New Jurassic World QUEST FOR INDOMINUS REX Unboxing Fallen Kingdom Mosasaurus Vs Indominus Rex
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New Jurassic World QUEST FOR INDOMINUS REX Unboxing Fallen Kingdom Mosasaurus Vs Indominus Rex

it’s indominus rex first t-rex who will
be the victor we also go ahead and unbox the quest for the indominus rex pack
keep watching okay man here we go with diving after
the indominus rex is DNA okay those guys look there I see something oh look it’s
the Stigimoloch okay man let’s get some DNA out of this guy time to find
the rest of them I’m seeing something T-REx trex tyrannosaurus Rex oh so dressier tops quick get some DNA
from this guy I’m gonna find the other one and get out of here I don’t like it
down here feels like there’s something watching us
good clearing up I see something dumb below there she is
quick let’s get a bone and get out of here this place is super creepy here okay
sending her up she’s coming up the same ascend ascend what was that something just swam right
by the boat that thing was huge my gums know it’s attacking us Wow guys I finally got it this is the
quest for the indominus rex package this is the best deal you’re gonna find out
there for a complete playset and look at that graphic on the front that is
absolutely sweet with this set you get a Mosasaurus you get the indominus rex a
skeleton you get an action figure and you get the action sub all for $40 I
bought this on Walmart’s website for $40 and it is awesome so the sub does light
up it works with figures that float to
submerges which are if you guys see me I opened original one and then here’s some
other guy knows open and it looks like all of those awesome okay
let’s check it out okay first thing we take out of here is the indominus rex is
skeleton this thing is awesome it blows me away
I would probably pay $40 just for this skeleton and then it gives you the full
size Mosasaurus that is awesome okay and then you get the full size sub awesome I
mean I thought this was like I’m when I seen this set first I thought it was
like a miniaturized version of each one but these are the cent Mosasaurus alone
you pay $30 if you could find it the sub is around 25 action figure you got
another I don’t know maybe five bucks and then if you found the skeleton like
this you’d probably pay around 20 so you got about $75 of stuff here
for $40 that is totally awesome let’s check these out
okay we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at everything but the first thing I
want to take a look at is the indominus rex is skeleton because i have reviewed
the Mosasaurus and this up i’ve gun battles on clothes
but I have not done the indominus rex e skeleton so here in the full-size
indominus rex that team from hasbro over here and then that is the skeleton there
and they are accurate in size i mean look at this guy
it is accurate ah maybe it’s ma oh it’s core might be a look actually now even
this skull I mean this looks like you would have pulled it right out of the
indominus rex so that is awesome the mouth will open the way up and the
b-team a indominus rex you know the indominus rex open so that is one
awesome delicate guys I am so happy they brought this out so you could recreate
the moment when they find the indominus rex is skeleton in the Mosasaurus ii and
it does probably just me so this is awesome the squall moves it
does open and close the arms move the legs move lock into different position
the tail here will rotate awesome I mean that is the coolest dino skeleton I’ve
seen and you could use this as a t-rex skeleton also because it does if I just
seen this I would say t-rex except for the long arms so okay the
Lauren those bones there are fixed but this fear will move that is totally
awesome exactly what I needed to recreate the Mosasaurus and then if you
guys have not seen the Mosasaurus yet it is really awesome this is the rubber
field Mosasaurus it’s huge all rubber body the mouth does open and close all
the way up great detail the fins move up and down so you could have this guy you
could display him like standing on his fins here if you got like a really cool
display stand he’s totally awesome and then you got
the full-size some like I said if you bought all three of these separate you
would pay about $75 so you know for $40 it is a great deal and it’s the same
Mosasaurus you get is the same sub it’s so cool
this sub is awesome also I’ll just go over it quick because I do got a full
review of the sub the whole top pops off here it does come with mercenary so it
is a cool-looking mercenary which I am really surprised that they actually gave
an action figure with this set because they already gave so much value here so
it has seating for two passengers here this thing does light up here the light
you have like a solid light there or there it’s like fades into and over here
it flashes so it is a lot brighter than that is just my lighting is set up for
really bright lights here the arms move the claws do open you have a saw blade
here for like cutting the indominus rex phones so you could send it up for DNA
you could fill up these float slit water and the sub will sit partially submerged
the bot right here in the water when you put it in so that is really cool so this
is an authentic this and the Mosasaurus are authentic water toys you could play
with these in your bathtub no problem you do get some water in the Mosasaurus
but you just let it out and it is absolutely fun Wow guys that was totally awesome if you
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