New Playskool Heroes DILOPHOSAURUS Jurassic World   2015  Hasbro Unboxing, Review By WD Toys
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New Playskool Heroes DILOPHOSAURUS Jurassic World 2015 Hasbro Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys wow guys it’s great to see you again New Jurassic World Playskool Heroes DILOPHOSAURUS 2015 Hasbro By WD Toys working I’m awesome show today today we
have Playskool heroes dial office Rs while the scene looks of some by hey hola Paul and has lights and sounds includes
the batteries la jolla and call okay take a look at
the back says get ready for at pink Dino adventure is chump unrar de
la plus Rs wow looks call let’s go ahead and open
it up okay but before we open it up we have to
pay for it let’s ask Barbie how much it costs why for 50 LA let’s go ahead and check out calloway night shocks well short hard we’re gonna play pay with
credit card in yes it’s all paid for while let’s go
ahead and open it up past some fun Luke a catch this is a
really cool dinosaur let’s take a look at him without the light on because his eyes do light
up to. helm HOA p safety check call thought the Paul Paul he does have chomping action thaw thaw okay he’d be good at a rock cod haha dead park and I think a closer look
at him see his legs move I his get a good range of movement on
his legs look like they will turn all the way
around look at that he could do lots of stretching and yoga exercises their where he’d be good at kicking a football
this will let’s see this to see this late moves all the way around till then his arms while look at the big clauses got his arms have I the range of movement not that great it
cuz %ah is certain block by neck I mean it okay if %um pull it back
a little bit and then push it back you know he
couldn’t pull hit put it all the way to his back see all
the way like that and then he’s got cool looking clause to take a look at
these claws the really wicked looking clause then
here’s where you put in the bad reason it does come a bad race so that’s nice he’s got up orange coloring in spikes on
his back which looks cool ways get the spikes up
his neck then he’s got like teeth fans on his
head mica said his mop does open up means get a realistic-looking red tongue
in there he doesn’t have that many teak while he looks cool all hi the them so you push is TLT get pimp did chomping
roaring action the tho are the deadlock the Saurus is challenging the t-rex for his eggs he wants to eat his AGS the thought the
this is the child this is a chomping T-rex I did shows and
the headline okay it this Sunday school 10 K see he actually had the chance to action
kid the pick up his eggs and carried them to
safety issue that so they’ve done a lot for Saurus dungeon
eat them right now he needs to protect McD’s a
bulk shift served E they’re both the Playskool hero are dinosaurs de la Paz or sanity rachi have to chopping thank you again all that T rex just patiently waiting
till he’s done and then he champs M are all know he’s
got him he’s got him in his mouth all know cool then the EC the Velociraptor behind
him trying to steal his act was there a
occupied think throws them onto the velociraptor and
knocks over the velociraptor now he s he pick up his baby and bring
him to safety pic we see this and is RT hatching see the babies a repeat now now he has to go
bring them to a new nest with the other dinosaurs
at Makati shows them while guys he he Playskool won the lotto fine what do you
guys think the okay tho E and the t-rex his eyes glow to identify
came here on him kid p here they are challenging each other pic okay which dinosaur your favorite make sure
you leave it for me in the comments shiny who buy is that to happen sources so cool his
scary but he prayed challenging the t-rex but
do keep track stimpy him why how wanna no gay you that will be here monkey could be a flurry cookie you left
colgate could be step up you’ll have complete
with me do you Cookie Monster miss you this is show googly kukri red-meat home what’s that lose it thanks the 80s mmm due date exact location liquid okay like movies lamenting retry one hey down sir doctor made it an issue care desert fact book scared no way you hugs do keep cookie locates I had so much fun with you if you enjoyed this episode make sure
you subscribe to my channel down below this video John Deere me coming to click Like if
you like this video answers not since card say with lot harder for videos with me Peppa Pig lighted dinosaur and
princes videos y weekend so fun first to well I hope to see is good


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