New Slime Ninja Turtles Action Figures Rise Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unboxing T-Rex Vs
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New Slime Ninja Turtles Action Figures Rise Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unboxing T-Rex Vs

well guys keep watching as we go ahead
and unbox and slime our brand new rise of the Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtle action
figures cool also here are all the new Ninja Turtle toys we will be unboxing
today Sliming Ninja Turtles Action Figures Rise Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unboxing T-Rex Vs Wow guys we’re gonna go ahead and open
up all of these rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys cool we’ve got
Michelangelo we’ve got splinter meat sweats leonardo
Donatello Raphael and the turtle tank Wow what a mess look at our Ninja Turtles ha
slime they got is disgusting cello and Leonardo are totally covered in slime
Wow it’s disgusting but guys gonna be hard
to clean up okay no it’s time to slime Wow yeah meat sweats we’re gonna use you man they are covered in blue slime ah is
so disgusting okay so now we’re gonna slime meat sweat and wrap in green slime
cool what a mess they got slime all over the
place that is awesome wow what a mess okay now we’re gonna get Mikey and
splinter with red slime Oh ms they are covered in red slime that
is so disgusting looks almost like they’re covered in blood the dinosaurs
attacked them oh we weren’t looking okay now meat sweats is going to be covered
in gold slime he shouldn’t have messed with the Ninja Turtles what a mess meat sweats is covered in
gold slime disgusting Wow okay then we have Raisa the Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles turtle tank it’s a two-in-one Mobile Ops unit and it connects and
launchers shell of cycles Wow let’s check out all the options back
here you got a projectile launcher Donny’s mobile lab figure handle flip
open cab lab look up tower shell ha launcher loading gate you got a
two-in-one villain busting turtle tank vehicle mode flip open truck cap attack
dual projectile launcher cool let’s see what
oh wow the whole thing comes pre-assembled
all you have to do is put on the stickers Wow check that out that is
awesome looking why and then you got a big huge thing of stickers here to put
on the vehicle okay guys let’s check out the turtle tank because it is totally
awesome radical looking cool dudes so here you
have launchers when you buy the turtle motorcycles you could attach them here
push this it pops it out push here you launch that I apologize I don’t have any
then this is an awesome looking vehicle and guys it’s not too cheap I mean it it
seems like it’ll last it seems like god it’s pretty durable I’ve opened it a few
times and everything I haven’t had any pop pieces pop off so you could fit two
of the Ninja Turtles in the cab there and move their arms the right way
close the cap pop open the cab for a surprise so really cool-looking cab odds got a
steering wheel that actually turns the seats are really detailed looking you’ve
got the big grab bars on the side here so the turtles good hold on and ride it
from TMNT power Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle power site you’ve got another
launcher for the motorcycle you gotta aggressive looking back
big turtle shell here that turns and on top of all that this turtle shell plot
actually you could open here and put one of the characters so this will be like
Donny’s lab up there and this thing will pull up you could have it either that
high or you can pull it way up like that right there so then they have a big huge
shell up in the air it actually launches missiles here so if you push here you’ll
see the missile launch off right there and the whole shell turn 360 and you got
another missile launcher right over there so awesome I mean I love the way
that thing swivels and I like the fact you have two different height
adjustments right there to me looks really cool to swivel around fire at the
bad guys take them off the back here open you can load ninja
turtles here you’ve got all kinds of grab bars here so you could have Ninja
Turtles hanging all over the truck in different positions maybe if the bad
guys take over the truck to attack or they could just jump right off the back
of the truck here and attack the bad guys awesome looking turtle tank okay
there we have our ramp would you spinosaurus freaking out of Jurassic
Park oh no I hope he doesn’t need our Turtles
okay so our first one is Donatello the tech whiz cool and here is a quick bio
of him and all the good guys you could buy all the bad guys you could buy so I
do have the majority of the guys here today okay and that’s what’s in the
package before I remove anything and then we have Donatello or Donnie he’s
the coolest tech whiz ever he’s a softshell turtle in a ninja world but
with a series of battle shells and transforming bo staff Donnie can take
any foe so his weapon is the tech bo staff which must be this thing here I
didn’t see the show yeah ba he could probably spin this thing around this
looks almost like flames or something then he’s got this weapon here ah Donnie
is really cool looking he’s got like his scientific gear on his head they’re a
really serious look ah the same great movement with
