New Jurassic World Deep Dive Submarine Fallen Kingdom Mattel  Dinosaur Toys Mosasaurus Vs Rampage
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New Jurassic World Deep Dive Submarine Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Mosasaurus Vs Rampage

Wow watch this crush is bad all the
Mosasaurus first Lizzie from rampage and will the divers in the sub survive
keep watching was an awesome idea stealing this sub to cut into that ship
so we can steal the treasure before the good guys get down yeah it goes cutting
through the ship’s hull oh cool lNew Jurassic World Deep Dive Submarine Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Mosasaurus Vs Rampage Denis is there anything big in these
waters something big just bumped us according to the sonar ah nothing that
long treasure hunting when they thought that
Dilophosaurus killed me in Jurassic Park haha I escaped now I am a treasure thief
yeah nothing big in these waters there’s nothing to be afraid of Wow Denis we hit a big disturbance gotta
be worth at least 20 mil I told you so you stick with me and you get rich buddy
let’s go ahead and steal that diamond yes
the noise how’s nothing stop being paranoid let’s
get out of here but just to be on the safe side you’re going first everything’s clear up here see nothing
around here it’s safe tennis let’s go my things he was eating back no way that guy could get through this
sub haha no what is this he’s trying to solve the sub glasses
cracking guess crime does not pay hey Owen whatever happened to our stolen
sub Oh drive it down here to check it out we could find out what happened I see something on the other side of that
ship let’s check it out it’s tearing us to pieces what is that thing some type
of mutated crocodile not doing anything oh no we’re goners oh wow
grab the huge Gator drop the huge was a smooth check no sudden moves
maybe that thing’s site is based on movement I think she’s passing by she’s gone
quick let’s get out of here forget the other sub okay it’s great to see you
again today I have an awesome toy this is the deep dive submarine from Jurassic
world fallen Kingdom Mattel dinosaur toys awesome I found this one at Target
and it’s got like working claw hair it’s got like a cutting saw over here on this
side you could open it up with two characters it has a working blue light
here so that is really cool it actually plugs so kids can play with this in the
bathtub there you can see a picture of the Mosasaurus
okay so let’s check out the back the options it says lights up works with
figures articulates it floats and it submerges
and there’s another one of the matchbox vehicles by okay let’s open this up and
have some fun okay now let’s go ahead and remove this from I know it looks weird in my volcanic
background now but I will do a water background later on but anyways let’s go
ahead and check this up you know what guys the awesome thing is this thing
actually has like flotation devices on it if you take this this is a rubber
piece back here if you plug it in here you plug it in here this thing floats on
the surface of the water I will show you what the cool thing is if you open this
up and you put the submarine underwater you fill this up with water then you
seal it here this thing will float under the surface of the water here is the
instructions so it will actually float under the surface of the water how cool
is that okay but anyways let’s go ahead and take a look at this from top to
bottom first thing I want to do I want to put a couple divers into the cockpit
so you just go ahead open that up there actually let’s take a look at the inside
of the cockpit before we do that okay so inside the cockpit you can see you got
room for one character here one character here you have some type of a
joystick to control the sub you have a little monitor back here a bunch of
instrument panels these look like a bunch of monitors around the sides here
so you can see exactly what’s going on and on top here is where you see the
light so if you push the button you get different light here you get a flashing
light you push it again you get a solid light you push it one more time as
slowly comes to you so that is really cool and then
let’s put some of the new characters in it okay so here we are going to put in
one of our own characters and then we’re gonna be putting in the mercenaries so
you could see that both of them fit right into here they snap into place if
they’re held securely there so when you turn it upside down they don’t just fall
out unfortunately it does not work with the older characters so here would be a
full-size Jurassic Park one you see you can’t close it unless you like lay him
down but then you could just fit in one character so that’s a little
disappointing I mean I was hoping they’d be compatible with the older action
figures but the newer action figures are quite a bit smaller than the oldest
simply go ahead lock it in place we have our divers in there here I turned off
the lights so you could go ahead and see what that blue light looks like it’s
actually a lot brighter than that ah it’s a little dark here because my
lights are set up for very bright lighting so there you have but you could
still see how cool that looks an underwater that will look a lot cooler okay so let’s just go ahead and check
out all the option okay so with this you would have some type of if this would be
a normal slug this would be some type of an escape hatch on top to get out here
you’ve got a bunch of lights on the side here you’ve got the engines that drive
it you have manipulator arms here for picking stuff up so if you want to pick
up let’s say character it could pick them up and hold them in different
positions it does okay moves back and forth like that and guess
it does not turn but you could move the arms straight out like that and then you
could move it back and forth here or if you want you could have it up here like
this to grab stuff yes
you have a grab stuff like that or this one
you’ve got the saw blade which actually turns and it moves up and down and then
this part here moves back and forth or if you want to turn it you can move this
up and down and put the saw blade out like that
so you could go up and down the only thing you can’t do is turn the saw blade
to the front like that you could go out like this
or you could go up like that there and then really nice bright yellow colors
these would be the ballast tanks which I believe the whole thing is removable
yeah you could remove the whole tank if you want to maybe fill this up with
water and then put it into wherever you want or just simply take it apart fill
it up underwater so here would be the engine this side is also removable if
you look at the back here would be some type of sure if that be another escape
hatch maybe you got the Jurassic world logo there here’s a look at the other
side and I’ll look at the bottom okay now I say we go ahead and try it out in
water and then here you can see it floats
right on water so if you put it on top here it will float right on the water
and then let’s go ahead and we’re gonna go ahead and put in water and sink it
down okay so when you fill up the ballast tanks you can see here those
tanks are holding it not quite under water up to about this
level right here I guess if you want it any deeper you’d have to hold it under
water yourself I guess it’s not quite heavy enough to hold it under but you
know it makes for a completely new playable experience and it’s really cool
that they actually let you fill up those tanks that is totally awesome let’s take
a look at the light there okay that was an awesome battle and if you enjoyed
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