New Jurassic World Spinosaurus Vs Spinosaurus Battle  Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Collection
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New Jurassic World Spinosaurus Vs Spinosaurus Battle Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Collection

Wow guys check out my big huge
spinosaurus collection besides opening up the new Dino plan the Spinosaurus
today we will go ahead and take a look at the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park
and Jurassic world also keep watching as New Collection Spinosaurus Vs Spinosaurus Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Planet it spinosaurus first spinosaurus
which one is your favorite this is the new walking one we unboxed today it does
free miss it roars over here is this chomping Spinosaurus from Mattel this
guy is awesome arms move the mouth opens way up like that ah it stays open
because I have a Lego here GM into the trigger piece so if you take that out
the mouth does closed he’s got a really goofy looking like smile and a huge
chump I just wished the button would have been on the back so you could use
it more and like attack videos and stuff but this guy super aggressive but he’s
not sold in the States anymore he was sold in the States for like one month
and then he was gone so now the only place you can find this guy is on eBay
if you buy it from like the UK or Europe so I had to buy this guy from the UK big
huge sign on the back so all three of these are pretty similar in size but my
favourite one still is the animatronic Spinosaurus from
dressing for okay his bite is not as aggressive what this is such an awesome
toy but it does go on eBay for quite a bit I mean I’ve seen this guy up to like
$600 if you find one that the animatronics don’t work you might be
able to get it for 200 but this guy has three trigger positions if you push on
the back here he moves his head he roars he’s got a big wound here if you push
he’ll do a different roar this guy is old so some of his motions are a little
bit off and then he’s got this wound on his neck if you press he does like close
as well at war like that what this guy is all rubber which I wish Mattel would
have done that with their diagnosis they say it doesn’t last as long but you know
what this guy is 20-some years old and I mean he still looks new
I mean this guy has been played with a lot I don’t just store this guy in a
package and as you can see I mean he’s almost mint condition
which is really cool the arms on this guy moves the legs moves and legs are a
little loose just because it’s an older Dino but check out the motion on the
head because it’s all rubber it makes it look so realistic
this guy’s got like a glass green eyes I do do quite a few battles with this
guys so if that’s something you want to check out it is awesome
but anyways guys before we unbox uh Spinosaurus your choice today is to pick
which one of these three Spinosaurus –iz is your favorite either vote for it
up above you’ll see a little circle you could click on when you’re watching the
video or in the comment section down below let me know which one is your
favorite so this guy’s from Mattel this guy is from Kenner and then this guy is
from Dino planet so let me know and also use your discount code guys if you want
to buy this vine asaurus on also on friday’s video or if you’re watching
this later the next video we are gonna have a big huge cyborg t-rex fight the
cyborg team call whoa so if these two had a battle who you
think would be the victor I still think it’s Mattel Spinosaurus because he could
open his mouth way up and pretty much awesome battle because that guy’s rubber so is this the end of the Spinosaurus oh
no he’s coming in yes it’s the end of the Spinosaurus oh what’s this oh no
he’s coming for us quick – Horace – my collection and Dino
planet actually sent me this Spinosaurus to review for you guys I mean he’s huge
if you’re interested I’ll have it in my link below the video I says this swings
its body it has mist spray it shakes his head and it walks and add her to my
collection we have a rampaging the chopping
spinosaurus break it out Wow look how cool that Spinosaurus is
with the lights off guys it is like a cool mist if you put your hand there
it’s like a big mist so it will not burn okay guys there he is out of the package
and there he is next to the chomping Spinosaurus let you see collection from
Jurassic world fallen Kingdom but tell dinosaur toys which one you think is
cooler I’m still gonna go up the tails I mean Lynne tells just looks a lot more
aggressive but this was totally different this one is a remote control
Spinosaurus and as you can see he is huge I mean he’s about the size of
Mattel so it’s a really good size I will also include a discount code you could
use on Amazon if this is something you’re interested in but it is a cool
dinosaur if you push the mop bucket here he does war he moves his head he has
realistic looking rubber head saw it does move a lot
realistic it is lava and another cool thing is like pretty cool and uh he does
shoot mist comes with the mister here you can put in and you shoot mist out of
his mouth I just don’t want to spray any water around my work area here but uh
other than there let’s take a look at this guy actually I didn’t even show you
how he walked so you just push the walk but and he will walk until you push the
walk button again so you know it is cool it’s fun to have a remote control huge
spinosaurus your kids are really like that if they are into the spinosaurus
and then if you push the walk button again he’ll stop but far as i know i
mean push that walk button he’s gonna keep on walking you could also put him
in demo mode here if you put in demo mode you could use the demo button right
there so yes
still roar and move his head just in case the remote control is dead or lost
okay so let’s take a look that’s the entire head of this guy is rubber
if you did see when I push the roar his eyes light up red so that is cool this
would be something you know I wish the head of volume control if they had a
volume control it would be a lot cooler because when you push that roar it’s mom
okay walking is cool because it makes like almost like a stomping noise but
when you do the roaring kick I think that would get on your nerves after a
while should be nice and ahead of volume but other than that you know it is a
really cool dino its arms do move up and down big huge Spinosaurus a big huge
sale on the back I really like this sale it’s rubber so it is very flexible which
is cool all the rest of its body is hard plastic but they do a great job with the
painting the detail and the muscle and everything so it looks really cool the
battery compartment is semi hid in here on the stomach and on this side you do
see some screw holes I mean it’s they’re they’re pretty deep but you know
it is a remote control it’s not trying to be realistic like Hasbro was with
their dinos so overall I think this thing does a great job like I said if
it’s something you’re interested in I’ll put a discount code on that you okay
that was totally awesome if you guys enjoyed this by the sorest collection
that you got over a thousand more videos the majority are Jurassic world drastic
Park Godzilla King Kong transformers Power Rangers Ninja Turtles scooby-doo
in a lot more check out the playlist on my channel or for more drastic world
fallen Kingdom videos went to this video ends and check out that playlist you
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