legs so all kinds of cool ninjutsu moves and he also does come with hoverboard
here which is attached to his battle shell so his battle shell pops off there
and then the hoverboard you could actually write it I don’t see any peg so
this must be made just to attach to his back okay and here we have Leonardo the
trickster and there is a quick bio of him let’s go ahead rip this open and
check him out so that’s one okay next we have Leonardo Leo is intelligent and
quick-witted uses his sharp skills to beat opponents find shortcuts around
obstacles and always knows the perfect time to land one of his month one-liners
he is the trickster and his weapon is the Adachi sword ah this is the reason I
love these figures I mean you could put them in so many different poses and they
actually stand he is standing one leg on a skateboard with this leg in like
Crotty chicking type motion salt really cool looking he does come with a
skateboard which actually rolls so he could be like Cowabunga dudes he comes
with a huge sword looks like something out of Final Fantasy his regular sword
here like I said this guy is really poseable so you could put them into all
kinds of cool ninja poses and he does have a cool shell and he could hold one
of his weapons on the back here cool okay and
now we’ve got a villain we’ve got meat sweats the tenderizer and there is a bio
on him guy reminds me of bebop so let’s rip her open and check out what’s inside that’s what you got before you take
anything out okay so we’ve got meat sweats he was once a human celebrity
chef meat chefs is now an incredibly strong mutant pig with a menacing meat
tenderizer and arms made of strange tendrils a latch on to other mutants to
absorb their power so you could go ahead pop either of his arms off in exchange
it with the tendril that comes with that and then if he comes in contact with
another mutant ah sucks their power right now or he could
I will tenderize so he is really cool like I said he
comes with a different arm to switch off his big meat tenderizer little chef hat
looks like he’s got tiny little sunglasses big huge stomach apron little
legs really cool intimidating looking villain ok next we got Rock the owl the
muscles there is his bio okay then we have Raphael or Ralf as the biggest and
oldest brother RAF is the self-appointed leader of the group he thinks he can use
his fists to get himself out of any situation but while his muscles are
bigger than his brain his heart is bigger than his muscles his weapons are
the tone fast so ah he’s got his two weapons here or he’s got these two big
fists with his weapons attached so you could pop those off put these weapons
into his hand or keep them here on his waist and use these huge fists which I
prefer I mean they look really cool so he is a really cool looking turtle ah
one thing I love about all these turtles their legs move at the top at the knee
and the foot and they rotate in all different directions oh I didn’t know
that their feet also pop off I think it’s good I just break it I hope they’re
supposed to pop off nah I just broke this skip okay they do
pop off so uh you could rotate it here you could rotate his knee here so if
you’re making stop-motion videos or something that’s really cool
and you could turn his leg there and I just pop this foot off okay so you don’t
turn it too much or it’s made to pop off so and he’s got a really intimidating
looking shell really cool Ninja Turtles I wonder if I could put him on one leg
oh cool check that pose out awesome we’ve got splinter the jewel master
there is a bio okay and next we have splinter once human now a mutated rat
splinters an eccentric mentor to his turtle sons
training them in the arts of ninjutsu when he’s not watching game shows and
loot Jitsu movie marathons his weapons are the TV remote and the tail for
operating the remove so he comes with this staff here which if the turtles are
loafing off he could be breakfast ninjutsu where’s the TV I need a TV so
he could use his tail to operate the TV remote use this staff to bunk the Ninja
Turtles on their head he is a little like Chuckie rat his robe here is like
rubber so he is a look at our final action figure it’s
Michelangelo the wild card there is his bio cool and then we got Michelangelo
he’s the youngest turtle Mikey has a wild and colorful personality he’s an
artist and spent his time tagging the turtles lair and his shell with graffiti
he’s an eternal optimist and absolute natural at ninjutsu his weapon is the
kusari fundo so this is this must be the Kesari fundo and these two are numchucks
this one’s got like a spike on the end and this one’s got like fists he does
come with a skateboard which once again you could put him into cool ninja poses
and actually have him stand there on his skateboard
which is not an easy thing to do I mean I congratulate the playmates for making
it like that so he’s got a holder here for one of his weapons here this one
here he could do all kinds of cool karate
moves on or just chop the guy in the head with his nunchucks once again
really cool movement with the legs and cool-looking shell oh one other thing is
all up all of the Ninja Turtles also come with two throwing stars Wow guys
that was totally awesome if you enjoy that video I do got over a thousand more
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