New Jurassic World Complete Collection Unboxing  50 Gallon Surprise Box Dinosaur Toys  Hasbro  T-Rex
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New Jurassic World Complete Collection Unboxing 50 Gallon Surprise Box Dinosaur Toys Hasbro T-Rex

Wow good it’s great to see you again
here is something it’s gonna be very hard to find almost every one of the
Jurassic world 1 toys by Hasbro new in their packaging what happened was I love
these toys so much even though I had doubles of almost all of them before
Hasbro lost the license I went out and bought pretty much every single one of
these again except the original indominus rex which I have to pay a good
amount of money on eBay goodbye wow let’s go ahead and take a look at the
entire collection of jurassic world 1 toys ok guys let’s go ahead and check
these out new in the package this is gonna be a collection that would be very
hard to find because very few people went and bought the entire collection
new again because they thought it was so junk and you know it was pretty most of
them were but I’ve got a special place in my heart for the Jurassic world 1
toys I mean my channel started with these toys my channel was not popular
until I started showing these toys so for me they’ve got a special place in my
heart this is the original indominus rex New Jurassic World Complete Collection Unboxing 50 Gallon Surprise Box Dinosaur Toys Hasbro T-Rex probably a display one where the kids
were pushing it all the time but I actually had to pay a good amount
of money for this guy on eBay because I couldn’t not before the store’s stopped
carrying them I could not find them anywhere
in the store so here you can see it says color morphing skin mega chomp ah you
did see all of these brand new if you go to my channel I do unboxed all of these
brand new it’s the Jurassic world playlist so they are all unboxed there
but here I’m just showing you them new in the package because you can’t find
these anymore they’re gone they are gone forever except for the ones you find on
eBay and they will never come back because
first of all people don’t want them back because of the poor quality of most of
them but like I said they got a special place in my heart this is the stomp and
strike Tyrannosaurus Rex so this is like a open packaging similar to littell it
says the chomping jaw powered by two double-a batteries says chomping jaw
stomp songs and the t-rex the earth shakes with the menacing Rumble hold
your breath whatever you do don’t move the unstoppable Tyrannosaurus Rex is
back this is one of the old very last toys that came out this is the Dino
hybrid indominus rex so it’s a hybrid rampage indominus rex this is the wand
that would be and i if you play Jurassic world the game by lugia this is the one
that’s in there and of course you could check out the action right in the box if
you push this roars so that’s cool they did the open
package she says like reveal over there and let’s check out the back the
fearsome hybrid indominus rex is terrifying and unpredictable born in
captivity she’s on the loose talking her prey watch out she’s
reaching across Jurassic world so says spike reveal chomping jaws Fang
reveal oh yeah this one does have the it’s like vampire fangs that pop down
and then I do have to 45 gallon boxes of these new toys so this is one that was
exclusive to target this is all four or the velociraptors you have Charlie echo
blue and Delta this was the one they did not have the sickle claw but they’d have
a LED light reveal skin pattern but it says only exclusive that target its
Hasbro and here is a big picture of all of them says clever as ever Jurassic
world’s velociraptors blue Charlie Delta and echo or masterful hunters the
questionis kin defenses hold them and if not how fast can you run first time this
is the place school heroes chomping t-rex but this was also made by bro I
love this toy I had so much fun with it you can see with the Chompy actually a
nice open box you can see the action features on here so this is Playskool
heroes Tyrannosaurus Rex this is beware of the bite get ready for epic Dino
adventurers roars and it will chomp the guy right now and then our next one is
one of the hero mashers this is the indominus rex hero masher says light
reveals skin pattern these are the ones you could mix and match to create a lot
of really cool hybrid I know so here you’ve got four different dinos you have
the Spinosaurus you’ve got the Triceratops the t-rex and the
velociraptor so you could and then our next really
cool one is the indominus rex vs iris fear swans awesome it includes the
little gyrosphere with the pop-up doors in the front so if the indominus rex
would bite it it would pop open it could shoot like
like disks out of it it has the Dino damage and it comes with the tiny little
action figure so it says chomping jaw firing disc this is indominus rex first
gyrosphere nowhere is safe not a building not even a speeding vehicle
unleashing terror all over the island and ominous rex has come across the
gyrosphere and it’s very unlucky driver there you can see how many bites the
seat pops open and throws the driver right out and then we have the hybrid
effects tyrannosaurus rex this is the one I’ve showed you guys in yesterday’s
video with the spikes that pop up to choppy and roaring action so it’s a
spike reveal chomping action Dino high bridge and on the back it says
spike revealed chomping jaws just when you thought the Dinos were under control
the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex is back and this time the mighty sea has
dinosaur of all has a whole new defense cool this was actually the first t-rex
that Hasbro brought out when I seen this at Toys R Us
I pretty much freaked out like yes dinosaur toys are back sweet
okay Hasbro then dude that great job but you know they brought us back dinosaur
toys I mean what what could we say bad about that that is so cool
and they set up Mattel to do a great job it’s just jumping jaws the earth shakes
with the menacing Rumble hold your breath whatever you do don’t move the
powerful t-rex is bad and then we have a growling action
Cerreta sorehead we push it in he does growl he does have the chomping action
I says growling actions Ceratosaurus and chomping jaws it says a ferocious fight
for survival and then you know this was a fun set – this is pretty much the only
place that they came out with this was a Tyrannosaurus Rex
