New Schleich Dinosaur Volcano Playmat Set With Spinosaurus, TREX Learn Dinosaur Names Unboxing
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New Schleich Dinosaur Volcano Playmat Set With Spinosaurus, TREX Learn Dinosaur Names Unboxing

Wow guys today we’re going to go ahead New Schleich Dinosaur Volcano Playmat Set With Spinosaurus, TREX Learn Dinosaur Names Unboxing have here and i’ll give you some awesome facts about them we’ll listen to how they sound after we are open the schleich set so stay tuned Wow guys I get a super awesome set today this is the SH like dinosaur volcano play mat set which includes a carnotaurus the block the Raptor and eclectic odorless I actually found this one on amazon for $32 I’ll include a link below the video but this one is super cool guys you got this volcano set here you sit down and it pops open into a nice huge play set so it is so cool and it’s got an awesome ah carry handle up top I mean check this out you just grab the handle here and you carry it just like that and that’s open it just unzip the or zippers you pop it open and pops into a nice big plate set here having a hard time opening and then there you go let’s go ahead and free the Dinos and check them out okay guys let’s first of all go ahead and take a look at this place that because it’s totally awesome you have like a river here with like trees you have the window there for the side over here you have the volcano there and on this side you have like running lava so this is where you would go ahead and set up your dinos and guys this is a super value because if you look at schleich stuff like this karna ah tourists here this guy himself used to be i believe about twenty dollars he was a pretty expensive phone because uh I actually have this one from before so you get three super detailed I nose and the fold-out place that which is totally awesome but anyways let’s first go ahead and check out these Dino so this guy here he’s got like ah it’s like a rubber plastic type skin I mean if it’s probably plastic but it has like a rubber coating so he does feel a lot more realistic as you can see there the detail on this guy is awesome and the cool thing is he does open and closed his mouth which a lot of these are really detailed i knows you don’t get that Mouse closing action and then you can see he’s got the horns on the front there because the Carnotaurus does have horns sometimes this dino is actually called like a diamond I know because he has like horns on the front there that he’s got like spikes and uh protrusions on his back their auspices all the way down his tail his skin is a super nice texture like I said it gives it a much more realistic feel really good detail awesome paint job on the nails and everything they’re super little tiny hands just like t-rex and they have the Velociraptor guys these are not tiny little dinos a lot of times you buy a set like this you get little tiny dinos these are likes full-sized i knows they are totally awesome this guy too has like a rubberized feel to his skin and his mouth also does open and close so there’s like I said I mean they did a great job and you can see me like how the eyes are painted and everything it is cool and the texturing down his back is coloring very authentic looking Velociraptor and of course they do have the third claw which you need for a Velociraptor that would be like his killing or his ripping claw there you could see ah its hands with nails there so that is really cool and then let’s check out the other side of them so i really like dinos and that place that is so cool I’m you can fit so many different dinos into the playset and we have the quest coda less ah you’d probably know this guy’s you played Jurassic world the game which is a really cool app game if you haven’t check it out on this channel and my gaming channel WD tech toys I got a lot I got over 200 episodes of that they’re so on once again super great detail with this guy this guy’s doesn’t have any moving parts bought for display purposes he is awesome you could see like the really good coloring on the wings and the way the wings are folded I mean it almost looks like this guy is flying so I really like the way they did that and then you could see ah even underneath I mean they did a great job with the detail when you’re done playing simply place your dinos right back in here go ahead fold up the four sides here this 24 zippers and you are set to go reportable action so you are bringing a bunch of dinos and awesome volcano with you how cool is that then even if you look at the bottom it has like the off top of the volcano there so you can see like fire coming out and then it’s like open on the top so you could place any year dinos in there grab the handle and you are set to go for portable dino action okay let’s go ahead and set up our park like i showed you before i’m going to go ahead and clap this bag here so it’s all set there then on top of that i’m going to put the gates for jurassic park we will leave them open and then we’re going to put some awesome scenery here so the dinosaurs could enjoy themselves and then finally water so so we are all set for our dinos sweet let’s go ahead and see who we have okay and next we have the Spinosaurus hey him her angry wat huge even bigger than that t-rex and just brought on if they want to have a wow that would be something okay next we have another tier add this one is made by potassium also okay I think we’re going to go ahead and set her on this island over here and then we have the car notorious which would be the diamond I know made her mad Oh better watch out guys if you do like any of these toys you want to see them unbox and reviews and stuff I have a playlist at the end of this video I also have a link or you could buy this like video so I think we’re gonna Center over here to decide by the water and here is our next I know you’re right it’s a chorus this is made by and she looks oh no what we’re going to go ahead and her hair in the park and hope none of the carnivores inside to snack thanks to god this cute little french guy knock that is a velociraptor this guy is a vicious predator uses that dirt clock here on their legs you can rip open the atomic your enemy cool and they travel and attack impact the oneworld get your attention from the front while the other one attacks and each you will be blind so we’re going to go ahead and hide her here in the leads because these guys like these girls like to hide jump off and next we have a boost asuka is made by safari limited many of you guys played the odd jurassic world app game by ludia ah this is one of the Dinos you could fly it in there and if you haven’t check out my video on my playlist here or my gaming channel WD tech toys i have all 200 jurassic world episodes on okay where are we going to put this school huh I think we’ll put this one over here by the rot actually that one will fit on the rock putnis and then you have another Dino pretty similar to that one but bigger but this one is a captor Zukas this is also made by Safari limited so they make some really cool Dino models its mouth doesn’t open and close fought it is cool it’s like half a dinosaur half alligator I mean this guy is this shit and what do you think look at those teeth this guy a herbivore or carnival world you are correct that is definitely a carnivore so so far all of these are carnivores except for one and who is this flying guy we have here yet you are correct that is equipped Dakota land that is also in the drastic world game so if you want to check that one out and she is a great flyer I would think this one is a carnivore probably ate fish and smaller animals she could fly down and grab so we’ll go ahead and put her in the tree there since she could fly and then we have G odds philosoraptor from Jurassic Park these are the chaos magician ones so I mean if you watched on some of my episodes or other episodes in these dinos they did bring a whole line of chaos addition dinos they are all like super wild paint you where you see their dresses mark logo and once again same as the other velociraptor these were vicious predators so we’re going to go ahead and put this one in the weeds over there so she’s going to hide over there then okay so that these are all the Dinos that we went ahead and identified and spell their names today so let’s count out how many we had to because I don’t remember one two three four five six seven eight nine in ten wow we had ten awesome dinos today and if you guys enjoyed the video please click like the thumbs up button under the video drop me a comment guys I do read your comments and I will reply as soon as possible and like I said if you want to buy this flight set I check out my description under the video thanks for viewing for me oh wow guys that was a lot of what and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comment section down below the video on those you remember my club go to the video ends there’s an awesome and curves off more fun with you lift the boxes below for a lot 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