New Power Rangers Limited Edition Deinosuchus Zord Dino Super Charge Vs Megazord Unboxing – WD Toys
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New Power Rangers Limited Edition Deinosuchus Zord Dino Super Charge Vs Megazord Unboxing – WD Toys

guys it’s great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back we’re gonna have another all awesome toy I opening today hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what we have today wow this is
a limited edition going to sue concerned with charger from power rangers dino
super tarde New Power Rangers Limited Edition Deinosuchus Zord Dino Super Charge Vs Megazoid Unboxing – WD Toys wow we’re going to have a lot of fun
opening this up we’re going to happen all the dyno battle and later we’ll have
to a secret word and an awesome and card lot more fun videos wow let’s go ahead
open this guy out ok guys here is the limited dishes Dinah
edition Deinosuchus sword with charger and he looks totally awesome the first Deinosuchus aww one was just
like orange and black this was like a really cool like dark
green orange blue eyes and I like is coloring a lot more and here’s a really good graphic of him
on the package and let’s check out the back of the package charger unlocks his
battle mode so his battle mode up is basically his second mouth will swing
from his back for it goes over his back like spikes and then it swings back and
here’s a really cool graphic of the original guy from the show itself ok let’s go ahead and open this up check
it out man here’s what he looks like out of the box i mean they give a really
cool like packaging background with them it’s like a swamp green water and all kinds of ruined cool
plants and everything and I mean I i think they do a really great job packaging let’s take them out ok guys whose don’t limited edition
Dinah Stukas or is awesome here he is compared to the other one as
you can see i mean i really like the coloring on these limited edition ones a
lot more that one cool thing about these that didn’t knowledge he’s got a snapping action if you roll
him so it’s a little bit hard on the surface i have to do it okay there we go
see if you roll him he’s got a nice snapping action so that’s a nice action
feature i did not know these guys had a rule like that and like I said I’m a
news guy is totally also looking let’s look all around him and we’ll take a
look at the cartridge will add the cartridge to my app and we’ll use the
Morpher to see what sounds the cartridge me so we’re going to have a lot of fun
so I this guides are got orange teeth I like that the the other one had a
great like grayish silver teeth orange is a really nice contrast to the
dark grey so I mean whoever picked these colors
really did a great job so here again is a look all around what he looks like so you can see I mean
it’s the same cartridge that comes with the orange one because it is showing
orange here so they didn’t change the cartridge for any ways to be complete there’s that I do have a full review on
the orange one also if you want to check that out I got
a playlist at the end of this video and here says Deinosuchus i really like
these power chargers and then this guy’s got a cool action feature to these
spikes on his back are actually teeth to another guide once you push in the
charger check this out so we’re going to put in the power
cartridge there and push it in and bam see it turns into another head that is
so cool and you just reset it and do it again haha it’s a cool battle action feature
is thing just snaps shut and get the bad guy okay so are we we’ve taken a look at
this guy all around i use you actually snap him apart you put him on you could use both sides
to put him on to the mega Zoid so you could use both sides or you can
use the head of each which is what i’m going to do i’ll show you guys the
megazord with the head of each with them so me that your debts that’s
gonna feel water one quick thing I’ve didn’t check out my
review here is the orange one so you could take a complete look at
this ok like I said next we are going to do
the more first so we can hear what sounds it’ll probably be the same as the
regular Deinosuchus Dino arbo x charger engage ok so here I’m going to go ahead and add
it to my collection of this is the dyno supercharged app you could download and
you could add all of these all of the QR codes from the power chargers to your
collection so here let’s go ahead and put this in
front ok so now i want ahead and added that to
my collection it’s really cool I mean it adds everyone
of these are to your collection so I mean it’s really neat you have all of your your Dino Chargers
in one place and then I says what it says with the more for to die no x
charger so I and then the another cool thing is once you add it you continue you have your whole
collection here so here you could go up and down and see the different pictures
there are show up on the power charger and it shows all your different ones
that you have so that that’s a really nice feature okay here i am going to use the spinal
Zord – I attach the two are Deinosuchus heads as his arms so let’s go ahead and transform him ok and there he is transformed this guy looks totally
some you gotta admit this is one of the coolest mega zoids I’ve seen and check
this out he’s got two of the Gator heads on there like I said that with one Deinosuchus
you could do two of the Gator arms but they don’t have off eyes or anything so
that that’s a little disappointed there see there i mean i prefer to use two of
the head with the eyes look cooler oh and then completeness to this has
like two tabs here that fit into two bowls over here let me that it’s really
easy put it together and then you can create
another magazine would have these guys battle so let’s go ahead and transform
the black box yeah ok there yes all put together so then
you could have the magazine’s flight so that that’s cool too ok let me know if you guys enjoyed that
battle sequence that’s a lot of fun making and guys this mega this limited
is edition Deinosuchus is totally also you get a chance to buy it go ahead and buy it I got this at toys r
us i believe it was about 22 guys it done as soon as George was totally owe
some guys if you enjoyed the video make sure you click thumbs up which is the like button below the video
you today secret word is the word power spouse p all w/e are go ahead and put that in the comments
section down below the video I know you enjoyed the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s an awesome and card lot more fun
videos drastic world the minions star wars peppa pig yeah oh yeah oh yeah I hope so yeah


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