New Lionel Thomas and Friends Train Set Vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Lionel Thomas and Friends Train Set Vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing – WD Toys

this girl is great to see you again i’m
so glad you keep back hi I’m WD welcome to my channel let’s see what new also sometimes we
have today New Lionel Thomas and Friends Train Set Vs Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing – WD Toys Wow today we have thomas and friends
train set from Lyon al boy is totally awesome guys in later we’ll have to seek
work and awesome and card lot more fun videos wow good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh the terrible dinosaurs have escaped
from jurassic world thomas the train has to help his paw
patrol friends to escape them can he do it here he comes yeah yeah Thomas will use Clarabelle first to load
them up rubble is a commercial and rocky load
the other three got truck chase and Zuma and no everywhere we look there is
terrible dangerous there’s somebody dinosaurs everywhere
can they make it here they get through in time did he stay chase we will see i
think Thomas can do it Thomas is the hand you train your cookie
it’s got away guys chasing them he missed them yeah although i’m not this time doing for
them thomas girl coming go to drama school
yay Thomas reverse work are you not happy but there yeah yeah yeah yeah up there almost there can they make you
take it to the station and save them from the terminal dinosaurs it’s gonna be I think Thomas Thomas yeah
the pups are saying it’s time for Thomas to go to save somebody else right firing
up what the yes yeah yeah ok ok guys in here i got to Thomas trains
running at one smaller one is from Lyon l and the bigger one on the outside it’s
from bachmann train I’ve got full reviews on both of these
so you can go ahead and check those out here they are both running at top speed
and their priests and they are all yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wow guys I got an awesome toy today this
is thomas and friends complete ready-to-run remote train set this is a
real train set its made by lion L which has been making train set since 1900 and
includes a remote I includes Thomas Clarabelle and any cars complete tracks
and everything it’s gonna be totally awesome guys I got a nice big track
layout i’m going to set it up and we’re gonna have a lot of fun with it let’s see what’s included here’s a
picture of what’s included but I will open it up and here’s all the features
of the train if any of you guys are interested go ahead and pause that read
it and lion al very generously uh sent me this train set to review for you guys
so let’s go ahead and take everything out because they are totally all some
guys and I wish you would it came with more cars that would have been nice
bought you know its life as it is ok first we’re going to go ahead and take a
look at thomas because he is also this is a nice big heavy train guys it’s not
a little toy Thomas that you see on most of those trainsets he’s got his number
one here a great coloring job in the front one yacht when he’s running his
eyes move back and forth so that’s really cool option to once again same
coloring on this side here’s a look at the back has got like
the electronic couplers to like attach them together and if you push it they pop open so you could attach
another car it’s got all like the rubber on the tires for traction control and
when these two things touch the track that’s what actually gives power to the
Train so that is really cool and then you have
the Clarabelle car here’s a look at the rough the roof
actually comes off so you could put like passengers in there for Thomas to carry
says Clarabelle there on the side here’s a look at the back once again you’ve got
the electronic couplers here to lock the cars on this is Clara bell on the other
side on the front it shows on clarabelle’s face and here’s a look at
the bottom nice metal wheels and everything nice good heavy construction
and the same with Annie the rough pops off of any also and here’s a look at the
other side and me on this side and here’s a look at a nice pace and then it
comes with all so remote that says Lionel here so you could hold it right
nice and neatly in your hands here you have on and off here you have reverse
and forward there you’ve gotta bail you got odd believe
this is thomas talking and Thomas whistling here so that is cool and then
I the tracks too i mean they did a great job with the making it look authentic
like authentic rocks what the rails are late on I mean the even like the plastic is sort
of faded so looks like it’s all been sitting there for a long time here’s a look at the pieces that
attached here this is where you’re going to put the job the AC adapter to plug it
into power and off some let’s take a look one look at one of the curved
pieces off because they are really cool too nice big curved weathered look
pieces let’s go ahead and set this up and have
some fun guys here right now I’ve got to promise for
trains running at the thing what looks like they’re the way haha yeah I Claudia going 2a yeah Oh yeah guys and thomas and friends place it
trained properly set was totally if you wanna see more foot video go ahead and
click the subscribe button right there and also click thumbs up the video today
secret word is the word train Bell tr8 I go ahead and put that we come to section
below the video I’m going to enjoy the video and remember my club wait till the video in there is an
awesome car with more fun video with the minyan wow so much fun together i hope
to see you yeah


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