New Shin Godzilla  Radiation Heat Rays Version Sega Unboxing Review With King Kong
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New Shin Godzilla Radiation Heat Rays Version Sega Unboxing Review With King Kong

oh gosh super excited to see you guys New Shin Godzilla Radiation Heat Rays Version Sega Unboxing Review With King Kong godzilla premium this is the radiation heat ray version straight from japan shin godzilla 143 although i can’t i can’t read any of it all righty with it well I do like the box the box is really nice and God’s doing looks cool too that’s what it looks like in the package before I will do anything okay so let’s go ahead and unpack him and hit it up just like with a lot of Godzilla one the tail is like longer than the dinosaurs himself so really cool coloring is like a black red and purple on top it could be off the heat ray version so first of all what you do just saw push his tail on there I guess we just put push it in some of most of these they’ll have you like click it in and this is a look at the back of the tail once again purple red and black so you’re just going to go ahead and push that in here and there you have Godzilla and he is removable from the stand they gave her a simple little dance here it’s got something else up here okay I really don’t know what this big before it’s like a little dance for something at home but other disappointing thing is this is only for display purposes I mean nothing on this guy moon project it’s nice and could take them off the stance and you could have like battles and selfless in but besides that well anyways let’s go ahead and take a look at this guy I think he looks really cool his teeth are just painted there you can see he’s got a tiny little high painted there on the back he’s got all these spikes which they’re actually pretty sharp look up but it’s like black and purple like that tiny little arms I mean they even painted the walls on his hand his arm law his hand which is really cool going on down they did a great job painting with this guy so if you guys want something that is group of Godzilla and great for displaced this is it all for one I also have a link below the video where you could buy it individually painted toenails although this is like a nail painted right there it’s on both feet so this must not be a mistake budget okay then continuing on down his tail like it says he’ll he’s huge let me look at the size of that tail that’s like twice the size of the figure and it ends in look at this side again we’re going to go through this right here so I like I said display purpose is really cool dinosaur if you’re buying this for like playability not as much so this is definitely something he wanted to play up on your shelf and then here’s a look at the bottom and his tail is removable so if you want to put him back in the box or if you just want to display him without a tail because that killed it’s huge it would be hard to you display the whole thing with the tail well I figured out what that standard 40 if you’re not keeping him on this stand this guy can’t stand on the long haul home the sale to see heavy so you would put on display to tell from back I know what you guys think about him all like i said i also have a link below for all other Shin Godzilla toys you could buy at amazon i’m actually affiliate there so if you do buy there I do get a small Commission and it doesn’t cost you guys any extra so you’re helping me out in you are buying also Godzilla what are you like and I check out my other on Godzilla and King Kong toys that I’ve reviewed s into this video when my King Kong Godzilla play ok guys so here are some of the Godzilla’s I’ve already with you ah each one of them what they are but if you want to be a warm boxing its battle with into this video contest milla playlist and they could and also guys if you want to get on these all food Godzilla’s voice i’ll have a link to go to my video you guys have been great and i mean i really appreciate you guys doing and I i’m planning on doing a lot more of Godzilla boys I 30 walk from his mother off eight of them a lot of them are the chain got little ones like this purple one no self anyone who drinks beer would you say well anyways let’s check these out this is one that I have not reviewed yet i will be reviewing this one later this week in it placement the flight pod destroyable city so this guy is the smaller guys know right now com’on two parts still root like and then you guys see the purple one the length for this one will be right below the video for them later in the description i’ll have the link for the other words and then this is another awesome godzilla one i reviewed all this one also is off limits at the end and all this one is really long moving parts everywhere so I really like this one too but this one here is my favorite this one is neca Godzilla one you could get this one for about fifty dollars it’s big and I mean I’m everything moves guy’s mouth opens and closes his neck loose to arms to arms rotate and rotate on the body is legs move huge tail I mean this one Kevin or link yeah well like I said this one is my favorite but if you want the biggest that would be this guy here he is over three feet tall here’s the 24-inch next one and this guy is huge compared to that one ah it’s not as good quality its body is hollow plastic pot its head still boobs its mouth opens and closes its arms movement Ian rotate and legs move and as you can see until itself is probably about 30 wall itself zombies now this is a crazy big Dino in I can’t even get him in my shop so I’m here is my hand is compared to my man and guys that you do like my Godzilla videos make sure you click like and comment also let me know what you guys like more I mean you guys like the review board you guys like the battledore and I haven’t got a lot of comments okay I don’t know which one is like wow I’m really excited about nonetheless boys there’s a lot of them come down I don’t think it comes off the coming years but like they’re making a lot more guttural voice and i know i think ian etter ah so the modulus good i think the one that’s coming here is king kong first Godzilla tax gonna be 10 stories in aa bringing up keep calm and this is the big convoy to cry so far I’ve only seen it on him once and walmart i think it’s a completely sold out mark walk-ins are closed cell and will advise you can be fb Godzilla boy is even taller than this life together often that old oh okay nature to me Oh guys that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word would put that in the comments section below the video on those you remember my club go to the video ends there’s an awesome incurred lot more flipping you lift the boxes below for a lot more fun videos it’s for the cds and warm go ahead and drive us


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