New King Kong VS Bull Megazord Power Rangers Super Samurai Skull Island Battle Unboxing Review
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New King Kong VS Bull Megazord Power Rangers Super Samurai Skull Island Battle Unboxing Review

watch what happens when the bull
Megazord comes face-to-face with the New King Kong VS Bull Megazord Power Rangers Super Samurai Skull Island Battle Unboxing Review okay super excited today
I got another awesome Power Rangers toy I just found this one on Amazon
this is Saban’s Power Ranger super samurai so if this is something you’re
interested in I will put a link below the video where you could buy it over
here it says bonus discs included and he morphs into oh well here’s a bunch of
the swords you could buy to combine you got the beetle Zord swordfish Zord Tiger
Zord octozord claws there’s a bull Megazord the samurai
megazord and then you can combine all of them to create a large giant gigas on
top of that you could buy all these other Zords combine all do different
Megazords so if you do want to see any of the other Zords and you’re watching
this video make sure you go ahead and click like and in the comment section
down below let me know which one of the Zords
but without further ado let’s take this guy out of the package and see God okay
so here is what we got before I take anything of the package it is also
morphe I love the big horns okay before we look at him this is
hilarious guys this guy you could call him Super Stretch zeorge wow that must be when you combine all
the other stuff but right now he looks hilarious he’s got these super long like
chicken tie play so let’s go ahead and take a look at
this guy we’re gonna start at the top and work our way down
first of all his chest piece here good pop in has two pieces here that will
actually close to cover his face he’s got the big horns on the back we’ll take
a look at that when we go ahead and transform him he’s got parts here you
can attach and by the way a lot of these Megazords are really flimsy this guy is
super durable I mean movement wise 360-degree movement
on the arms here the hands do not move but the arms here do pop down so this
arm is identical but this one is going to have the big blaster here and it’s
got a disc here which comes off of his leg here so it’s got two discs it’s got
this disc here than the other disk that goes on the
other side so you could actually turn it in the back and it looks almost like
it’s like some type of like the gap in blood shooting yeah so cool we just
simply pop it off to change out the discs so there we go
movement wise on the leg there is no movement on the legs it’s really solid
this guy does not fall over easily and like I was showing you that one disc
that’s on the weapon would go here and the other disc would go over here so
they do spin when they are on the Megazord also and here you can see on
the Megazord he’s got four wheels here and then he’s got these pieces that pop
out here so you could attach different stuff to that so this is a really cool
looking guy it reminds me a lot of like bigger transformers rather than okay
then to transform the guy this one this guy’s will actually want in the simplest
ones go ahead take his weapon off close the two face pieces there pop the arms
off here and then the arm pieces you’re gonna go
ahead and move forward like that and then you just go ahead lay this guy
down like that with his horns forward then this piece is going to attach right
over here on his back the other piece is going to attach there but then the gun could attach to either
side and then there you have it that is the fool magazine so the big discs
actually turned into tires for the back and then you got the little wheels on
the bottom that was King Kong tore that mega super
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