New Neca Head to Tail Shin Godzilla 2016 Flame Red Vs Godzilla Unboxing
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New Neca Head to Tail Shin Godzilla 2016 Flame Red Vs Godzilla Unboxing

New Neca Head to Tail Shin Godzilla 2016 Flame Red Vs Godzilla Unboxing of Wow
keep watching to see them inside the neck of Godzilla
well guys great to see you guys again I promise all our awesome Godzilla chin
Godzilla at Toys R Us this is like a red fire burning one it is really cool I
reviewed just the regular black one from Toys R Us before made by NECA and it is
awesome so I’m super glad I found this one and here’s what it looks like in the
package before I remove it okay here he just out of the package in and a little
bit I’ll show you all the other one I bought the other NECA one and also some
really cool Godzilla’s I bought but let me show you guys something freaky I mean
this guy looks totally freaky let me go ahead and open this guy’s mouth these
blocks there they freak me out on it look looked like he’s eating something
wow this guy is pretty ugly okay anyways let’s go ahead and take a look at this
guy from the top off first of all 360 degree movement on his neck there and
his head has 360 degree movement that’s one thing I love about these mecha ones
the Detailers awesome and the movement is super cool as you can see the spikes
on his back they’re like a red and black and there is like five gross of spikes
down his back so like I said super cool on mecha goes all-out with detail and
movement a 360 degree of movement on his hand and it rotates at the elbow and his
hand itself rotating saw for such a small arm free rotating parts who’s cool
and awesome and then he rotates at the weight here also and not all the way you
probably could but it’s really tight I’m a little bit scared to break the guy and
then our leg movement wise on this guy is also awesome the movement wise 360
degree movement so this guy could do like karate kicks and stuff with his leg
and then you’ve got 360 degree movement knees also it is a little tight well I
think that just because it’s new and the foot goes up and down and 360-degree
movement on the foot they do a really great job of emailing you guys balls
and painting games that is super realistic looking and then so you can
move his leg in two different positions you could get this guy to stand all the
way forward okay anyways you could get him to stand over quite a bit or to
stand up but this his leg moves he is a little bit heavy so you can’t get him in
all position because he falls over because he is top-heavy compared to his
tail and then uh his tail looks a little bit funny I mean I like the job they did
on the other one more ah great movement on the tail 360-degree movement this one
seems a little loose so I don’t know why that is God you’ve got movement at
different joints of this tail 360 degree movement there over here over here and
you could pop this tail off in different segments if you want so if you want to
display him without a tail I mean I don’t know why you would do that but if
you do you could so like I said I mean I really like this guy he looks really
awesome here is a good look at back of him so
odd this guy looks like a good candidate for cage battle with Dinosaurs also let
me know what you guys think because I think this guy is really awesome you
could see like flames coming out of his body like all over the place okay so let’s go ahead and check out
some of these other odd Godzilla’s first of all one I was telling you about the
other NECA one I bought from Toys R Us as you can see I do like this detail on
this one a lot more I’ve done a full review on this one but the articulation
and the way the tail fits together seems to me much nicer than they do on this
red one here because this one the tail it seems to be flopping all over the
place which I mean I really don’t know why that is maybe I just got a bad one
ah any of you guys have bought that one and yours is different go ahead and fill
me in the comment click well anyways besides these two let’s check out some
of the ones I have odd these two are from the new Godzilla movie actually all
three of these are from the 2016 Godzilla movie they’re Godzilla in
different forms this one here has gills and then he starts to form into this one
here with less gills pretty much getting ready to be on land and then you have
the final form of Godzilla right there and then I got some other rooms cool
ones I got this mecha godzilla here and this mecha godzilla i have not reviewed
these two yet but they look really cool especially this one i mean the detail of
this guy is really cool he’s got almost like evil looking dog caked on him
and then I have some of the older Godzilla toys I’ve got this one just I
believe it is almond strike but this one is probably the worst Godzilla toy I
ever had or seen because you’ve got like a big chicken leg and everything if you
ask me that’s one you definitely want to stay away from and then you have this
one this one’s like a tank strike one this is from the 1998 got to look movie
this one has a little remote tank here you push it it’s a firing noise and this
got village shake but my odd samurai is actually taking out the shape but it
shakes the roars music head so and this was like all rubber
so this one is blended and then next we have my absolute favorite one it also is
the most expensive one but this is a big neck Godzilla as you can see compared to
the one we just reviewed it is many times in size but this is the coolest
one I think this one was fifty dollars but it’s well worth it for the detail
and the articulation of it like I said I’ve got full reviews of pretty much all
of these I’m showing you and also battles so I have this guy actually
fighting King Kong so there is a good fun battle if you
guys want to see any other arena battles with dinosaurs and Godzilla drop it in
the comment section below and then I also got some cool our puppet Godzilla’s
this one here it’s supposed to make sound but it’s not this one’s like a
more cartoony Godzilla and then you have this full body Godzilla
puppet which in my opinion is a lot cooler than the last one it’s a lot
easier to control it does make down it is really pretty creepy looking this one
is from the 1998 godzilla which it seems like everybody hated but i think the
monster looked Godzilla monster from that movie look
then I got another really cool purple Godzilla this one I actually
ordered from Sega in Japan though that one
then of course I’ve got the biggest doula you’re going to get over here I
mean you see how big the neck up Godzilla is right here what this one is
huge I mean this is like a three foot tall Godzilla
I actually have to take my camera off its tripod to show you guys but I have
reviewed this one also it’s cool except for the fact that its body is hollow so
uh it’s almost the themes a little cheap when you play with it but for display
purposes if you want something big something that’s Godzilla that is what
you want from all what I know that’s the biggest Godzilla you’re going to find so
I actually found that online at annoyed rod guys ah if you did enjoy the
Godzilla toys I’ll put a link below the video where you could buy some of them
ah guys I love making these videos for you guys you guys are in awesome
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because I love making these videos and I wanted to Wow well I will see you guys
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