New Jurassic World The Game – Episode 92 Carnivore Matchup 1 Indominus Rex Vs Gameplay WD Toys

Nuevo mundo jurásico el juego – Episodio 92 carnívoro Matchup 1 Indominus Rex Vs Jurassic world the game episode 92 this
is gonna be an awesome episode guys this is the carnivore matchup when you have
to win six matches to win the card pack it costs the 500 to enter so it’s you
know it’s a little pricey but I paid 2,500 in-game dollars for another one of
these tournaments where you could win I believe those 10 packs well I was not
joined to VIP at the time so I barely got any DNA okay so here are here
basically they give you the team you don’t get any choices at all and later
on in these battles I mean you’re they give you like three carnivores and your
basic I think it’s two carnivores maybe an herbal born you’re fighting to much
more powerful amphibians so it gets crazy at the end well anyways uh let’s
get back to here so I got the pile Raptor verse the noon desuka s’ and you
do get to see some cool dinos I mean toward the end uh it’s at least a
level thirty something uh indominus rex okay so here he built his reserve to six
he attacked six i blocked three but he wiped me out so that really stinks okay
so i just brought in my Carnotaurus but both of these guys are carnivores and
i’m facing in and phibian so that’s not not a very good matchup okay tech five
he didn’t block any so I wiped them out I got a herbivore
and a pterosaur left so carnist Taurus verse corythosaurus but he
brought in his ram what is this rim ramp for incus Rampur ram for ink is
something like that okay I’m gonna attack sexy block – and there should be
enough yep I wiped them off cool okay now I’m in good shape so even if
this guy wipes me out not that big a deal which he just did but he’s only got
one left sue game over I beat him attack for he
blocks one and he is down victory is ours also twenty-five DNA one win total losses
thorough of – that’s the other thing you could only lose – here so here I got on
three carnivores versa ah and Vivian a pterosaur and the herbivore
so that’s almost the same matchup as last time except they’re more powerful
like this karna Raptor was 1578 though his attack against the duplicator
is very small okay here I brought in my velociraptor because I’m using him
basically as a sacrifice to build off reserve so here I’ve got five I’m gonna
go ahead and I should max out my reserve yeah
maxed out my reserve but one of Locke guys probably gonna wipe me out he’s got
five okay he attacked five I blocked one so I’m all but he’s got not the left so
that’s kind of cool so mana left asuras versus duplicator okay what do I need to
take this good oh I need to attack up three two and resort to and block one in
reserve okay so I took them out I still got in amphibian and the herbivore
what’s this guy gonna do arrow Titan he attacked one I blocked – I’ve got six at
this point I should just attack six and try to wipe them all huh okay I tack pour he blocked too but
that’s enough to take them out and all they got left is their Paki Sarah tops
so I’ve got six but I’m just gonna max out my reserve here pull it to into
block and so right if he wipes me out he attacked for a block – I’ve got eight
and this battle is over attacked eight he blocked – but he didn’t have a chance
I mean once I got past that uh amphibian it was pretty smooth sailing okay again
25 DNA so I want to battles out of six possible I have to win six to get it
okay so here are three carnivores against one ah and phibian one pterosaur
one amphibian and one herbivore okay so I’m starting with Rajas soreness worst
quit cyclists and they just brought in their post asuka’s while that guy’s
attack is stronger than his help that’s pretty strong hey again
I’m bringing in the Velociraptor to try to build up my reserve here so I got my
reserve up to four so I’ll do to reserve to block and just hook this guy just
attack which probably will yup the attack four o’clock Wow okay so Roger
Soros is hurt and it’s not looking good I think I’m gonna lose this battle so
Zack for this is not looking good case this is
not looking good at all so I wiped him off
well I still got a beat two more guys and my last carnivore is hurt bad so I
think the cuts : yep you just wiped me out okay
this battle is gonna be laws Raja Soros first quit to go to loss there’s not much I could do here guys so just gonna attack him take him out while
I’m dead I’m dead pretty much anything could take me out sack of 128 but he’s got four and it’s
