New Power Rangers Deluxe Dino Super Charge Black T-Rex Zord Vs Indominus Rex  Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Power Rangers Deluxe Dino Super Charge Black T-Rex Zord Vs Indominus Rex Unboxing – WD Toys

wow guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another awesome toy opening today take a
look at this one wow this is the power rangers deluxe black t-rex Zord well i’m
so excited to open this up and guys if New Power Rangers Deluxe Dino Super Charge Black T-Rex Zord Vs Indominus Rex Unboxing – WD Toys later we’re gonna have a Oh some
dinosaur bite gonna have an awesome dinosaur battle and if you wait and you
could also vote on who you think is gonna win you see that little button in
the top right hand corner the white one go ahead and push that and you could
choose which dinosaur you think is gonna win and you could also see what other
people have chosen Wow guys this is gonna be totally awesome okay well let’s
go ahead and open this guy up and have some fun this black t-rex Zord is
radical dudes wow he looks so cool let’s go ahead and open them up and see what
was in the package oh ok this is what was in the package before we put
anything together and then we’ll have to go put this guy together and it also
came with a really cool background check that out mountains and trees so you
could use that as a little like play area so you could like have battles with
like that in the background and stuff it’ll be fun ok let’s put this guy
together check him out ok guys here he is all put together and he looks really
cool first of all this cartridge that came with it it has a little button here
you could click there you will get like ah there’s the black dye know there is
black and white and here he is white and this also will make sounds if you have a
more fur I have a more fur here so we could go ahead and put it into his mouth
and see what ok said t-rex charger engage then it
fires and that’s about it for the sounds it makes because I these little knobs
here depending on what they push inside here is what makes different sounds ok
but ah this is actually for this guy to to morph him into battle mode so you go
ahead and push it into his mouth all the way there and ok and once you push it in
you close this and his fins on the back of his head pop up and he’s his mouth is
sort of locked in there if you want to open it you go ahead and push his fins
down there and take it out so that is how he engages into battle mode but I
prefer his mouth open so you can see his teeth so we’re gonna go ahead and take
that out for now and let’s go let’s go ahead around this guy and take a look at
him because he does look really cool he’s got like the big red eyes there
he’s got this off like missile launcher here which actually will come off and it
comes with three missiles and it fires pretty good let’s go ahead and fire this
thing off so so I mean not not too much velocity but you know you don’t want to
be shooting it at anybody so that’s pretty cool too that it’s detachable so
you could actually put it in in different directions i mean i believe
you could even know you can’t put it in forward but that’s what actually hides
this guy’s head so I you would detach this when you’re morphing him and then
going on here you’ve got like it’s got like a blaster sticking out the back of
him that this look here is almost is very similar to the Spinosaurus which
you’ll see i’ll be doing a review on that one off pretty soon
then you’ve got the little spindly t-rex arms and you got big battle legs with
claws which are really cool looking and let’s take a look at this guy from the
front and the other side okay and then of course as with the other power
rangers this guy will transform well morph I say transform I because I these
guys are really similar to transformers so then go ahead drop this down and this
piece here slides out and then you turned his legs you pull his legs apart
and that’s where his head is his head is actually stored here between the legs I
mean actually his helmet so he does have a really cool-looking helmet then you go
ahead and put his helmet on and then I you also need other power rangers to
finish this guy off for this one for this one I’m going to use two of the
dinos dump bikes which are the Red Ranger and the aqua ranger so let’s go
ahead and get those guys here that would be these two so it’d be the the blue
bike and the yellow bike and these actually just snap on and they are his
arms okay to attach the dinos thump bikes you have to actually pull these
pieces off the side which the instructions not really clear about that
so I mean you would actually take off the dinos head which I mean I don’t
really like that that much and you would take the bike here and attach it right
onto there so I mean he is pretty awesome looking like that and then
attach the blue bike to the other side it could be vice versa I mean you don’t
have to use any specific side and then he is also looking I mean these arms
make it look like he’s got a giant guns on the side ah boy this guy looks
awesome like that I mean check check out the bikes the exhaust pipes on the bikes
here look almost like twin blasters so I mean this guy could take down pretty
much anything that comes at him and he is really cool looking let’s take a
closer look at him okay there is his head part and then there would be the
one bike and there would be the other bike actually let’s go ahead and turn
this down so you could get a better view at him and it’s a good thing he’s got
the big feet because they help to stabilize him so he could stand by
himself so there you could see the other bike it’s his other arm and he is really
cool so I mean he has 360-degree movement of the arms this would be the
other side of the arm and then the same with this one here and they do click and
walk see they click and lock into different positions so you could have a
lot more fun with this guy and let’s go ahead and check him out from the back okay you do have to lock his legs up
front or he will fall over because those bikes add quite a bit of weight to him
so there you have it from the back to awesome this guy is cool okay well guys
I think it’s time for our dyno battle who you guys think he should face I
think we’re gonna face him off against the indominus when he’s in his t-rex
form and when we morf him boy that indominus is gonna get a big surprise hahahaha boy you’re such a little puny
guy you think you have a chance against me
I mean I could eat half of you and one bite hahahaha well guys now is it time
to vote before the battle get started that little white button in the top
right hand corner it’s gonna pop out and vote there who you think is gonna win
and let’s get this battle going fire missile Oh tried to choke me to death
here that’s it buddy you’re going down oh this guy doesn’t look like he has
much of a chance oh wow I pulled I pulled your head off this battle is over
hahaha oh but he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with does he / injures morph what and uh what happened to you I was
fighting a tiny little t-rex what are you uh what was that you scared me so bad
man my dinner is coming back oh man let’s get this over with it stinks
around here me that’s all I won this battle was over Rangers man is cheating ripped is Armand guys the light I see
the light everything is fading oh man my stomach that is not good man I’m gonna
have to get my arm fixed this guy just ripped it right off oh man it stinks
around here well I think this guy’s done what dancing debt debt debt is my oh man
I gotta get rid of this garbage here oh man this guy stinks so bad I’m getting
rid of this guy oh man oh okay that guy should not have messed with me Power
Rangers more and my arm is back as good as new well guys that was a awesome
battle but boy that guy’s stunk so bad I think I finally got rid of him ah it’s
still doing it I felt like I was dead oh good not here Wow guys that was so much
fun that power rangers deluxe black t-rex Zord was totally cool and did you
guess which dinosaur was gonna win the battle if not make sure next time you
click that white button before the battle happens and you could choose
which one of the dinosaurs you think will win if you wait to this video ends
there’s an awesome end card lot more fun videos drastic world millions and Peppa
Pig and Star Wars and wow will have so much fun together well guys I hope to
see yourself you


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