New Lego The Ninjago Movie Masters Falls Stop-Motion  Vs  Jurassic World Dinosaurs 70608 Unboxing
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New Lego The Ninjago Movie Masters Falls Stop-Motion Vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs 70608 Unboxing

Wow can master Wu’s t-rex beat Lord
Garmadon indominus rex from Jurassic world in a mighty battle to the death keep watching to
find out New Lego The Ninjago Movie Masters Falls Stop-Motion Vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs 70608 Unboxing 70606, 70607, 70608, 70609, 70611, 70612, 70614, 70615, 70618, 70617 okay great to see you again super
excited today today I got another awesome lego ninjago set this is lego the
ninjago movie master falls 70608 awesome and this also
does include four characters which is ninjago master Garmadon, Ninjago master Wu Ninjago Kai and the
skeleton cool go ahead and check out the options looks like there you have some
type of all looks like the door opens so wu vs Garmadon there crossing the
bridge trapping Garmadon also this looks super fun guys let’s see what was inside
so who love these Ninjago sense guys they are totally awesome and their books
are all different ah this one is one big book which is cool and this should show
the other set there’s at least ten sets so uh I need to know if you guys want to
see more Ninjago sets because I’ve done this one
this one I’m doing now I did that one yesterday I’ve done the dragon and I
would like to do the rest well I need to know if you guys want to watch it so if
you do want to watch it drop me a comment let me know exactly which one we
want to watch or which Lego set or dinosaur toy ah I’ve done a lot of Lego
stop-motion animation builds and speed built you can check those out at the end
of this video there is a Lego playlist also let’s see what else was in the box
so one big bag of Legos two big bag of Legos sweet let’s go
ahead and check it out okay guys let’s check out the Ninjago movie Lego master
Falls Wow here we got to set all built we’re going to start from this end and
work to the other so you’ve got really cool jungle detail here you’ve got
scorpions flames the coolest part the main reason I
bought this is this bridge so let’s go ahead and remove Garmadon we’ll go ahead
and take a look at him in a moment but right now I want to take a look at this
bridge so it’s a suspension bridge here you could move it back and forth these
sides here move back and forth if you lift them up like that and
because they’re the weight of them they push down on the bridge so creates a
really cool suspension bridge this back plate does not come with it but if you
put this on a blue backpack plate like that it looks really cool like there’s a
lot more water there than there really is
and then we have master Wu in the back there so I don’t know exactly what he’s
doing by the way the new Ninjago movie is not out yet when I’m filming this so
I don’t really know obvious ice previews you know what it’s about and then up
there we have Kai so Kai is and is red outfit you’ve got three swords he looks
really cool and then let’s take a look at this from this side okay so down
there this is the plate that comes with it this piece here you can see how it’s
raised against the blue down here this is my base plate up here this is the
stuff that comes with it so they include a bunch of rocks and everything so it
looks really cool and then they include this cool suspension cage which open
and close this and it’s suspended above the rocks right there so you could open
and close it and it comes with a really cool skeleton here so you can put the
skeleton in there and he includes a map so it looks like he was captured with
his map and he died in his cage I’m not really good for guys veiled man then
here you’ve got a little cave here which you could also put the skeleton in here
so as they’re exploring they find him in the game okay but like I said this set
is worth buying for this suspension bridge alone I love the look of that
suspension bridge it is so cool how it goes together okay let’s go ahead and
check out the characters but before we do guys if this is a set you’re
interested in I’ll put a link below the video where you can buy it okay so here
we got from left to right welcomes the descent is the skeleton the jungle
Garmadon Master Wu and Chi cool so let’s take a look at these one at a time so
here you’ve got the skeleton he comes with like a broken sword and he’s
holding a map so this is the poor guy that died looking for a treasure then
we’ve got the coolest guy of just at master Garmadon so him in Wu were
friends we actually trained him and then master Garmadon went evil so go ahead
and if you take his hat off he’s got his evil black face he’s got four arms that
you could move all around in two different positions and he comes with
four swords so you could have them fight and he looks really cool with all those
swords let’s go ahead and put his little hat
back on so he looks similar to Master Wu he was wearing the same type of hat but
a darker color okay then we have master Wu of course the master is he’s a good
guy big white beard got his cool hat here serious expression on his face he
does just come with one expression he has this stick and this like I don’t
want to call it as skirt I’m not really sure what they call it in Japanese so
and then we have kai so Chi looks really cool too he’s got three swords he’s got
the big hair red outfit so these guys are ready to go and have a serious
battle ah master bluelight challenged me to a
fight what indominus rex first your Oh what
sorry I just woke up what you say hit me with your stick no no no no I said ma
indominus why rock it stop hitting me with your stick my indominus rex black
what what ah my indominus verse whack whack whack whack to t-rex ha ha ha ha
ah here is our champion Lord Garmadon with his mighty indominus rex first
master wu with his t-rex who is gonna be the victor the good for the evil here
we go hello that t-rex looks like he’s in
trouble but then terminus is down he’s getting
back up oh mighty t-rex has lost his head what is good happenin
yeah anybody see my head off indeed my head
Dirty’s look look he found his head he’s putting it back on oh that’s not indominus austin my head the t-rex
is attacking me indominus is eating him oh no you comes Garmadon he’s got
Garmadon is this the end of Garmadon ah what a yummy snack our humiliation i
decreed its villain of all time i’m gonna be dinosaur poop haha Master Wu
and his t-rex have won but what is this Oh t-rex has some serious gasp what’s
happening look something’s coming up look it’s
Lord Garmadon he escaped my obese I will slay you oh no the T Rexes
farts have killed Lord Garmadon Master Wu is the winner
yay master Wu’s t-rex is the mighty victor and they are off to celebrate oh
no what he’s coming for us now run kids run aah
well guys that was an awesome battle did you guys correctly guess who was going
to win if you did put it in the comment section down below
ah I love doing these videos guys this is my job if you do enjoy my videos you
can help me out simply by watching and dropping me comments I love reading your
comments I’ll give back to you as soon as possible like I said earlier if you
do enjoy this set I’ll put a link below where you could buy it these lego
ninjago sets are totally awesome wow you guys are awesome I want to thank you
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