New S.H. Monsterarts Spit Fire Godzilla 2014 Godzilla Vs King Kong Stop-Motion Unboxing
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New S.H. Monsterarts Spit Fire Godzilla 2014 Godzilla Vs King Kong Stop-Motion Unboxing

keep watching to see me compare the two
s stage monster art Godzilla’s to the five mechagodzilla’s and give you my
opinion which i think which one of them is the best Wow keep on watching okay
okay today this is my second sh monster arts this is the Spitfire version so it
comes in this plain paper this plain brown box you open it up and that’s
where you get the box with check this New S.H. Monsterarts Spit Fire Godzilla 2014 Godzilla Vs King Kong Stop-Motion Unboxing as cool as the figure so here says SH
Monstars Godzilla 2014 Spitfire version s ace monster arts is a new standard
figure series that incorporates the Bandai action figure art under the theme
pursuing character expression through monster action so this is tamashii japanese writing there it’s legendary
here’s a good look at artwork on one side and then you got the back the back
of words actually showing the figure here all the writings in Japanese I mean
I don’t I’m not really sure water said something you’re interested in reading
there is close up but anyways super great detail especially when you get the
Spitfire that skin they had the stand that actually stood up there really cool
spikes on the back of this guns in lot I did just do one of the Godzilla the 2000
millennium collectors are edition like special color so if you want to check
that out I here’s some more details I believe that
once again like I said all Japanese writing and then here is a nice picture
of the entire bigger here has a look at the top of the package the bottom of the
package also has a blog writing and different information so really cool box
in packaging but let’s open it up and see what now I have not opened this up
yet guys if this box is empty I will be very upset say that okay so here is
Godzilla and you stand and everything and it looks like they give you a set of
instructions instructions and of course it’s all Japanese I have
no idea what it says so it looks I can kick Godzilla’s stand on the back here
that says Godzilla and when you open up you’ve got Godzilla and all the extra
parts cool I’m gonna go ahead and unpack okay so there he is set up and guys if
you are looking for the ultimate black double versions of Godzilla definitely
these monster are ones art because one thing about them they do not care about
hurting you these spikes here are as sharp as pins I mean if you stepped on
this guy at night it does not yield this guy right I mean it you don’t want to
give these to your kids because they might poke their eye out well anyways
the detail on these guys are awesome I’ll show you the other one once we
finish taking a look at this one but trust me you will love these if you’re
looking for ultimate Godzilla detail this is check out how cool that looks
because with the spin here right there it looks almost invisible so this guy is
breathing a Spitfire and it looks like he’s actually doing it another really
cool thing is this hand here pops off it comes with another hand here where he is
holding some beast and he tore this creatures head right off
and pop that in there in place of his other hand and have them carrying of
creatures head around how cool is that okay so first of all the flame the flame
is independent so it could stand there when you put it on this stand it will
hold it with the Godzilla and you could move to stand around so you could get
the flame like all over the place like here or straight up or bent all the way
down like that so and the stand is a really cool iPhone plastic Godzilla on
it okay but anyways let’s go ahead and take a look at the bigger we are going
to start here at the end like I said these figures are totally awesome so
you’ve got movement here the mouth does open and close all the way and it does
even move back and forth to check that out I’ve never seen one figure before
where the jaw will move back and forth up and down this one’s teeth are not as
big I like to teeth it have in the millennium version the teeth to have in
the millennium version are super long and jagged I mean they will literally
hold right so then movement there he’s got moving here here on the arm
several different spots that move you’ve got 360-degree movement on the
entire arm you’ve got movement here at the elbow and then right below the elbow
you’ve got movement and you’ve got movement on the arm here so 360 degree
movement in one to four different spots so that is really cool there and then
looking at this guy’s chest you’ve got movement right over here you’ve got
movement on the waist there it’s tight so I don’t want to go 360 degrees around
blah from what it feels like you could probably take this dive around 360 so
have them in the back like I said that jaw
exhaustion on move sideways and up really cool little yellow eyes also and
then I here is a look at like his pelvic area leg movement wise 360-degree on the
leg there you’ve got actual kneecap here where the
bottom in the top move back and forth so you have a yeah
actually poppers in and out which is really cool you’ve got movement over here and then clock right there the movement will
allow you to turn the foot 360 degrees and then you’ve got sharp pointed claws
on the bottom of this foot there well I do like the claws on the melenik
millennium edition more than the claws here because they’re long and jagged
like I said that one too will actually lacerate your hands so here is the
creature that he grabbed I’m not really sure who this is because it does not
identify it on the package unless it’s written in Japanese so he definitely
ripped off we definitely ripped off some creatures in here arm like a trophy and
like I said earlier one thing I really like about these figures they don’t care
about hurting you I mean these figures are ultimate display purposes every one
of these spikes I mean you can barely bend this I mean this is almost as hard
as a nail with points that are as sharp as nails so if you see like I said if
you stepped on this gun just poking in here I mean that hurts a lot
this guy at night you’re going to the hospital then on his tail movement why’s the tail
here right there another cool thing is it does move right here wait good get movement their tail
you’ve got movement here you can see there’s a ball joint inside there and
then the tail parts they do move back and forth I mean even where it’s not you
don’t have churning movement there they move back and forth to give it a more
realistic look and then you’ve got movement here 360 degree and then once
again the pieces move back and forth and then you’ve got movement down here and that’s about it well like all these
Pete all these pieces here all these pieces here are individual pieces put
together so I mean it is the coolest thing I mean when you move this tail
that looks like real life you weigh the you know moves like it’s so many
different directions even down here super sharp spikes you don’t even want
to step on these guys yeah so here we are continuing on the other side really
nice detail everywhere no screw holes I mean nothing to do track for this guy
feeding on figure you would draw on yourself
the bottom of him once again let’s go ahead and put the flame
and with the stand there and walk very authentic
I believe this guy could stand up quite a bit more than that
so you can get the flames like shooting straight out here ah these flames two
guys they’re almost razor sharp I mean Deus this is not a toy for kids
let’s just say that I mean this if your kids left this on the floor in some
serious pain okay so there you have the flames shooting out there almost like
the planes going down like this because with this clear piece in the background
if you’re looking at it like that I mean that looks like he’s shooting a flame
out of this okay and so here is the other one this
is the one out saying the millennial Edition version guys this one is in my
opinion he is so much cooler you check it out this guy his head it is kind of
boring this guy they check him everywhere I’m
teeth are sharp as big and then check out the nails on his hand I mean they
look like actual halls on a bird and they feel like it too I mean they feel
so authentic and then also the toenails actually look and feel like a real Birds
toenails so I mean the detail on this one the Millennium version in my opinion
is a lot cooler I think this one a lot of what you’re paying for is the flame
in the fact well the fact that there’s a flame and Securi ain’t but ah if you have a choice
between the two hit this millennium additional and we even check out his
eyes that one wild wicked looking Godzilla check out if you want to see
the full review and unboxing of that go to my Godzilla playlist at the end of
this video and check it out that is in 2000 millennium edition ah special color
version that is also an SH which okay in my opinion these sh monster arts are
probably the coolest ones if you want to see I do have some of the neck along okay guys that was awesome like I said
the sh monster are Godzilla’s in here are the coolest most ppl woken
Godzilla’s you gonna get which like I said they don’t care about hurting you I
mean they care about detail so I do love the neck I want but the sh monster arts
are way cooler and their packaging awesome guys I’d love to do more of
these godzilla videos in the sh monster art ones i would love to do all of them
but uh I need your opinion so if you are watching make sure you go ahead and
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