New Jurassic World Facts Mattel App IOS, Android Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur Toys
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New Jurassic World Facts Mattel App IOS, Android Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur Toys

okay guys I’ll be reviewing the six
Jurassic world falling Kingdom dinosaur toys this week and today we are gonna be
doing the fallen Kingdom Jurassic world app from Mattel where you scan all of
these in so let’s go ahead check that New Jurassic World Facts Mattel App IOS, Android Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur Toys this is Mattel Jurassic world
fallen Kingdom app I would have shown you guys earlier blah I wanted it to
come to I have like an emulator that I use on my computer so you get a much
better video here when I go through my computer says connect to a network to
unlock this dinosaur we’re gonna go ahead and check what is in the park okay
so here we got the entire island let’s just jump around here’s some game tips continues scan the marker under the foot
to unlock it and the collection tab and collection tab use the bottom right icon
to sort your dinosaur by zone okay okay and guys are the rest of the week
I’m gonna be reviewing six more Jurassic world falling Kingdom dinosaur toys I
bought unfortunately Mattel doesn’t think I’m important enough to send me
these they sent it to other channels so I went ahead and paid double retail
price on eBay just so I could show you guys these
awesome dinosaurs and have some cool battles so the two I’m gonna the six of
them two of them are the fallen Kingdom attack Stegosaurus and the Fallen
Kingdom attack Carnotaurus and then I also have four of the roar boars
which are the very Onyx Triceratops metric ant thesaurus and Allosaurus so
that’s gonna be awesome so make sure you guys keep watching but anyways I will go
ahead scan these into here so you can see what its gonna look like to but here
they show you already the Velociraptor here so if I click on it the
Velociraptor will attack he looks cool you can get some facts on this guy okay
here I added them to my wish list which I didn’t want to do if you click on info
you could get some cool facts you have to unlock other facts probably as you
get more dinosaurs but anyways so that one’s cool let’s see what else we’re
gonna have here you can’t see it but if you click on it you go ahead and bring
up a flare so here we have an Allosaurus so that good looks
cool and that next is a Baryonyx which I should be skinny this guy in
this week so we can get some cool facts on him and our next guy is another
Baryonyx it says four of 35 so these are all dinos they’re gonna be coming out
with guys so here we got Velociraptor blue one of three so again we’re gonna
have Velociraptor blue over here moving on we have another Velociraptor blue and
then we’re gonna go to Carnotaurus so I’ll be reviewing this guide this week
too he is awesome and here we have a Surat asorech cool
although that that one does look a lot like the asper all jurassic world one
Dilophosaurus one of six so I guess they’re going really out with really in
with the Dilophosaurus so these will probably all be the same the next six
its kind of cool when you turn the flare that’s when he throws his frills up okay then our next one is Dimetrodon
awesome and guys odd these dinosaurs are really expensive so any of if any of you
guys want to become one of my patrons on patreon I’ll have a link below the video
guys I mean it would help me out a lot so I mean just you know just a
suggestion sort of like NPR NPR asks you to you
know donate money so you could could you know keep the channel going which you
know that would help me out a lot but you know you guys that can’t just
viewing helps me out so here we have her rat Harris Soros one of two this is a
new one none of the lines have done this guy cool okay in a metric ant thesaurus
okay so this guy I should be doing this week – scanning him in next one is a
mono mono lava Saurus yeah this guy’s cool I use this guy a
lot in odd Jurassic world the game really cool Dino I do have over 200
episodes the Jurassic world the game guys if that’s something you guys like
gonna I just bought a really awesome tournament ok so here we got a processor
processor to Saurus pro Ceratosaurus probably killing that so that’s another
new one that none of the dinosaur lines have done spinosaurus and it’s a big one
guys i mean odd the comments I’ve been reading online it looks like they have
confirmed they are gonna be making a big classic Spinosaurus for the Jurassic
Park anniversary line and that is gonna be sold at Target and here we have a
Sukkah mimus this guy is really awesome – I could hardly wait to review him next
one is a Tyrannosaurus one of two so besides the big one that I just did it
looks like they’re gonna have two other ones one of them’s gonna be that action
one I believe that thrashing one thrashing stomping one
oh okay this one looks like a baby but I guess they’re gonna have a baby t-rex
also but the Spinosaurus I’m super excited for that one okay so here are
just general velociraptors so two of eleven so the rest of these are probably
gonna be velociraptors you know if I could get oh I could get info on
all of them I guess once you scan it in you’ll be
able to get more info more facts stuff like that so like I said the rest of
these will probably all be the same then we’ll go ahead and check out the rest of
the island so that’s some cool dinos but you know what I’ve not seen the
interrupter in here so where is the interrupter I mean are you not gonna be
able to scan them in that would be weird because that’s that’s probably one of
the main dinos okay so anyways let’s go back to the map let’s check out here so
here we have Mosasaurus ooh I like that blue light so this would probably be the
