New Lego Scooby Doo Haunted Lighthouse 75903  Unboxing Parody Family Fun
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New Lego Scooby Doo Haunted Lighthouse 75903 Unboxing Parody Family Fun

New Lego Scooby Doo Haunted Lighthouse 75903 Unboxing Parody Family Fun we’re gonna have so much fun today we
have another awesome scooby-doo Lego set this is the haunted lighthouse with 437
pieces and it comes with Scooby Shaggy Daphne the lighthouse
keeper and the swamp monster the awesome lighthouse in the boat Wow let’s take a
look at the back this looks awesome Wow look at all the different things you
could do I’m super excited about these sets
because I mean I’d liked scooby-doo for a long time and these LEGO sets are just
so cool well guys let’s go ahead and put it together okay let’s see what was in
the box okay in the box we have one bag of Legos
another big bag so two bags three bags four bags five bags Wow five big bags of
Legos you’ve got a set of stickers here to put onto the lighthouse and you’ve
got two instruction books awesome this looks like so much fun
boy I like these scooby-doo sets I there’s actually five of them that came
out this year these are brand-new they just came out and I’m gonna have a
review on all of them so just keep checking back Wow
let’s put this together you doing scoop it’s monster Row one first
hahaha Wow guys this other scooby-doo set is so cool
let’s go ahead and take a closer look at it here we’ve got the boat
you’ve got the stickers on the sides got a sticker on the front here sticker on
there other sides you’ve got really nice engine detail here that looks really
cool you got a propeller here that actually spins and then inside you have
Scooby driving he’s got a little steering wheel here he does come out and
then you’ve got a nice big hamburger here with the with the works on it then
on the bottom is just these clear pieces that help to hold it together on the
back you’ve got shaggy waterskiing here he looks really cool he’s got like a
nice printed t-shirt with like a star on the front and he is walk on the water
skis and he has a nice printed shirt in the back and he’s got like a worried
expression on the back of his head which looks cool okay well let’s go ahead and
move on to the Haunted lighthouse Wow and this one does come with Daphne she
has a paddle here and let’s go ahead and throw off and then she’s got like a
worried look on the back of her face there and then she’s got a print on her
shirt also which is covered by your hair and then here we’ve got the two scary
guys this is the lighthouse keeper he’s got like gray hair the blue printed
shirt and then if you take off his hair he’s got a scary look on the front which
is it’s monster face and on the back it actually shows who it is haha that’s
pretty cool then let’s go ahead and move on to this
monster water guy he’s got like uh trident and then he’s got like a scary
green print on the front of his shirt if you take his mask off whoo he’s got a
scary purple face there while he looks really scary there and on the back it
shows actually who it is okay let’s go ahead and put that back let’s take a
look at the White House this White House is so cool guys Wow okay first we’re
going to start at this end here here you’ve got moving boards when you move
it to the side it shows a map that you could actually pick up you have a little
lighthouse here on this side here and then continuing on to the front you have
a door that swings open here you could like put the months put like the monster
lighthouse keeper in there and then if Shaggy opens the door he’ll yell at them
and continuing on you have a door that opens up here there’s a big spider web
behind it and then if you go up here you could go up the steps here here’s a sign
that says keep out oh and then shaggy could go up the steps here and let’s
check out the back in the back you’ve got a cool looking spiderweb I’ll top
here that I’ll swing up if you put Shaggy inside here and swing it back
Shaggy you’ll be trapped in there cuz Shaggy’s scared of spiders and then if
Shaggy continues down here is a kitchen with a little frying pan it’s got like
orange Legos under it so for the food okay now let’s see underneath that is a
treasure chest Wow let’s go ahead and take a look at
this treasure chest it’s awesome looking and if you open it Wow
there’s all kinds of jewels inside of it and we’ll go ahead and put that there
and then another nice well let’s first check out the lighthouse fire here it’s
really cool I mean it looks very realistic and if you swing it up Wow
let’s see what was in there swing it up there’s some keys in there
there’s a bone in there it looks like a little bench for sitting then let’s go
back to the front go back to the front there’s actually a wheel that’s right
here if you turn this wheel it’ll open up this front area so let’s go ahead and
turn that Wow mm and then you will take this out you got an awesome box in there
with all kinds of scuba gear you got like air you got flippers and I think
this like some type of a crowbar or something okay so we’ll go ahead and put
that back there and close it then let’s go ahead and get our mystery started wow
this is gonna be fun okay gang remember we’re here to solve a
mystery we were told by our client there’s some scary monsters and some
scary goings-on here whoa it’s so creepy look at that background it’s a foggy
night and here they come on the speedboat Wow
gang I don’t know if the Monster is real or not but we’re gonna go ahead and
solve this mystery mystery reach swing scope it’s monster I don’t like
mysteries let’s go ahead and pull up we’re gonna
go ahead and see what’s up here shaggy you go first
no go ahead shaggy go see what’s up there oh no oh look
Velma found boards that move aside and inside she
found the treasure Wow she found the treasure map that shows
where the treasure is maybe that’s why there’s monsters here shaggy you find
anything yet oh let’s go see zoinks Scoob it’s a monster oh no the monsters
chasing shaggy he’s running up the steps here boy he ran up these steps and he
dove into the kitchen Wow what’s he find in the kitchen Scoob it’s
a hamburger let’s have a snack Rimmer oh no he forgot the monster was chasing
him and here he comes oh no he chases shaggy right up the steps and the
spiderweb drops into place ah I got you trapped now you meddling kids
oh no Shaggy’s trap help help Scoob help scoop opens the door and
Shaggy escapes whew that was a close one Oh No what is this it’s another monster
he’s gotta tried it he’s chasing shaggy oh no whoa what are these guys gonna do
well guys I got a plan we’re gonna trap these monsters Shaggy and Scooby are
gonna be the bait what no we don’t want to be bait zoinks Scoob you want to be
bait well we do for Scooby Snack 5 Scooby Snacks ok 5 Scooby Snacks go
ahead and get the monster you’re gonna have him run by here Velma loosened up
these boards so he’s gonna fall in and be trapped ok let’s go ahead and do this
oh I don’t like this Scoob you know what’s up here oh I’m scared haha
well those both monsters singing Scoob run run stirs run stirs oh no they’re
chasing shagging aah they fell into the hole they’re trapped whoa whoa guys
let’s see who these really are well now that we got them tied up let’s see who
they really are it’s just the lighthouse keeper and
who’s the other one it’s his wife it’s a lighthouse keeper and his wife but why
were they scaring away people I don’t know let’s look around look Daphne found
the treasure map Wow let’s take a look the treasure map tells
us to go over here we have to turn a lever here on the other side let’s go
see what’s over there wow guys look what’s happening as I turn the lever the
whole front of the cliff is opening up that monster face that was on the front
is opening up oh wow it’s a treasure chest full of all kinds of treasure Wow
so that’s what they’re after and look here’s all their scuba gear if we would
have found this earlier we would have known they weren’t monsters at all well
guys good job that’s another mystery salt for Mystery Inc what’s gonna be
next Wow guys that was awesome did you see that
I really like scooby-doo and his friends wow they’re so good at solving mysteries
Oh guys if you enjoy that make sure you subscribe to my channel down there down
below the video click like leave me comments let me know which one of the
scooby-doo characters is your favorite if you like this video ends also a man
car lot more fun videos with scooby-doo and
Jurassic world dinosaurs and minions Peppa Pig and princesses Oh guys I hope
to see you soon you


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