New Power Rangers Dino Super  Charge Ptera Charge Megazord Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Ptera Charge Megazord Unboxing – WD Toys

guys it’s great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back we’re gonna have another all sometimes I opening today hi I’m WD and welcome to my toy channel let’s see what we have today wow this is
the terrorists are charge megazord good from the new power rangers dino charge
toys New Power Rangers Dino Charge Ptera Charge Megazord Unboxing – WD Toys boy that looks totally awesome guys and
guys later we’ll have today secret word and an awesome in card was a lot more
fun videos wow go ahead and open this guy out ok guys
this to your church Megazord is totally are some i love pterodactyls they are
cool check that out that’s what he looks like
as the magazine and that’s what he transforms into as a pterodactyl cool let’s check out the back of this ok says more modes wow that looks cool and you could build
so many different Lloyd’s with this guy – I’ll show you some of the different
combinations because I’ve got most of most of these other guys so that who’s cool and here’s a cool
graphic of him from the TV show and here’s what he looks like in the package
before I remove anything and i also have a more first so we’re going to go ahead
and listen to the cartridge and then we’re going to go ahead and scan it into
the odd dino charge app which is really cool okay first of all let’s go ahead and
take a look at the magazine but he’s all put together and then we’ll go ahead and
listen to the cartridge scan it into the app and then i will show you guys how to
transform this guy because I’m goose is a really cool toy I really like the pterodactyl so we’re
going to start at the top there take a good look at him all the way down
and then we’ll take a look at him from the side like I said I mean this toy is awesome
so here you do get the pterodactyl off like head coming out of his chest that
is removable if you just want to put the chest piece
in there and then here is a look in the back is kind of boring I mean he’s all
black in the back so I mean this no that is a little bit boring the side
view is really cool because you can see the face of the pterodactyl there and
then let’s take a look at the action feature ok with the action feature we’re
going to go ahead and plug the cartridge push the cartridge into the pterodactyl
mouth and family is gonna pop forward so I me that
that’s one of the cooler action features i’ve seen on the mega zoids fam so I i think that’s really cool and then
let’s go ahead and take a look at the cartridge scan it in and then we will
transform this guy ok so here is his power up cartridge I as it almost looks like a number there ok so each of these has four images so
if you scan through the images really quickly you can see like the creature
like powering up on the back it says training on and let’s go ahead and scan
it into the app ok here is a look at the app if you go
ahead and just search for all Dino super charge it’s usually the first one that pops off
so we’re going to go ahead and scan the QR code in here yeah so here’s a good luck at the scanning
the QR code into the cartridge because it is really cool is okay so it says
terror charger off basically you could scan in all ok i got a new goal off to a
power you could skin in all of your cartridges and have them in one place so
it says new more fierce off mask Gold Ranger ok and then it also shows
the images from the ones you’ve already scanned it shows like the images you can
flip through and you have all of them in one place so that is really cool i
really like that feature so I mean you could like look at the cartridges and
listen to them and everything with out actually I did not know that ok so if you click here it will actually
flip through the images just like if you’re clicking the actual cartridge
itself so i mean that that is awesome ok then i also have a more first so
let’s go ahead and listen to what the cartridge says ok so says Tara charger engage ok then let’s go ahead and read for this
guy yeah and there he is all transformed like i
said this guy is awesome he is huge and this is a good every trend it on and they really could
have only had two are used the top part of the guy on him which would have been
enough but I mean adding that the bottom part adding that back part to it also makes
this guy heavy very durable boy check that out that is this is probably one of the coolest stop right now i mean i’ll say this is the
coolest mega zoid transformation I’ve seen I mean this is one also . we will have
it kept me yeah yeah yeah yeah okay guys that was quite a few
transformations let me know which one of those you like the most in the comments
section down below and I had a great time making this for you guys and I hope
to see you soon guys interior charge make it was totally also and guys if you
enjoyed the show make sure you click thumbs up which is
the like button below the video and today secret word is the word charge
spelled char007 put that in the comments section below the video I know you enjoy the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s an awesome in car it’s a lot more fun videos drastic world
millions of Star Wars and Peppa Pig and wow will have so much fun together i
hope to see you soon


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