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guys keep watching as we check off all
these drastic world falling Kingdom toys that Mattel just sent to me in two huge
boxes Wow guys I can’t believe that hotel has finally done it they sent me
two huge boxes of Jurassic world toys to review for you guys a lot of these I
haven’t reviewed yet some of them I have NEW HUGE SURPRISE BOX JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM DINOSAUR TOYS FROM MATTEL WD TOYS quick as possible let’s go ahead and
check out what they sent me because this says some really awesome stuff okay so
the first thing they sent me towards this awesome Jeep Wrangler Raptor attack
remote control cool is that full function remote control chase and attack
so it says it works with action figures it includes one figure on
one dinosaur does not the Raptor off before the attack
chase and there is another this is another one they said this is
the Imaginext walking inter after he is so cool he follows this a TV that Owen
rides so when you move it he runs back to it that is so cool
let’s check out the back what do you do if there’s an angry dinosaur chasing
away as fast as you can the faster he goes the faster the Raptor chases them
hah says press down and oh and drive away to trigger Dino pull down ramp for
a quick getaway and then they sent me this awesome gyrosphere blast vehicle
with a gyro sphere and push the button here blast him off I have reviewed this
one already bought it’s really cool transport small dinos push button for a
blasting escape fits most figures guys here is one I have not seen anywhere it
looks so cool Hot Wheels character cars complete collection so when you open
this up there is a really cool graphics here of dinosaurs in cages and if you go
ahead and move that you have these also dinosaur vehicles check these out it’s
like a t-rex dinosaur truck Triceratops dump truck this looks like a
Velociraptor blue vehicle Stegosaurus vehicle
and this is a Mosasaurus vehicle that is so cool and then they sent me the
gyrosphere remote control easy to use remote control I have already reviewed
this one and done like a battle with pretty much all my dinosaurs on that so
if that’s something you’re interested go ahead and check that out and then they
sent me this blossom after blue rip-and-run dinos it says try me so you
can see the dinos feet are going to move in attaches to the Owen motorcycle says
connect and go these also have the scanner codes and the second one to them
is the Owen and motorcycle this one to going to move when you pull it and this
will attach to the Velociraptor and then they send me this one this is the island
escape place that this is a matchbox like take and go place that and so you
can see it as like all it does come with a little G it looks like Pteranodon
check out the back it says escape storage lifts and a working train they
sent me the Velociraptor blue chomp and wore masks when you put it on you move
your jaw does war and the eyes also and then they sent me a Tyrannosaurus
rest Rex mask if you put on the strap they’re
open and closed you about to open and close the mouth of the bass and an
indirect or mask – once again the chin strap so when you talk the mouth will
open and then a Velociraptor blue and orange
Bowens dory pack this says forward leap see it does actually leap and this does
have a scan code – then they sent me 11 drastic world mini dinosaur blind bags
this sent the gyrosphere and Claire story pack says it fits two figures
they sent me a bunch of matchbox vehicles and a match box set this is the
tricera tracker set this is armored action truck this one is 14 mercedes-benz g550 and
this is the Textron tiger then they sent me the three action figure packs
this is mercenary and that more code on this one is Owen and baby blue and this
one is dinosaur trainer well then they sent me five of the attack back
dinosaurs this is the attack act that were put on and then they sent me the
attack pack Velociraptor I have already reviewed all five of these so if you
want to check those off on my channel the attack pack lost the Raptor blew the
attack pack Dilophosaurus and the attack back Gallimimus and for
some reason they sent me to attack back Blas erector so those are all the Dinos
that they just sent me I mean it was awesome when I seen these boxes I was
like wow okay guys that was totally awesome if you enjoyed that video on all
these toys keep watching as I unbox them some of them I have already on box that
you got over a thousand videos guys the majority are drastic world Jurassic Park
Godzilla King Kong transformers Power Rangers and a lot more go ahead and
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