New Lego 14 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom  Sets Unboxing  Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate
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New Lego 14 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Sets Unboxing Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

okay guys today this is awesome Lego
sent me this big huge box full of all kinds of Awesome Jurassic world stuff I
mean look at the size of this box it is huge
on the front and says lego jurassic world caution open at your own risk you
see like an evil eye peeking out who’s gotta be the ender after other side
there’s more fence the backside is pretty much the same well anyways well
actually let’s check out there is the back of it it’s a little plain the front
has a big Jurassic world super excited I mean I was so happy when Lego contacted
me I mean it’s they are the biggest toy company in the world New Lego 14 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Sets Unboxing Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate okay let’s see what’s inside here I need
some deep music here oh this thing’s growling at me look at this they have a light-sensitive
speaker here whoa that is cool that is awesome that’s so cool
okay but anyways let’s see who’s in here first of all you got a big huge graphic
of what’s in the books it says collect them all you could build your own
hybrids it’s got all the characters here is really cool sign it a little bit more
light there but let’s see what was in here okay let’s see okay so they got
Jurassic Park Velociraptor chase set 75 932 they have Lou’s helicopter pursuit
set 75 928 they got the Dilophosaurus outpost attacks at 75 931 they’ve got
brick heads it looks like Owen and blue
some guys Wow when I seen this box cool they had the Carnotaurus gyrosphere
escapes at 75 929 they got the interactor rampage yeah Lockwood this
date oh that’s so cool so they sent me six of the 13 sets how
awesome is that and on top of it they sent me this fan
day go karts for $25 and check this out they sent me
they sent me a handwritten note how cool was that it says hi WD toys with so many
dinosaurs roaming Isla Nublar we’d love to help continue the excitement by
providing you a lego jurassic world box including several new sets dinosaurs
swag and fantastic gift card for you to see the jurassic world
fallen kingdom in theatres and Friday June 22nd we can’t wait to see how you
brave the dinosaurs alongside eros Owen and Claire with these new sets
it just says remember to use these tags when you do how cool is that a
handwritten no you do not see handwritten notes anymore so they send
me a card so I can go see the movie then sent me a handwritten note and six sets
but guys now I have all the sex I want to go ahead and take a look at on each
one really quickly I want to thank Lego for sending me six of these big sets and
I went ahead and bought me up all the rest so we could enjoy them okay so I
got my Jurassic Park set up the roaring refugee t-rex breaking out of the cage
there and let’s go ahead and bring on the set so our first one is the biggest
one the interrupter rampage at Lockwood estate 75 930 guys I do a bunch of these
I have already built so go ahead check out my channel this one’s got Owen Clare
Maisie Ken Wheatley goon our ever saw and Eli Mills and let’s check out the
back of it wallet is cool with the set so with the brick heads
that brings the sets to 14 so 13 like full sets plus the brick head set so 14
Jurassic world set up coolers – this one is a Dilophosaurus I’ll post the tag Saurus a guard tracker another Guardian
of baby dinosaur so a lot of these sets have baby dinosaurs where the older sets
I don’t think they ever had maybe dinosaurs and then next we got the
classic Jurassic Park one it says Jurassic world but this is Jurassic Park
it says Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase 75 932 so this one’s got a velociraptor
Alan Grant Ellie Sattler Lex Murphy and Tim Murphy how cool is that so it’s got
like pretty much all of the main characters
the first one in here you see like the rafters are skeevy there that’s the
kitchen scene when she’s in the kitchen where the rafters had come in the jello
is shaking that’s where one of the Raptors runs encounter with his head videos and then the two brick insects this is
Owen in blue 41 614 234 deuces and then we have news helicopters of war this is
75 928 blue Owen can weep so here you got like oh and running with
Velociraptor blue a hook comes off of the helicopter here you’ve got the trap
for blue the helicopter fires missiles over there
the helicopter blades rotate and over here looks like you got a dinosaur egg
in a storage container and then another big one this is the Carnotaurus
gyrosphere escape 75 929 with 577 pieces this one you get the Carnotaurus Owen
Grady Claire daring Franklin web and of baby dinosaur cool let’s check off the
options on this one so here you’ve got like the Carnotaurus attacking over here
Franklin Webb is launching off and the gyrosphere there the back of the truck
slides off we’ve got dinosaur eggs a baby dinosaur
big huge tree where you could put the dry roast feeder and some type of a
launch trailer for the joiners here okay then here we got another awesome t-rex 1
this is the t-rex trans for 75 933 and this includes a t-rex Zia Rodriguez
two guards and a baby Dino and let’s check out the options
looks like Zia is over there running some type of tests the t-rex over there
the trailer sides open to let the t-rex in t-rex hold up you could hook the
trailer up into the truck or the trailer freestanding and then you could make a
bunch of old hybrid diagnosed okay then here we got another awesome one this is
Stiggy millat breakout 75 927 so this one includes dinky Moloch dr. woo and a
guard cool we actually get a doctor Rua that’s the first time we got a doctor
woo I don’t believe the older sets at him so here you can see the stigma lock
is breaking out there do not call me glass windows again glass window there
the gate opens and closes dr. booth has like a DNA lab there
here this thing in the lock could not go to the table okay here we got a Lego jr.
set easy to build this is t-rex breakout 10 758 with 150 pieces so these ones are
bra they’re not for children they have ones for children these are for like
younger kids probably beat to 12 somewhere around there and then here you
can see it does come with a t-rex like they do the Jurassic and then there’s another Lego to gear
set this is the Trinidad escape route with mrs. C it looks like this one has
two guards the training on a rock type of command station cool and then another
Lego jr. set easy to build this is the raptor rescue truck 85 pieces let’s see
so it looks like it has oh in a guard a trap for the raptor a raptor and a truck
so you can put the trap on the back of the truck in there the raptor eating
fried chicken leg then we got another Jurassic world regular set this is tran
Adan chase 75 926 so this one includes a tran Adan Owen Grady and hood trekker so
it looks like you get quite a few Owens in these sets let’s check out the
options so here the Jeep fires a net to trap the
Tran it on there you can see there’s an egg on the back of the truck there is
the Jeep launching the net and a Trinitron being captured and then we get
a couple LEGO DUPLO sets so duplos are the ones that are for really young kid
this is 24 pieces ages 2 to 5 this is gentle giants petting zoo 10 879 and
here is a look yeah and then our final set this is another
LEGO DUPLO set said Jurassic world this is 1080 t-rex tower 22 pieces ages 2 5
so with this one you get a t-rex Owen could ride the t-rex t-rex got cell
phone little truck here a tower over there
cool lego sets of one place if you enjoyed that video please go ahead click
like drop your comments and keep watching I already have a few of these
sets built that we’ll be building all of them keep watching my channel you guys
are awesome go see more fun videos go ahead and wait
till the video ends and for more fallen Kingdom videos on the playlist or go to
my channel I do have over a thousand videos the majority are Godzilla king
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warm I got the playlist on my channel guys with also and I will see you
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