New Jurassic World Dimorphodon  Vs Indominus Rex 2015 Dino Growlers Unboxing Review By WD Toys
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New Jurassic World Dimorphodon Vs Indominus Rex 2015 Dino Growlers Unboxing Review By WD Toys

welcome 2wd choice wow guys is great to see you again Jurassic World Dimorphodon Hasbro 2015 Dino Growlers Unboxing/Review By WD Toys Hasbro we’re gonna have a lot of fun today so
glad you came back today we have jurassic world this is the
time or food on has a screeching attack it has %ah like a nasty wound on the back that
lights up see it’s like you could use it for like
’em I guess for like battles almost the making like more realistic like it the dinosaur bit it’s back see if you
take a closer look at it UPC like it you know almost looks like
it’s ball only in blood under me while I makes a lot more
fun let’s take a closer look at the box to:
while that is cool see him and then on the back she has chomping
John action let’s see time or for Donna various a ferocious fight for survival whole pop K let’s open this up we have to first ass Barbie how much it costs well let’s go ahead home kiddo here lol at twenty LA okay let’s check out hotel 20 3 LA all me I said week-old get orchid card UK regatta pavelic we can pay with credit
card okay not top paid for lots open it up perhaps fun okay let’s take a closer look at
this guy see here’s his head he looks really cool
he almost looks like a giant snake he has little T big mile his and I don’t like his jaw is really loose
here mean that the main hehehe guesses are I
is just almost makes you scared there might
break off and here’s where you put the battery his
skin feels really cool still it is plastic but it almost like is some
will say corroborate feel like a lot at these jurassic world once
he’s got long wings here is UTC here you can compare him to me he
and if I hold him in my hand he’s pretty much a little bigger than my hand
there and then let’s see his guy really school call skin pattern here site dark green with like well like a lighter green with
almost this is almost like black and yellow all here’s his claws his claws they don’t
move for anything in here you got the wound on his back PC
like bones and blood in there then he got his tail and then he does
have flapping action so if you squeeze his legs together collapses irons any opens and closes ma the senior ho that is cool that not if you’re playing even with one
he and you could squeeze it and move it through the air like you
diving down to get somebody I mean it’s easier if you use to hear but you could in reality do it with one
but it is a little harder so this is a really cool one well yes
think that this one make sure my comments below are you
leave me which one is the Jurassic world %ah dinosaurs is your favorite I’m gonna
have videos on almost all them and here’s the wound on his
back it actually lights up if you push it the
and he screams almost like he’s in pain like if the
dinosaur bit him let let’s go ahead n turn that light of let’s take a closer
look the see that the loop is what has he is really fun I mean this in the cold I more fun I’m
he’s a good good-sized is a playable size you like
this said you could you could do it which 1 p.m. like if
you’re diving down you’re playing good diving down to try
to I maybe eat something okay why you think drive through the John all its some quiet here ok why how good bbycakes the air he looks so cool up our old DSC what does eggs are on No its tracks he’s angry cuz then damn he trying to put she trying to protect a
day eggs Ono she’s trying to get Pedro but what is
this all know lockheed I’m here for God
diving down he cam Pedro he’s trying to fly away
with Pedro oh what’s gonna happen to poor Pedro Buono look at desk i’m T-rex got em before he got away with a Pedro Pedro is
safe gopac ok Wow peppers driving away so
fast because she scared the one the t-rex is done he might try
to eat them although what is this what do I hear of
this defense loop up okay I I pay well not in units racks on now lucky good T-rex well no Wow boy talk a lot yeah talk about unexpected there the t-rex truck got a dime or food on
that was trying to flyway made Pedro and then then
dominance Rex got the t-rex Wow ball I wanna battle that was I think the end I miss rex is gonna be
the winner because he’s the biggest %ah to follow
them while look at that and he shakes them in his mouth any
throws them up over here over the Jeep Wow that as also garrison hey I I sees town you stay away okay yeah okay I Paul not he’s gotten cheapen it now shaking the Jeep the pigs
run away for their hands why I’ll look at that Boise shaking keep
many through 3G people over here Wow boy he’s a strong line I any highways its K first got away she what Waterford I’m sure from same crap me cry doesn’t go there that hun into tracks hull but we can only see you my friends we
just keep to keep what they’re busy fighting okay if you enjoy this episode make sure you
subscribe to make sure and can be no down there down below the
video make sure you click like leave a comment
had so much fun with you if you like this video its you’re just a
card has lot more fun video slot 1 drastic
we’re all in fun videos with me and played out one why I want to I hope to see you huh


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