New Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Rex VS Indominus Rex & T-Rex Unboxing
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New Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Rex VS Indominus Rex & T-Rex Unboxing

great to see you again i’m so glad you New Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Rex VS Indominus Rex & T-Rex Unboxing came back hi I’m WT welcome to my toys let’s see what new cap city today we have jurassic world hybrid office orange Rex the guy looks totally awesome and later we’ll have today secret word and also main card or one week wow it’s called guys here is the other our new hybrid from our Hasbro this is the Dilophosaurus Rex so you’re combining a dial office horas and a t-rex bright orange and I’m very happy that they brought out all these hybrids because they did lose the license for the toys and i was afraid that they were not going to bring out any of these hybrids but it is cool and you’ve got the Dilophosaurus flaps here you got the t-rex with opening chomping mouth and on the back it says hybrid dinos battle for survival and it’s got the chomping jaws most awesome let’s open it up and check it out ok guys this is a really freaky looking Dino haha you move his tail down he lifts his head but if you move it sideways you actually turn his head and open his jaws so that’s pretty cool and then I’ll show you a smaller all t-rex that they rly drastically they released for the jurassic world movie similar in size to this so you can see the differences far with this guide the arms move tiny little spindly arms you’ve got the JW logo here you got like a gruesome wound here this is not one of the light up one’s his head will turn pretty much I mean his legs will turn pretty much all the way around they went ahead and painted toenails so that’s a nice detail of bright orange like yellow with black stripes is the coloring on this guy the flaps the deadlock asaurus flaps that he has do not move so unlike the dialogue the source dinosaur where their pop-up this one does not stay stationary and you do have all the schools here which is one thing I still do not like about these dinos and i hope the next manufacturer that makes them will go ahead and get rid of that ok so here you can see the flaps if you look just from the front he looks cool because these stripes here look almost like eyes check that out that is not his I that’s the stripe his eye is Way back here but from the front they look like evil like snake eyes almost and then the flap is like an orange yellow and black with likes spikes on the outside there are pretty cool coloring here he’s got like gold orange in black but this is our something that’s not trying to be realistic although they did a good job of painting his tongue to his tongue does law pretty detailed in there the teeth are not separated it’s like one it’s almost like a one-piece mold so that’s a little disappointing but this is a less-expensive dinosaur so you can’t really expect too much out of it is compared in size and uh lock to like one of the original t-rex ones this was one of the original t-rex ones that’s got the same movement pretty much the same gruesome wound so I they change the coloring and they added like some added Dilophosaurus flaps on the side and these flaps or these protrusions on top of the head there bought it is pretty similar size and here’s a lock at the hybrid Dilophosaurus i did a full review on that one too if you want to check out my playlist so you can see this one has the flaps that pot when it moves forward which would have been kind of cool if they would have done that with the dialogue ha saurus rex so I so you can see I mean that’s the combination of t-rex and Dilophosaurus to make the dial office or restricts cool while the saurus rex was totally all some if you want to see more fun videos go ahead and click that subscribe button right there and also click the thumbs up button under the video in today’s secret word is the word Rex spelled rex2 going with the incoming section down below the video i know you enjoy the video and you remember my club to it to the video ends there’s it awesome and Carter was a lot more fun videos and I will see Wow guys click on the boxes below to see a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button


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