New Jurassic World Dino Rivals 2019 Mattel Dinosaur Toys Fallen Kingdom WD Toys
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New Jurassic World Dino Rivals 2019 Mattel Dinosaur Toys Fallen Kingdom WD Toys

Wow guys check out these brand-new
Mattel Jurassic world fallen Kingdom dinosaur toys that will be coming out in
early 2019 okay it’s great to see you Mattel sent
me an awesome press kit of the new drastic world dinosaur toys coming in
early 2019 so they include this awesome New Jurassic World Dino Rivals 2019 Mattel Dinosaur Toys Fallen Kingdom WD Toys for the humans you’re gonna get four
humans they look the same as the regular ones attack pack assortment you’re gonna
get a Protoceratops velociraptor Rampur incus Draco Rex Herrera Soros and
colorist the dual attack assortment con cabin eight er Pteranodon Triceratops
Parasaurolophus I already did review most of these then for the savage strike
you’re gonna get Velociraptor blue tap Leggero
Dimetrodon mana luffa soros sega Styracosaurus in sticking the lock the
mega dual attack you had super – Ian Stegosaurus and then it looks like we’re
getting a new indoor after the bite and fight Tyrannosaurus Rex in the off-road
tracker ATV okay so the savage strike assortment that’s one that’s not out yet
so that would be these ones right here okay so you’ve got these six item I
don’t really know much about these ones here so let’s see we’re gonna get these
are images that Mattel sent me this is gonna be the Dimetrodon you can see
a high-resolution image looks like the legs are gonna move the in the front on
the hinge we’ve got the back legs the mouth probably gonna open and close and
then we got the Herrera Soros so this is like red orange and yellow looks like
the mouth hinges the arms are gonna move the legs are gonna move and then we’ve
got the savage strikes digging the lock which looking by the neck and looks like
it’s gonna have a pop-up head probably for like head-butting action you see the
arms and the legs there and then we’re gonna have a cool star rock asaurus this
is like a dark blue like purple black yellow green it’s awesome and then with
white accents I mean look at the coloring of this it looks totally sweet
and then tiny little orange eyes that is so cool and then we’re gonna have the
savage strike tap Lazzara wow this guy is colored you can see it
does have an action button on the top the wings are like orange blues got
almost like brownish color to the body and then you can see the on the head
you’ve got like blue red black and it’s got some pretty wicked
looking teeth and then we’re gonna have a savage strike blue so this one – it
almost it looks like the heads gonna hinge somehow there
the arms will move looking at the legs I wonder if this is gonna have like the springing action that you pull back and
they jump forward and then you’re gonna have the off-road tracker pack it’s
gonna include Owen and ATV with the claw and this looks like a light blue and
black Dracorex so that is really awesome looking and then it looks like we’re
gonna have a new end of Raptor I don’t know what’s different about this one I
mean this is looking just like the basic one and then we got the mega dual attack
assortment which I already reviewed these ones for you guys this one is
gonna be the super – and the Stegosaurus there’s a good picture of the
Stegosaurus and the sukkah – and then we had the dual attack we had
Parasaurolophus the contaminator and Triceratops I also have unboxed and
reviewed all three of these check out my channel so that this was the
contaminator he is awesome I mean he almost looks with the spine on his back
he almost looks like a baby Spinosaurus so that is a really good
picture and then we had the Paris or al office which like I said I have reviewed
these so if you do want a more information check out my reviews and
then the Triceratops and then we have the smaller ones which are the attack
pack ones oh I have already reviewed two of these and I will be reviewing the
rest hopefully soon so this is the attack pack colorist they have not I
have not seen this one anywhere so this one it’s like a white color with almost
like a pink and blue color scheme to it and then we have the attack pack
Dracorex which I have already opened in reviewed this guy we had the attack pack
carrera soros which i have not seen this one anywhere yet Mattel has not sent it
to me so this one it looks like it’s a lighter
green darker green with like a blue color mix and then you know these these
are the more simple ones so I mean don’t expect too much out of these and then
they attack pack Protoceratops which is pretty much the same as the first one
but they changed the coloring I have unboxed and reviewed that the attack
pack ran for incus I have unboxed in review this one also and then they have
Velociraptor Delta I have already got this one I have not reviewed it yet so
hopefully they’re gonna be bringing back velociraptor charlie and echo also so
would be cool to get all four of them back together again okay then uh Mattel
also did send me a big huge awesome surprise box with a lot of these dinos
in it I’ll be reviewing that early next week probably on Monday and I do got
Anna ah I am going to the New York Toy Fair in February of 2019 and I will be
meeting with Mattel so over there they’re gonna be showing off all their
new dinosaur toys for the year so hopefully I’ll be able to get you guys
news on the new once including probably the indominus
rex that okay guys that was totally awesome you enjoyed the video
I do got over a thousand more check out the playlists on my channel or for more
fallen Kingdom videos check out the playlist at the end of this video you
guys are awesome and I will see you click the boxes below throw a lot more
fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe


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