over okay so that was one loss uh de – so it does continue owned by Raptor
Carnotaurus monolith soros hi raptor burst Grammy what’s this thing is real
rare Incas okay so they swapped they brought in and
under suit is the exact one so I got my reserve up to three so I did to reserve
one block you want to try to build your reserve often majority of the time you
build here we reserved up unless you’re highly outclassed you will win so I
attack by give block that’s not good let me just attacked one of you wipe vo Oh
things are not looking very good they are not looking good at all you reserve
to block discussion okay he attack he’s got two flat baby take it down but I’ll say kick at
nothing to take the other guys know my tech five blocks one so no shouldn’t I’m
in his tack and flow flow oh man Wow but he does have nothing live so this
could go either way I only need to attack a to to take them
down and put to it block let’s see what they’re in phibian does okay so their
brother their Rampuri kicks the attack three a block – oh my god yeah I got
enough awesome and test for me block one but he’s down Wow
for a moment there I was thinking here comes lost number two I will be out okay
karna Raptor Bruce duplicator Kefka to hear one block on reserve just guess –
okay he blocked he attacked one I blocked one he’s got one left now I’ve
got four but do you attack him I probably couldn’t take them off but it’s
to take attack of four okay attack four blocks long but he’s out okay cool so he
was the biggest threat I had but now this guy’s huh nope she didn’t wipe me
out awesome so at this point if I was smart I would
put 4 into reserve but I put two in block two in reserve and he’s got five again he did the deck I’ve got six so I
will put three in reserve three in block see what this good does oh he’s got
eight oh he got me okay he attacked five my block three oh no
way Hawaii didn’t attack eight okay so I
shouldn’t have any problem taking him down I got to attack up three because
he’s got two left oh he blocked me any serious really hey
you gotta pay closer attention there so at this point I don’t really know what
he has so I’m just gonna do five attacks three reserve okay I got him he’s all
awesome okay so now they’re bringing in their packets they’re cops but I’ve got
three carnivores okay so he probably just what
yeah I’ve got two more carnivores so I mean it’s like it’s a no-brainer this
guy’s going down hard okay monolith asaurus just cook down
there eggy sir tops
and this battle is over guys also another big if you notice there I’ve got
two wins before I had two wins I don’t really remember what happened I mean I
recorded this a while ago I must have aw lost both battles after
the second one and then I restarted it that’s the only thing I could think of
so here this will be battle number three if I’m victorious so Roger Soros first
post asuka’s oh I hate it when they match me up against an amphibian
so did one reserve three block let’s see if he’ll attack nope we didn’t take the
bait okay so I’m going to do to reserve to block
and he will probably wipe me out he’s go for okay he attacked to a block to okay
cool so he’s got two left I guess six okay I got enough to wipe them all so I
did have to attack six he blocked one instead of two and but he’s off guys
after this battle that will be the end of this episode I will finish the finish
this battle series in the next episode so stay tuned for that I mean I really
appreciate you guys watching ah I enjoy recording these for you guys but
I asked if you do enjoy it leave me comments and go ahead click like which
is the thumbs up button under the video when you do both of those that helps to
bring my videos up in the rating system so that also helps me so I know what you
guys like watching and it helped me to make better videos for you so we are
actually helping each other out so I just wiped off their aquatic odorless
okay they have one more left which is their ankylosaurus and he just detected three but he didn’t
even wiped me out I’ve got four up of foreign reserve I probably could just
attack but I like to play it safe one at a time so he just wiped me out that’s
fine uh I got my spinosaurus there and this battle is over I’ve got eight
there’s no way he’s gonna block all of that and he didn’t even try blocking
anything wow that guy went down hard and guys that’s gonna bring us to the end
the episode I will see you soon you

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