big Mosasaurus you’ll be able to scan in you can get cool facts on the Mosasaurus
up to fifty six feet long and then here we have the pterosaurs die more foot on
one of three these pictures right here are looking like the cages in Jurassic
world the game I many of you guys play that or watch my episodes you will know
what I’m talking about cool next we have Pteranodon one of
seven Wow they are going all out so hopefully
they’ll have some big ones too that’ll match up in size to the giant
t-rex okay so like I said these guys should all be the same so super excited
guys I mean right now I am waiting for the mailman to deliver the other six
ones I told you about at the beginning of this video and that is gonna be
awesome so she’s about three feet tall as high
as a countertop and then we have one more so here we’ve got herbivores so
you’ve got twenty herbivores here you’ve got ankylosaurus one of one next one is
the Gallimimus one of eight let’s get some facts on the Gallimimus she’s about
a thousand pounds similar to a grand piano so these will probably all be the same super excited guys so most of the rest
of this week and someone next week is gonna be showing you new dinosaur toys
and awesome battles you guys excited as I am I am super excited I mean I don’t
like paying double retail price I mean I feel I almost feel kind of cheated by
Mattel we’re not sending me them and sending them to smaller channels but I
guess I’m not important enough so this is the min meat that looks almost like
mini-me min me so that’s another new one Pachycephalosaurus so this guy’s pretty
common with the head-butting action get some facts of this about 15 feet so long
as a car okay so they were pretty big and sino sera tops whoa ho cool so
that’s gonna be another new one that they’ve not done in any of the Jurassic
Park or Jurassic world lines Protoceratops that’s another one they
haven’t done I’m glad they’re bringing in some new herbivores
okay Stegosaurus classic stinky malach okay that guy’s pretty
cool so they’re gonna be bringing three of those some of these ones we’re seeing
are probably gonna come out in the classic line especially like the
spinosaurus and then Triceratops they’re gonna have two of these guys I’ll be
showing you wanted them this week so we’ll babe to scan in six of these dinos
this week so that’ll be fun in clear soros one of one okay so we’re back at
the beginning get some ink lea soros fast 32 feet long larger than an RV Wow
guy was huge okay so do we have anything else to do over here you got some facts
if you install this out all your progress on his door oh this is the same
stuff we were looking at the beginning so I mean if you want to
pause and read any of this it’ll take too long for me to read everything okay so back at the beginning so
continue and then collection you can go all you could go here we got all the
carnivores here we got the herbivores here we got the a planet oh the aquatic
creatures here we’ve got the pterosaurs and here we’ve got all so once you have
all of them you’ll just be able to ski in right down there is this all no this
is carnivores okay then here’s what you would click to scan well I’m showing you
this on a computer so it’s not gonna let me do that and then here you’ve got a
quiz so looks like you gotta get 60 points to unlock that so you’ll jump
into this habitat one and answer the question what type of environment does
the Stegosaurus live it rocky seashore with a few different plants mountainside
with low and thick bushes semi arid plains with a wide variety of plants
that sounds right to me there you go you got two twins so sign
of Sarah tops I would say a wetland yep
ten points okay mono lava soros lives and martially and their small mountains
and some volcanoes let’s say true okay thirty points here I’m just guessing
quick so Gallimimus arid plains near rivers and shallow lakes on rocky
islands in tropical forests let’s try trouble ah – 15 ah what type of
environment is a Spinosaurus living grassy plains low mountains swamps and
humid forests sandy deserts let’s try grassy plains Oh No the
Baryonyx likes dry sandy deserts Baryonyx true what type of environment
does the Velociraptor live in Daphne’s not underwater not snowy mountains so
dry environment is near what type of environment are Dilophosaurus tracks
found so Dilophosaurus volcanoes mono luffa soros lives in marshland near
small mountains and some volcanoes true okay so I’ve got 50 points I need 60
what type of environment does very onyx like best the grassy plains
I guess not time’s up Oh No continue so next one fact in a hundred ten points
okay so I didn’t unlock the category sorry I didn’t take much time to think
about it there so here you’ve got settings privacy policy Oh kicked me out
okay so it’s basically settings ah here you got music on or off I got music off
because YouTube will think me they won’t let me monetize the video if I have
music from another source but I do have the sound on so one year playing this
app you you’re gonna get on Jurassic world music so guys that’s pretty much
it for the app it looks really awesome like I said we’ll be skinned and in some
cool dinosaurs later this week so you guys are totally awesome if you enjoy
the video please go ahead click like drop me comments let me know what other
dinos you want to see and also I do get over a thousand videos guys the majority
are Jurassic world Jurassic Park Godzilla King Kong Power Rangers I’m
gonna be doing all of the Jurassic world to fallen Kingdom toys so go ahead check
out my playlist on my channel or wait till this video ends if you want to see
one of them you guys are totally awesome and I will see you tomorrow go ahead and put that in the comment
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