New Lego Movie 2 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader 70826 Unboxing Stop Motion Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
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New Lego Movie 2 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader 70826 Unboxing Stop Motion Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

also gonna unbox the lego movie to Rex’s
Rex dream off-roader set seven zero eight two six and do a
stop-motion animated speed build oh good it’s great to see you again
today we have an awesome new toy this is from the lego movie – this is Rex’s Rex
dream off-roader and Lego set 7826 and it loops awesome so we have a blue
velociraptor with a bunch of weapons you can check out the bag and you could also
turn the Velociraptor into white there New Lego Movie 2 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader 70826 Unboxing Stop Motion Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom fallen Kingdom custom-painted t-rex
there Wow awesome go ahead and check this out okay so let’s see what was in
the box okay then in the Box we have one big bag
of Legos a smaller bag it looks like okay so this is our Velociraptor we’ve
got another smaller bag here we’ve got one set of instructions right there and
we have a second set of instructions and a set of stickers cool
let’s put this together Oh No Emmett and Rex are in big trouble from the D Rex’s
actually now in the back there I’ve got to custom-painted T Rex’s for a Mattel
Jurassic world fallen Kingdom dinosaur toys but anyways this Emmett and Rex set
is awesome this is Rex’s Rex dream off-roader so
you do have aa blue velociraptor you’ve got Rex with this off-roader you
have M it then you have one of these little weird funny creatures and it’s
like well actually you’d have Emmett like here with the Velociraptor oh he
doesn’t want to stand come on man stand up this guy’s like okay well let’s take
a look at this so I’m going to take a look at his Velociraptor first because
he is awesome so this is a blue blosser actor
coincidence or no Jurassic world came out last year one of the main
was Blas eruptive blue so blue Velociraptor I don’t think that’s much
of a coincidence there but you got Emmet with his usual outfit here he’s got a
little flashlight here the Velociraptor has like a seat he could sit in – firing
missiles on the side here then he has this big like swivel blaster gun on the
side here which is really cool we turn it 360 degrees blast any of the bad guys
coming at you the Velociraptor is awesome big huge third qual he looks
just like the velociraptors from the lego jurassic world sets and then you’ve
got this little and then we got Rex’s Rex dream off-roaders so this is a
really cool off-road vehicle big huge rubber tires you can see the rear tires
or like lift it off it looks really extreme Rex is not
scared at all I mean he’s driving around a cup of
coffee being chased by two t-rex Suzanne the velociraptors ha ha swivel guns here you turn it the
guns turn in the back there fire four missiles for each one you have a seat in
the back here so when Emmett gets tired of riding the Velociraptor you can sit
back here and shoot at the back ok guys so this is a really fun set but you know
what the best part about this is this is a three in one set so I built this over
here well then you could also build wasps raptor blue there with like hands
for like the coffee coffee in the briefcase or you could build the
Velociraptor blue as a 4-wheel ATV vehicle so that is cool so that is the
first Lego set I got for the lego movie – I’m super excited I love the first
lego movie so I think this one’s gonna be
better judging by the lego sets i’ve seen and let me know if you guys liked
it and if you do okay so you guys enjoyed that video I do
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