New PJ Masks Gekko Mobile Car Vs King Kong & Godzilla / Catboy,Owlette,Gekko Jurassic World Unboxing
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New PJ Masks Gekko Mobile Car Vs King Kong & Godzilla / Catboy,Owlette,Gekko Jurassic World Unboxing

oh no what evil scheme is roomy old coming up with now look he’s injecting the eggs with some type of DNA New PJ Masks Gekko Mobile Car / Catboy,Owlette,Gekko Vs King Kong & Godzilla Jurassic World Unboxing haha hatch my pretty eggs hatch and grow haha one of them hatched into a little monkey and the other one hatched into a miniature Godzilla know what is this monkey grow wow he got huge he good the king now he’s using his growth rate and good wow he’s huge check him out oh man what’s gonna happen he’s attacking the city not soon commercial for bj pups are stuck at the top of the building Oh Godzilla’s attacking the other part of the city Oh No skies trapped on the roof who can they call calling pj mess quick Godzilla and King Kong and destroying the city and the paw patrol pups are in terrible danger Craig becomes keka and he’s off in the gekko-mobile be el mio because i wear and she’s off in the home will be all Connor becomes cat-boy and he’s off in the capital B well hurry hurry hurry hurry guys go go let’s go let’s go let’s go hurry hurry i’ll let we need a plan we can’t just rush into let’s go 00 lat gonna save the day before those guys get here i’ll be the hero but 00 flipped her car hell no he’s got wet oh wait you’re always rushing into things with no plan always in a hurry super Gekko strength he picked up King Kong and Downey go la escape Oh Kong’s getting up he’s not happy got gecko more oh he’s in terrible danger comes cat-boy super cat speed he fires than that launcher he’s got clogged he trips and applause all right captured kong oh no here comes good you think is atomic breath oh he knocked them all down is this the end of pj mass oh no he’s got outlet is running away with her girls have to save her look at gecko boy with the gecko peel he drove right up top of Godzilla he rescue don’t know here he comes supercast be looking backward Romeo shrink ray no shrinking good zilla I turned back into an egg and now kong is a monkey he’s back to an egg the PJ masks has saved the night again and off into the night to go to return to their secret identities of connor of ir and Greg wow guys we have pj max masks get coma Beal it looks also said just like in the show and it fits all three of the heroes let’s check out the back pj mass gekko-mobile includes the gekko-mobile and gecko figures also let’s open it up ok so here is the gekko-mobile do and an exclusive gecko let’s take a look at gecko first because he looks awesome ok here is gecko in his gecko soup gecko is really Greg and his superpowers are Gekko camouflage to change colors super Gekko muscles to lift heavy things super lizard grip climb walls are anchor himself to stop vehicles it’s super lizard water run to walk on water so he is really strong and our this character that comes with the car are his head will turn all the way his arms will turn all the way his legs will off then forward so he could sit down and he looks really cool and he fits right into his green car seat here so you can tell who’s seated is by the color so here is the gekko-mobile it could go in water under water and it could climb walls balls so it’s got like a blue tank treads on the sides this one actually has wheels under the tank treads by our end the show it is actual tank treads their drive it it’s got tank treads in the back it’s got a little log ghetto tail on the back with spikes and fins on the two sides here’s a look at the other side and here is a look in the front it looks cool looks almost like his mask you got the two eyes here would be the mouth and it’s got some lines here you’ve got to control here on the front off it’s a little small there and the cool thing is all three of them fit in the car so here you’ve got cat boy that boy will lock right into that seat in the back and outlet will sit here and our i did a review on all of their cars and all of their cars are depending on who scar it is like if this was all let’s car her red seat would be in the front and the other two would be at the back so as you can see they’re all three of them fit in nicely and securely I mean here i’m shaking it upside down and they don’t fall off so that is really cool look at all three of their vehicles i did a full review on all of them with cool dinosaur battles where they have to our beat huge dinosaurs that Romeo makes so it is really cool if you want to check those out go to the end of this video and check out my pj masks later click on the boxes below for more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe


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