New Jurassic World Lego Indominus Rex Escape Knockoff Vs Triceratop Speed Build Stop Motion Unboxing
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New Jurassic World Lego Indominus Rex Escape Knockoff Vs Triceratop Speed Build Stop Motion Unboxing

New Jurassic World Lego Indominus Rex Escape Knockoff Speed Build & Stop Motion Unboxing well guys great to see you guys again i’m super excited today today I got a awesome graphics world Lego set this is a hot brand Lego set so this would be considered I guess like a Lego compatible set this is from China it’s all work mate by ward I know and this would be the number here 770 13 basically it’s imaging God three dinos from all lego indominus rex and it’s a building pages for it so this is a cool off brand one off you go to my ah i’ll have a link below the video of where you could buy this one so if you want to check it out for yourself it is an inexpensive set and it’s a lot of fun I’m going to be doing the stop-motion build of it and ah let’s get started first of all when you buy it from them it doesn’t come with a box so they send it in a plain envelope here and these are our wall comment in the set so you’ve got one bag Legos here another one here’s the guy got another bag of Legos another bag of Legos here is Triceratops the indominus rex in velociraptor and then it comes out comes with some off pop all weapons over here another character over here because the for Lego parts and this orange or a company together so let’s go ahead and build this and have some fun okay guys so let’s check out exactly what came in the set go ahead and move these and we’ll check these out one at a time okay so it does come with an awesome of velociraptor here which the mouth moves the head move the arms the legs move odd comes with third cloth and it looks just like a lego one and then it also comes with a little miniature indominus rex don’t be fooled this is not the big ones this is a little one the big one is small walk finger so that would be the big one so they have a little one that hot you buy a lot of the China set they’re going to send you the little one book and that one and then it also comes with and also Triceratops which are this is this one looks just like the Lego one invite some Lego set they will include this Triceratops so I like the quality of building this one some of them are kind of cheap this one side sees how that one came together and then we have this warrior one so you can see he’s got like a blue camo big gun he’s got like a holster for either a knife or a pistol and here’s a look at the back of him he also does come with a little backpack that will fit on so its back well guys these are not the same quality as the Lego once it seems like their arms fall off easier they have a harder time holding weapon so the little dinosaurs are pretty good quality these guys not as great but you know what it’s they’re a lot less expensive full so you get no you getting great off and everything so this is a swap guys comes with a bunch of a weapon you could pop off for a sheet of weapons this guy comes with the backpack you level 50 and then let’s go ahead and take a look at the set so one thing I like about the set is this page here because I have all the dresses world Lego set and none of them have a cage odd that you can actually lock the creatures up it I really like the fact that they made that cage that Triceratops fit right in there and then you can go ahead and just and close the lock indicator so the door does lock on the cute so that’s kind of cool ah if you watch me put the lego sets again I’m sure you notice that this thing was like bending and swaying all over the place so it’s not as stable as a Lego set I mean they have not stabilized the pieces like you do on a Lego Center lego set is a much cleaner off put together and everything but you know what for the price you pay it’s really cool I’m you got bars there to lock in the Triceratops so I really like the fact that they actually made a speech for so there is the cake and then it comes with this cool little play area all so you have like a steps for the guys climb off without the Clanton’s gotta like hear that move up and down you got a torch over there then go inside look inside and look at the back so like I said you know if it’s a fun set it’s not as good quality as Lego squad it is a lot cheaper than the LEGO sets of you can’t afford the Lego set is definitely a good alternative the thing is watch it doesn’t go together as nice in the labels that I mean some of these pieces you got to put a good amount of course on them to get them to go together but overall you know I it’s a nice set it comes with an awesome cage some cool dinos so I mean if this is something you like definitely go ahead and buy it i bought this one on ebay so you’re interested go ahead and check it out I’m also going to have a link under the video where you could buy a Lego set I am I do belong to Amazon’s associate program so if you do click on the link below the video and you buy something on amazon I get a small Commission you guys don’t pay any your pricing is the same as I’m you just went on amazon and bought it and it helps me out so you getting some awesome toys and helping out my channel so i can make you guys look better more awesome videos ok thanks for viewing and being all Wow guys that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word go ahead put that in the comments section below the video on those you remember my club go to the video ends there’s an awesome it curves off more fun with you and I click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click to subscribe button


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