New Rampage The Movie Subject Lizzie Canister Contact Godzilla Vs Lizzie Lanard Toys Unboxing EP #3
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New Rampage The Movie Subject Lizzie Canister Contact Godzilla Vs Lizzie Lanard Toys Unboxing EP #3

keep watching as Lizzie and let’s go
ahead and check out my beaver palace she is the coolest Gator ever Wow
let’s see New Rampage The Movie Subject Lizzie Canister Contact Godzilla Vs Lizzie Lanard Toys Unboxing EP #3 get your fish I’ll is your old pal look here she comes she’s the most harmless
DeHerrera all these other bullies here pick on her all the time merciless no
they live Tarkus lizzi’s go on something eat all the
other Gators oh my poor Lizzy is she gone forever oh
man love the guns on this new boat with this Gatling gun I tear those Gators
into pieces check this out ah check it out I got one yay boy this is awesome YP
these guys out for flan ha ha ha stupid Gators hey Bob something’s wrong
with the engine check out what it is okay I don’t see anything wrong with
that Wow where are you where’d you go what was there what gotta be my imagination playing tricks
on me there’s nothing that big there’s nothing that could possibly be good
bullets bounce right I’m getting out of here Bob’s on his own like this one is canister contact
genetic containment division subject Lizzie she is ready to destroy these
these toys were made by Lanyrd and they’re distributed only at Walmart so
if you’ve seen the King Kong toys from Skull Island it’s the same company that
makes it guys they did not send me these toys I bought these from Walmart
I love these toys I mean this detail the playability the look everything is
superb ah watch my reviews and you see what an awesome toy company they are aa
really great artwork even on the box I mean the quality is on the box also
great artwork all over even for something you’re just gonna throw away
they did a great job so Lizzie’s got jaw chomping action
and she is ready to destroy and here’s a quick synopsis of the movie if you want
to read it basically the rock Dwayne Johnson is Davis Toya and to be friends
girl logic racism for maybe the grill of mutate alligator bouquets you can try to
save this friend so basically there you’ve got this story okay well anyways
let’s go ahead and open it up like I said if you’re gonna buy any action toys
this year guys get them from this series because they are totally awesome so here
is what’s in the box before I open Lanyrd makes so cool set so this is a
smaller Lizzy this is like when the smallest said they have but the detail
on her is still astounding for a small and expensive set so here mouth does
open and close really great paint job really awesome job with the teeth for
how small they are and there is no color bleed through
where they are we’re painting we got color I mean these almost look like a
hand-painted like crafted type are really expensive diggers the only thing
here is if you look at the back here you can see a little bit of pink here from
where the head moves down so I think that’s a piece that’s under it that’s
the only thing I could line wrong with this bigger it is really
cool great job with the paint in the mall arms everywhere this one does not
have any moving parts other than the mouth so the legs are big if you see my
wand for the bigger one of Lizzie that’s got a lot of moving parts and really
sharp spikes on the back this one’s more muted down but it’s super great detail
also nice color job like light green dark green like a pinkish color there
and the top and a great paint job on the bottom also let me show you the bigger
one that behind her is the bigger one I did a full review and cool story on that
one but it is amazing I mean this is one of
the coolest beers I seen we’ve caught evil
this guy looks and got the cool action feature opens and closes this mouth this
guy is big enough to pretty much swallow the head of the little one but anyways
going back to this set this set includes a really cool bow they can pretty much
the same boat on the King Kong Skull Island toy set what they made but they
changed the colors but it’s still an awesome set it’s like a little military
sure will you all these boats but really great artwork
this gun in the back here swivels this gun swivels the front gun sniffles and
the ammo Val see if it works oh yeah the ammo belt actually pulls through so how
cool is that you’re making like a stop-motion video or something and you
could actually make this thing in wolf like exactly firing and this gun will
turn 360 there’s plenty of room here for the character to stand or to sit a
handle for him to shoot the gun while he’s driving even the engine here
swivels back and forth so like I said really great job and here it’s actually
labeled Lanyrd and then uh the action figure
ah this one has a cool action figure some of them the action figure doesn’t
have moving parts like the last one I showed you guys but this one does this
one is just like a GI Joe one similar to the rock who I joined you guys not long
ago who is Davis Sequoia in this movie but this guy is really similar to that
if you ever played with GI Joe bought the same sizes movement 360 there 360
he’ll turn at the elbow and he also does lift up his elbow so he could put him in
a lot of different positions movement on the legs about there and he will bend at
the knee he’s got a pistol in a holster a knife here he’s got a really cool like
submachine gun he comes with some type of a rifle machine gun he comes with
shotgun pistol and and a grenade which I can’t find it this one so I must have
dropped it ah the grenade is dirty and then there’s some cool accessories that
come with this this here all busted up I think this was where it had like the
radioactive material or that genetically modified Lizzy from a gator into a giant
creature you’ve got two barrels here you could put stuff in and this is I believe
some type of a barrier or something over here so really cool set guys okay that was totally awesome and if you
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