locked on came with the little gyrosphere
gates and fences of Jurassic world and a tiny little t-rex
it says biting action escape gate net launching action and the gate open when
the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex comes crashing through the fence
your only choice may be to stand your ground or on second thought this was the
only action figure they came out with for the first Jurassic world this is the
Owen alpha and Velociraptor blue this one you can still actually find on
Amazon which I was a little surprised this blue has the chomping head action
he’s got like LED light here you could connect on actually no that was another
one this one’s the LED reveals a skin pattern on the back of velociraptors
blue you can see Owens got a hunting rifle and a vintage motorcycle says
chomping action LED reveal skin pattern with hybrid titles on the loose Oh an
elf on Velociraptor blue charged into action and then we have a hybrid
Velociraptor this is the one that has growling action you push down the tail
it does jump it’s mild and you could push for growling action here sounds
like the batteries is starting to die it’s just chomping Jules hybrid dinos
battle for survival and then this is the one that had the joke Allosaurus I mean
that that is such a such a generic Allosaurus I mean look at this guy even
the paint all over the place it are the Jurassic world ones that is the very
worst one they have it says chomping jaws a ferocious fight for survival this
one here was kind of cool this was the Dilophosaurus rex dino hybrid with
chomping jaw so if you turn the tail it turns his head it chomps or you can move
its head up and down there there’s chomping jaws hiper Dino battle for
survival and then we have the screeching attack time war photon guy off you push
it back there it does light up this screeches and he also flaps his wings
if you push his legs together this is screeching a dead end once again a
ferocious fight for survival chomping jaws flapping wings and then here we
have the carnal Raptor from Jurassic world the game by ludia it’s a mix of a
raptor and a Carnotaurus so push it down it does move his head
and chocolates dolls that does have third
clause is chomping jaws Dino hybrid dinos battle for survival and then we
have the hybrid armor include sore ass this was the regular ink Lea Soros book
they have it with some major armor and an armored tail piece to put onto its
tail it says smashing tail battle armor hybrid dinos battle for survival and
this one was the hybrid armored indominus rex it’s the smaller indominus
rex bigger but they have a hybrid armor on the back here and armor piece that
fits onto the head so he is armored here’s a good look
on him it says battle armor Chompy action the armor does fit really good
and you could take it on it off it says hybrid I Knowles battle for
survival and this is the Velociraptor mask it comes in its own box it is like
a foam puppet type says velociraptor soft foam chump like a raptor and here
we have a Playskool heroes velociraptor this one I do like it’s hard the eyes
light up and he makes a roaring says lights and sound Velociraptor get ready
for epic Dino adventures here we have Playskool heroes
this is lights and sounds Dilophosaurus this one I like a lot push his tail down
to Bob’s his head his eyes turn red and it makes it cool roaring get ready for
epic Dino adventures chomp and roar and then we have the bashing attack
Pachycephalosaurus pushed on his tail its head Bob’s
forward and pretty much here it says bashing head a ferocious fight for
survival and that we have a Velociraptor blue this is the one that comes with
it’s like it looks like a bazooka that attaches to the side block and launches
like a net missile and it has chomping action
this is chomping action launching projectile a ferocious fight for
survival and this is the chomping attacked kjerag so this one tarnished
tale does open his mouth or you could lift its head there it says a ferocious
fight for survival chomping Joel okay now I got a bunch of the hero mashers
this is the hero masher buy more food on once again says make your mashup buy
more food on inkless surahs triceratops and velociraptor this is the hero masher
velociraptor red one they have different colored one says velociraptor
spinosaurus triceratops an inkling soros and this one is the hero masher
Stegosaurus Triceratops so it includes a Stegosaurus you can make the Stegosaurus
or the Triceratops from one box Triceratops in clear Sora Spinosaurus
time worked with on Velociraptor that is one of the hybrid ones they have there
and here we have the hero masher spinosaurus Mosasaurus so you could make
a Mosasaurus or a Spinosaurus from the same box here is a mash-up of the
Spinosaurus Triceratops time or food on Velociraptor and in Clea soros
or you could make the spine oh and here was the hero masher Carnotaurus
and ikea store Nick the asaurus school so Nick Diaz
Soros would be at ranted on and then you have the Carnotaurus which was carnivore
and here is a mix up of the Carnotaurus spinosaurus velociraptor triceratops and
the Dilophosaurus or you could make carnal it idiots and here we have a
bunch of brawl asuras packs if you did not see the brawl asaurus it was really
cool it’s sort of like a game they made for a Jurassic world you could you could
scan the app and play it on Jurassic world the game and actually battle the
Dino in the game or it came with a battle playset here you would set up the
two dinos you would pick either I believe it was chomp
roar or bash right here chomp roar or bash and depending on which one would be
the winner so everyone is similar to rock-paper-scissors
so if you want to check that out I do got full reviews and battles of that on
my channel so that was the t-rex and truck burst Triceratops here was red
tyrannosaurus rex here was in Clea soros verse indominus rex same thing there and t-rex verse tricera
Oh looks like I got two of those and then we have a couple little chomping
ones this is the t-rex Chomper big oversized head to push it down it does
its job and you have Dilophosaurus chompers same thing push it down chumps
as jaws and moves its grils and then here is our last two you had a little
play school Dilophosaurus with bopping head action and you have a Playskool
heroes pachyrhinosaur wow that was totally awesome if you guys enjoyed that
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