New PAW PATROL Nickelodeon Super Pups Skye & Rocky / Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing WD Toys
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New PAW PATROL Nickelodeon Super Pups Skye & Rocky / Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing WD Toys

it’s great to see you again i’m so glad
you came back hi I’m WD and welcome to our Channel New PAW PATROL Nickelodeon Super Pups Skye & Rocky / Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing WD Toys let’s see what new awesome toy we have
today we have two of the paw patrol super pups we’ve got sky and rocky boy
discussion totally awesome and later we’ll have today’s secret word and
awesome and card lot more fun videos wow good Red Alert red alert Mandy the monkey
nelly the elephant are in terrible danger this is the last transmission we
received monkey with yelling into the camera and that everything went dark Oh what happened to them quick paw Patrol to the rescue paw patrol so more crash oh you pops
need to take driving lessons no Mandy the elephant is stuck atop the
terrible jungle temple how will we save her let’s the others
elevator oh it’s not working quick guys ideas
ideas hurry somebody and now i know i know my
trucks got a platform i could help that might help them I could help her get down yay paw patrol
paw here goes Rocky yeah yeah very manly hurry will she make it yeah but me and he said there was
terrible danger Holly what is it what’s so dangerous
about the terrible t-rex the function terrible danger he’s got Rockies truck comes another one what will the pups 20 kuraki the paw patrol pop know what is this skyrock you’re missing where r sky in
rocky your skype what was she doing quick is a flat changes into super sky yeah pump in the way what about
mild-mannered rocky quick is a flat changing is super rocky I’m up in the
way super pumped to the rescue Wow look at our heroes go rocky go will they be in time for what here comes rocky knocked over all the
other ones going for him she looked over your guy is our new
heroine of the day crash-landed super pumps you say that you say that where
the sky and rocky although i think that terrible dinosaur ate them our heroes
have to go hey guys wow what happened here rocky guy you’re alright ma wee while we
thought that terrible Dino eat where were you guys so scared so scared of the big bad get me the monkey is still missing where is she I heard something what was there yeah Wow mean the elephant are safe it’s time to go to the rescue calling up
pops calling all pop go peep has lost her sheep and she doesn’t know where to
find them calling our pops Oh time for our next mystery Wow guys these paw patrol super pups and
totally awesome and these are exclusive to walmart today we have Skye rocky see
to give any kind of a pile of the back I just says removable back and here is a
picture from the actual TV show awesome and there is are the five of
them that provide superheroes i actually have for those I’m gonna have to find
the fifth one second review all of them ok let’s go ahead and open this up and
have some fun okay we’re gonna unpack rocky first that
cool modern there with his cool cape and his cool superhero back then sky yeah yeah ok then let’s go ahead and take a look
at this guy she’s got her off like Jet wing backpack here got like the jets in
the back will fire off and off we’ll go ahead and put this right on to the back
of her wow that’s awesome and then you put her
cape right over at although the woods real-life the fire from the Jets would
probably burn off cape that’s right she’s got her cool
superhero off pink mask on she’s got her symbol here are the cool thing is with
these they’re very playable their legs move all their legs move like quite a
bit so you could put her into a lot of different poses she’s got her own superhero utility belt
there here is a look at the back of her Cape
will go right over the backpack wings also she’s ready for crime fighting and
then we have rocky rocky comes with the really cool backpack to uh this one has
like a drill on one side and like an arm to pick up stuff on the other so you
would attach this one to write to his back fits in there nice and neat the
Cape goes right over the top of it so that’s really cool and then let’s take a
look at rocky he’s got his green superhero mask on same as with sky really good movement on
are all four of his legs most of these are all patrol pop side
you could only move two of their legs that’s a really nice option little great
hill back there he’s got his superhero all utility bail and he’s ready for
crime fighting i’m going to call patrol pups were
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right there and also click the thumbs up button under the video in today’s secret
word is the word pops Bell p you go ahead and put that in the comments
section below the video the video you remember the club with to the video
answers and all cement quarter for start-up a big war was so much fun
together i hope to see you yeah


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