratops body we’ve got Velociraptor in indominus
legs and for its head we have a Velociraptor body oh boy this poor guy
doesn’t know if he’s coming or going he has no way to see you must use radar
or something also if you guys do enjoy these videos
please put in the comment section what other freak ones you’d like to see next
or you know what other kinds of Lego or dinosaur toys you want to see review
also okay so what are we supposed to do with this this looks like a total mess let’s see it looks like okay we have Dilophosaurus body block Raptor head and
um this Rex legs in for the bot for the arms we have two Velociraptor bodies
wow this is a freaky looking guy it looks like a terminator or something
check them out haha those look like guns his arms look like they’re guns
cool okay let’s see what our next freak is going to be okay and then here is our
next three claw okay this one looks totally confusing guys
wow do I even remember how to put this together
I hope so indominus rex body t-rex head t-rex tail and then for the legs we have
two Velociraptor bodies check this out cool that’s some cool legs man
so his legs could bite you hahahahaha free awesome
and then for the arms you’ve got to blossom after body actually one
Velociraptor one Dilophosaurus body ok check this freak out Wow what I want
this guy coming after me ok and there we go well this guy’s not very tall and who
is our next trick here is our next one okay that looks confusing to let us see
so a Velociraptor body a blue glossa Raptor leg a red Dilophosaurus
leg ok so its arms are actually two Velociraptor heads Wow
get in front of this guy his arms and his head will bite you with the
Dilophosaurus head okay cool and our next also hybrid Dino is going to be
kind of confusing okay t-rex body indominus rex tail indominus
rex legs it’s looking pretty good so far and then wings Hey and then a tiny
little and office right head and green Velociraptor arms okay so this guy is
huge but his bite is tiny but could he fly he’s got wings I don’t know if it’s Dinosaur Toys
too big to fly or not okay and our next awesome hybrid is going to be okay so
what are we supposed to do with that okay
dominus Rex body and little tiny t-rex head or its arms
it’s got Velociraptor legs on t-rex tail t-rex legs but where do the rest of
those parts go this one is a double-decker so the rest are going to
be growing out of his top so los wrap their body indominus rex head growing
right off the top of this cap okay there we go
so which one of the heads does the eating Wow I don’t know
okay and our next giant hybrid Dino is so giant at all okay
Triceratops body t-rex head in the lava leg indominus rex leg Velociraptor
leg and a Dilophosaurus leg this guy actually looks like a puppy dog so now
what I want this puppy dog around my house might accidentally eat and our
next awesome dinosaur toy is going to be okay this one looks more simplistic a
small t-rex body joining indominus rex legs and indominus rex it okay so this
one looks almost like a bobble head or something are they cool hybrid is going
to be my Velociraptor body legs winds and Johnny t-rex head so this one
almost looks like a flying puppy dog Wow you’ll see this guy coming at you okay
and then we’ve got one final hi first I know
let’s see you an N okay I don’t need no words to start with this guy he’s got
three tails I guess his tails are going to be his
arms okay and one tail in the back so one is an actual tail and then he’s got
odd t-rex body indominus rex leg another t-rex leg and for a head and wings she’s
got a pterodactyl cool check that out so you’ve got a little tiny oh sorry I’ve
got a little tiny pterodactyl head haha could he fly I don’t know okay guys now
comes the fun part we get to set up this park mobile command with our
awesome hybrid Lego dinos ah if you haven’t seen this I did a full review on
it guys go ahead to my Jurassic Park playlist
and awesome that guys it came out when lost world came out that right there is
a kind of s but this is a really awesome set guys so make sure you
go ahead and check it out there so you go ahead and open up this back trailer
here and it’s time to start setting up our dinos in this awesome dinosaur zoo
first we’ve got the big guy here with the block the Raptor arms could go right
over there and then our freak double-decker Hybrid can’t go right over
there next our three light legged what you my can go over here right in
the lab and then this poor guy who can’t see if he’s coming or going
will go right behind the big guy over here and since this one’s got wings
we’re going to go ahead and put it on top like a flew right on top there and
this one also has wings so this one’s going to go on top here you can put it
without it falling and then this little weird-looking guy here it’s gonna go
right over there and then this guy with the big leg the big head put the tiny
little body is gonna go over here right / – its sumac this guy also has
wings so he is gonna go right up over here and then this little puppy dog
would right over there fighting the trailer and an hour last freaky-looking
wrong this guy scares even me I mean poor guy how’s this guy supposed to
run I have no idea I mean his legs are longer than his his
arms a longer than his legs okay guys that was a lot of fun let’s check out
some of the awesome hybrid dinos that we made wow this is genetic engineering
gone totally wrong wonder if they’re going to use these dinos in
world to hole possibly okay guys I had a lot of fun making this for you guys and
if you did enjoy it please go ahead and click like drop me a comment guys I love
reading your comments I will answer soon as possible is if you have any
suggestions put it in your comments because I have followed suggestions of a
lot of my viewers so you guys are very important to me you guys are awesome
that awesome audience I love making these videos for you guys this is my job
guys so I just want to thank you guys because I
really do appreciate the help you’ve given me and if you enjoy these da
knockoff dinos I’ll put a link below the video where she could buy them thanks
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